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Unexpected...But Greatly Appreciated
July 27, 2005

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Subject: Thank you!


I just wanted to let you know that your N.W.O. overview is the most complete and well put together article I’ve come across in my 9 yrs of being “awake” to all this.

I must say though, that when I give a copy to people or direct them to the webpage, I have to tell them “don’t let the couple of sentences at the end mess with you too much; that’s a whole-nother conversation! (Talking about the alien connection).

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in what you’re saying; I have for a few years now. All I’m saying is it’s like opening them up to a drastic, sometimes hard to get around reality that they might need to ease into or receive in a different medium.

So that’s it, I swear I don’t mean to be judgmental; I use your article frequently.

Thanks again,

Paul Davis


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