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"Unfortunately a 2 hour exploration of your site has left me rather unconvinced"

[Editor's Note: The e-mail reprinted below is the second e-mail (reply) I received from Ockert. I'm not sure I can find the original since I've had so much trouble getting and keeping e-mail in May. Anyway, his original letter was disbelieving and skeptical in nature. I think I asked him why he took the time to write me if he was so sure that my web site was full of beans, since few people bother to  write to those they consider incompetent or incredible. Usually, people who contact me out of the blue with dunning comments about the 'ridiculous' contents of my site are reacting to aroused emotions that are stirred from within. They are annoyed by what they read and feel compelled to tell me about it. Those emotions are being generated by a conflict between the conscious and subconscious mind. The subconscious mind (more directly connected to the Higher Self) is trying to inform the conscious mind of a truth (or truths) which the conscious mind is either unaware of or is holding in denial due to preconditioning, propaganda, or deception and so it prods the conscious mind into action via emotions. Some people discover truth in a serendipitous and easy way, while others are pulled into reality kicking and screaming all the way. This fellow is more likely affiliated with the latter camp...Ken]
June 6, 2006

Subject: Open Minded
From: "Ockert Botha" <>
Date: Fri, June 2, 2006

Hi Ken,

Unfortunately a 2 hour exploration of your site has left me rather unconvinced, entertained certainly. Not the effect you are going for I assume.

So why bother writing to you? I suppose on a personal level I would hope to get you to question your own publicised views, what if you are wrong? I
don't mean to change your mind but rather make you more inquisitive, quadruple check everything you do, I'm no expert on any of the topics you cover, but found it to be American focused, if you have travelled through the rest of the world you might have different insights and worse, your logic has gaping holes in it and you seem willing to accept any notion as long as it promotes your version of the truth....

hmmm to be honest this is sounding more confrontational than intended but I've re-read my statement and I stand by it.

Good luck with your future endeavours and may the truth prevail.



Subject: Open Minded
Date: Fri, June 6, 2006
To: "Ockert Botha" <>

Hi Ockert,

Get me to question my views? Whew, you need to look in a mirror Ockert and change your perspective.

1. If you want to convince someone that you have greater insights into an issue, then you have to make your case and hopefully in a convincing manner. Short, clipped criticisms like "I'm not convinced" reveal nothing. You imply error, but offer nothing to bolster your dunning opinion. If my logic has "gaping holes", then you need to PROVE IT. Make your case Ockert; don't just don't wag your finger. It's EASY to play critic. It's something else, however, to bring new knowledge to those who have been dumbed down or brainwashed (of course, we both know this couldn't possibly apply to you).

2. It's not a matter of being "wrong" (or right). I publish my perceptions of what I think is taking place on varying topics that affect humanity. What I write about is what I perceive to be the truth, or at least as close as I can perceive the truth, given the lack of inside intelligence and investigative resources. If the various intel and military groups who work for the Illuminati planners bringing about the destruction and chaos we witness around the world daily, were considerate enough to call me up and give me the inside scoop, then I could fine tune my articles, but lacking that, I'm forced to work with the data available to me-and available to YOU if you were to invest the time and effort to find it. However, you haven't made that investment so far and that's why you're sending me your superior assessment of the contents of my web site as being more 'entertaining', rather than convincing.

I live and write in America, so naturally my views are those of an American who lives and writes here, however, considering that we are in the year 2006, I only have to go to my computer to read about events in any other part of the world. I've spent considerable time living in the Far East and some time in Europe, so I'm not without experience abroad, but I don't have to put my hand in a fire to know that it will burn. Human nature, by the way, is rather consistent around the world. Evil conduct perpetuated by fascist policemen who gun down an innocent man on a subway platform in London or police thugs in China who murder innocent Falun Gong members and harvest their body organs, are just as easy to recognize from my seat here in America as is the evil conduct of their American counterparts in Iraq. No international traveling required.

Good luck to you too. The truth WILL prevail for those who persist in seeking it out and refuse to be hoodwinked by the propaganda merchants who apparently have won you over--hands down.

Sincerely, Ken

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