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"Undocumented" Mexicans
June 15, 2011

"Undocumented" Mexicans (June 15, 2011)

Subject: Undocumented Immigrants
Date: Wed, June 15, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hey I read your article and I just can't believe you would be that jaded to this whole "immigration" bull. If you walk from Mexico across an imaginary boundary, you are not an immigrant. So called Mexicans are indigenous NATIVE AMERICANS who were robbed for their land by the Spaniards. It is no coincidence that New Mexico is"New" Mexico because it was already theirs, and the new population of whites
conquering made it "New". America is a fiction, and even if the corporation never existed, the "country" founded by THEIR FATHER'S is still wrong. Many tribes of people already populated the North American Continent and no fictional statute, legislature, or code could ever change that. You are so wrong. The IMMIGRANTS ARE THE EUROPEANS WHO SETTLED HERE!!!! If you are one of them and are pissed when
"MEXICANS" THE DESCENDENTS OF THE ORIGINAL NATIVES, walk across their ANCESTRAL LAND, then you need to go home. If you are part of the indigenous tribes mislabeled and rebranded as black, puerto-rican, or another minority label, then you need to WAKE UP, YOU ARE PLAYING ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE FENCE, RESPECT YOUR ANCESTORS. If you are white and have finally come to understand the travesty that is being committed against indigenous people around the world, then you need to help stop the evil because it is hurting ALL OF US!


Dear Over-Excited,

The people who we call Mexicans and flood into this country illegally from Mexico are by and large of European decent. Very few of their number are descendents of Mayans or the Aztec. Spain and France occupied Mexico for long periods of time during its colonial growth and the predominate gene pool of Mexicans is largely Spanish, not "native American". Your other statements embrace the typical Leftist, Apologist mind set.

You're white and you hate your own race because white people collectively are responsible for the sins of previous generations of white people who did bad things. "We Whites, shoor is Bad Folk".

Well, I don't accept that assignment of guilt for the acts of others, but you are free to continue to wallow in that pool if you wish.

It's true that the US government provoked the Mexican war which ultimately resulted in taking over California, etc. We also provoked the war with Spain in 1898 to take over Cuba and take over the Philippines in 1911. However, Spain acquired Mexico, Cuba, Philippines, etc., through conquest themselves, so it's not too unusual that the US should want to secure it's own interest and gain control of the lands north of the Rio Grande. Those wars were settled and the boundaries with Mexico were settled long ago. No one is going to go back in time and return to previous borders, so it's a little dumb of you to even bring it up.

The title of Undocumented Immigrants was chosen for irony, not as a statement of fact. I make it clear that anyone who enters the country illegally whether by foot or stowed aboard a ship, is a criminal trespasser and not an "immigrant"

I have much more empathy for native American Indians of the US who had their land stolen by the US government, rather then some mythical group of "native" Mexicans which your over fertile imagination has conjured. The illegal Mexicans who have invaded this country are helping to destroy this nation and fools like you assist in that destruction by defending their illegal and criminal conduct.

Ken Adachi

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