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U.K. Sylphs, Chemtrails, Swine Flu Propaganda, & The Power of Focused Intent
May 15, 2009

U.K. Sylphs, Chemtrails, Swine Flu Propaganda, & The Power of Focused Intent (May 15, 2009)

Subject: Chemtrails
From: Janet
Date: Fri, May 15, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

Hello I am Janet from Weymouth UK. Before it was anounced on propoganda-fear-mongering TV about the Politician (oops, sorry) Swine Flu, I had to travel over England on the 22nd of April 2009 and as usual I was watching the skies.

I have never seen so many chemtrails in my life as I did on that day and I thought "Oh no, more battles. Here we go again. What will it be this time? Bird flu all over the place? So I begged every Sylph that could help us, even ones from the Solar System, to help us rid ourselves of these evil "clouds." And then WOW I saw so many different kinds of sylphs up there!

When I came home and saw the news and they were fear mongering with this Swine Flu stuff, I just sighed and thought: "yeah, it won't take long before they shut their traps because there won't be any Flu around"



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