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UK Rally Against Child Abuse, June 4, 2011, Trafalgar Sq, Westminster, London

[Editor's Note: The child abuse under protest here is abuse by pedophiles, often in high government positions in Scotland, Wales, and Britain and the corrupt judges, constables, government officials, psychologists, social workers, and medical doctors who abet that abuse by turning a blind eye to the perpetrators and instead accuse the mother or those who are trying to defend these children from abuse. We have a similar situation here in the USA and Canada with CPS where the protective parent or caregiver who cares most about the child's welfare is given the rubber hose treatment, while the child is delivered into the hands of abusers in the foster care system or suffer court-ordered loss of custody. This is the NWO, satanic takeover agenda sticking their thumb in your eye. To stop it, you have to get involved~and stop it. ...Ken Adachi].
April 18, 2011

UK Rally Against Child Abuse, June 4, 2011, Trafalgar Sq, Westminster, London (April 18, 2011)

Forward courtesy of Mary

UK Rally Against Child Abuse

Where ~ Trafalgar Square, Westminster, London
Date ~ Saturday 4th June, 2011
Time ~ 1-4 pm

Physical, emotional, & sexual abuse - paedophilia & incest - exploitation - family court corruption - institutional, systematic & ritual abuse

The UK Rally Against Child Abuse is a chance for people from all walks of life to join together, not only in raising awareness of this most serious issue, but also providing a source of support for victims, survivors and families and showing that they are not alone.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us
Victims, survivors, non-survivors, friends, families, children, supporters and support orgainsations, anyone who is against child abuse and wants to make a dieeference - for their children

Members of the public will be invited to take the stand to voice their views and share their experiences.

Support organisations will be invited to take the stand to promote their work and are encouraged to bring publicity materials.

Start - 1:00 pm
Trafalgar Square, Westminster, London
Finish - 4:00 pm

(Please note: this event will be filmed and speeches aired with permission)

Videos of the speakers at the rally in London on 7th August 2010 can be seen on You Tube on the following link:-

Photos of the 2010 rally can be seen on the following link:-

For general inquiries, please contact Emma at 07-580-88-7622 or e-mail

For PR and media inquiries, please contact Anna Bragga at 07-861-67-7343 or e-mail

Supported by:

Against Child Abuse

Children Have Rights in Society (C.H.R.I.S.)

London Lithuanians 4 Justice

& other pro-children organizations


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