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On Being Tagged "Un-American"
March 2, 2007

On Being Tagged "Un-American" (Mar. 9, 2007)

Subject: Just a question (if time perments, please respond)
From: Doug
Date: Fri, March 2, 2007
To:   Editor

I just wanted to say I love your website. Although I feel some material is a little fictional (but that's just a very small percentage), a lot of the information posted on this website have help me realize a lot of things about the stuff that goes on in this country and abroad.

But I have a question for you: How do you feel about the people who call you "un-American"?

I'm faced with this problem a lot, as I too share views that others are quick to jump to conclusions on and call false. I'm in no way anti-American, but I in no way condone or support the action taken by the powers at hand in this country.

I don't support the current war in the Middle East, because I feel it's over nothing but oil and revenge (not to mention population control).

Anyways, I hope to get a reply, thanks for the time.



Hi Doug,

An American patriot, first and foremost, wants to preserve and protect the liberties spelled out in the United States Constitution and its first ten amendments, The Bill of Rights. Without these protections, we no longer have the republic known as America.

In 1776, the same year that the Declaration of Independence was signed by the founding fathers, a German agent of the Barvarian Illuminati named Adam Weishaupt-who played a central role in introducing the rites and rituals of Illuminism into the Grand Orient Masonry of France and thereby set up the French Revolution of 1788-made a declaration on May 1 (the real reason that communists celebrate May Day) to undermine and destroy America from within- to rot America to the core and cause its demise through stealth and the relentless infiltration of Illuminati agents into its governmental, social, and religious fabric.

Today, 231 year later, the Illuminati is close to achieving that goal. It should be obvious to anyone with a brain that the federal government is largely infiltrated with agents who are working on behalf of the Illuminati to destroy America and usher in the Rockefeller/Rothchild One World government feudal system. The Democratic wing of the Illuminati Puppets in America, headed up by agent Nancy Pelosi in the House, has clearly been wasting time harumping about with meaningless non-binding resolutions and now a 'hotly-contested proposal' (quote from NBC News) to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq in two years if certain conditions are met, while simultaneously nixing any notion of impeaching Bush or withdrawing congressional funding from the military meat grinder in the Middle East and bring our troops back home before yet more young men and woman (Americans and Iraqis) are needlessly killed. Pelosi and her pals are obviously stalling for time while her Republican counterparts (and their Zionist/Israeli overlords) are gearing up for the attack against Iran (and the military draft that will follow in its wake). When the Iran attack is launched, then all proposals now being offered up by agent Pelosi  concerning troop withdrawals from Iraq will be quickly forgotten as the drums of (Illuminati-created) war beat ever louder.

In the meantime, the Republican wing of the Illuminati Puppets in America, headed up by the Bush Team, is going to go forward with their troop surge in Iraq (despite 73% disapproval), striping American citizens of yet another 100 Billion of their tax dollars and squander it in the military sinkholes established in Iraq and Afghanistan and soon-to-be-established in Iran and eventually Syria. Of course, both wings of the Illuminati Puppets in America are forever posturing themselves as faithful servants 'responding to the will of the People', or as 'defenders of freedom and democracy' blah, blah, blah., but what are they really doing? They are betraying you to the One World takeover agenda declared against America in 1776.

In order to dupe the American people into going along with their treasonous agenda, they have to bombard you with false facades created by a huge propaganda effort beamed to you 24/7 via printed media, TV, radio, and covert scalar wave mind-control microwave transmissions (via those cell phone towers you see everywhere). That Tavistock-created propaganda has deluded the naive, the gullible, and the dumbed-down proportion of the American population into accepting the notion that any criticisms of the unjustified invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq or of the continuing occupation of Afghanistan or Iraq is tantamount to being "un-American."  That mantra, "un-American", is a loaded word that has been inserted into  the subconscious minds of the dumbed-down by Tavistock planners in order to short circuit any consideration of debate on the subject. A similar ploy was used in the early 1950's to jack up the seeming menace of the communist plot 'to take over the world' with mantras like "Better dead than Red".

Fritz Springmeier mentioned this in his 1998 talk before the Granada Forum in Tarzanna California. Fritz said that the CIA calls these propaganda mantras "slides", meaning that the dumbed-down dopes who are successfully inculcated with these mantras will "slide" into the no-thinking, no-debate zones where they were intended to be shunted to.

If you want to respond to those who throw propaganda mantras at you, then you first have to ask them if they prefer to know the truth or cling to illusions. If they are open to a conversation, then you begin with the illusions of September 11, 2001 Ask them if they accept the government's cover story of 19 Arab hijackers (eight of whom are still living) flying two planes into the North and South towers of the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon, and crashing one in Pennsylvania? Ask them if they have any problem with the government's cover story of three huge, steel framed buildings collapsing straight down into a neat pulverized pile of micro-dust and twisted steel? If they have any reservations about any aspects of the 9-11 cover stories, then you have a chance to bring them up to speed.

If you can help people see that 9-11 was an inside job-or at least recognize the government's collusive role in concealing the truth surrounding 9-11, then all that follows in the wake of 9-11 must also be questioned. This includes the so-called War on Terror, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the fast-track midnight passage of the unread, un debated, and unconstitutional Patriot Act of October 2001, the creation of a Gestapo-like Homeland Security, the unconstitutional Military Commissions Act of October 2006, etc., etc.

A true American patriot is the native son who makes the effort to open the eyes of their blind and dumbed-down brethren who have unthinkingly bought into the illusions created by Tavistock propaganda machinery. The only true American is the man or woman who acts to save his country by exposing the lies and deceptions of those traitors within our government who are delivering us into the hands of fascism and tyranny-and death.

There's nothing 'un-American' about that.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

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