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Questions Regarding the Galactic Federation
August 7, 2009

Questions Regarding the Galactic Federation (Aug. 7, 2009)

Subject: Galactic Federation
From: Nancy
Date: Wed, August 5, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

First off, I'd like to thank you for all the amazing info posted on your site. It has been a blessing to find so much life saving information all in one place and I have referred many people to it.

My reason for writing concerns some huge questions I have regarding the Galactic Federation. I recently listened to Don's radio broadcast of Evident Footprints where he was interviewing you and Commander Jeremiah from the Galactic Federation interrupted the call. I had already listened to his first contact with Don's show. My confusion comes over the various input at various sites

I've been to that all claim to be from the Galactic Federation. The website of the Phoenix Journals also claim to be from the Galactic Federation and they, too, like you feel that Obama is from the dark side. I was just listening to broadcasts from the Galactic Federation on You Tube that they post daily and they talk about our ascension process and all the good things of the light that we have to look forward to and basically what I believe. Only today, I heard SaLuSa who broadcasts the message saying something about Obama being our hope and that they've sent many beings of light to assist him in his tasks. WHAT???

Also, another You Tube broadcast from Saint Germain around the time that Obama was elected was very positive about him. Saint Germain is also represented at the website Sanctus Germanus, where they also reveal all the dark side treachery taking place. So it is so very confusing for me. I want to believe in the power of light to overcome the darkness (that's the only way), but that's very hard to do when you don't know the truth about who is light and who is dark. I liked Obama's message of hope when he was certainly resonated better than the fear message that McCain was selling. We are supposed to keep our vibrations up and be hopeful, right?

At the same time, I feel that the web of lies and deception is so deeply embedded in our political system, that it was impossible for people like Ron Paul (who was my personal choice) to ever make it in because of the media control and the sleeping masses. So that belief also told me that anyone who was elected was a puppet of "theirs". That's why it came as a shock to me to hear representatives from the Galactic Federation telling two sides of the story. HELP!

I'm sick and tired of being lied to and desperately want to know the whole truth and nothing but the help me GOD!

There is so much news from aliens coming in from many directions now, thanks to the internet, and it's easy to get caught up in most of it because it is something hard to disprove at this point. Shelley Yates has her Fire the Grid aliens as well and who knows where they're from. I was never told they were a part of the Galactic Federation. From what I've seen so far, most of them appear to be here to help us in our evolution and ascension, but who to believe, is the question. Any light and discernment you can shed on the subject would be so greatly appreciated.

In light & love,



Hello Nancy,

The man you heard on the recording is a real human being sending a message from a spacecraft 26,000 miles above the earth. Of course, it's up to you whether you want to accept that or not. I'm not trying to force that belief upon you. However, I am quite certain that he's real and what he's saying is accurate. I have access to more information than you in that regard.

Anyone on the internet can call themselves any name they wish, including the Galactic Federation.

The specific name of General Jeremiah's group is The United Galactic Federation of the Galaxy of Hendon, which is more specific than just "the Galactic Federation"

Most people peddling 'channeled" material on the internet are peddling deception or one sort or another. The New Age Movement MISDIRECTION is characterized by "feel good", "you're going be OK" through the "ascension" process etc. rhetoric which is intended to keep you COMPLACENT, UNWORRIED, APATHETIC, AND INACTIVE. In other words, just "keep on sleeping" until the "ascension" happens and we're all going to be together in Land of Love, Peace, and Harmony forever and ever. The New Age Movement was founded and funded by the Illuminati. You can read all about it in the books of Dr John Coleman. He explained it all 35 years ago when no one was listening.

To DISCERN the truth of things , you have to turn INWARD and LISTEN to what your Higher Self is trying to tell you. The info comes in flash thoughts or insights . The info comes through reading certain things that makes you pause and think or you hear something that makes you pause and think. The info comes in dreams or in a meditative state. ASK your Higher Self to help you determine what is true and what's BS. The more frequently you ask, the better the "reception" will become. It's like playing an instrument. At first, you get very feeble results, but gradually, with practice, the quality and clarity improves.

I gave up on St Germaine a long time ago. He's part of the deception promoters.

Anyone who calls himself "SaLuSa" and tells you how wonderful the Impostor is, is indeed laughable. The Dark Siders love playing with the minds of gullible people. For example, SaLuSa could easily stand for Satan-Lucifer-Satan. or "Satanists for Lucifer and Satan", etc.

Obama's "message of hope" during the campaign was INTENDED to make you FEEL good. It;'s called political RHETORIC. It's DEVOID of political substance, but full of SCRIPTED , NEURO-LINGUISTIC programming. It was written by graduates of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. They have made a science of studying human behavior, EMOTIONS, and REACTIONS and how to manipulate people's minds with their neuro-linguistic tools (and propaganda) to get you nodding in agreement with their script.

In summary, you can find the truth, but don't look to others to serve it to you on a platter. You must learn to DEPEND on your inner intuition to tell you what's true or not. You will RESONATE with truth tellers and you will experience doubt, uncertainty, and uneasiness with deceivers.

PRACTICE inner discernment and you will find yourself able to recognize the wheat from the chaf in short order.

Regards, Ken

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