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Universal Law, Application to Everyday Life

By Frank J Toomes < >
November 5, 2004

I grew up in Northeast Philadelphia and even though my foster parents sent me to Catholic school most of my friends were Jewish. I hung out with my Jewish friends after school which further separated me from those at school. My first two real girlfriends were Jewish. This has afforded me some insight that my Gentile friends did not get.

The contradictory nature of what I was being taught in school and what I saw happening (nuns, priests) effectively created in me a distrust of authority. However, in the back of my mind, that little voice told me to keep searching, constantly looking for the "truth".

While my own experiences with trying to understand and find answers in various organized religions was not as integrative as some, I still would try to understand their point of view in my search, only to find some contraditions or some other human condition that has crept in and left its mark.

All during this search (years), I would keep those concepts from each tradition which rang true in the back of my mind; collecting them and trying to fit together the pieces. While not fully embracing any particular organized faith, I began to develop my own personal connection to the source within with my own set of beliefs, based on all I had learned up to that point.

Then in 1999, everything took a quantum leap forward as a result of my life style changes. At the time, I was overweight and incorporated changes as I had done my whole life to get back to a healthy state after a few years of neglect. My personal pattern thruout my adult life of gaining weight for a few years and then getting serious and developing a plan to get back to health, repeated itself more times than I care to admit.

But this time I chose a plan that incorporated two constants that I had noticed in all the spiritual traditions as well as in my research of people who seem to have demonstrated seemingly advanced power(s). These two constants were heartfelt prayer and meditation.

It was as if I had found the missing key in my search, while staring me right in the face all the time. I have always been a very logical person, prefering to try to understand an issue from all sides rather than placing "blind faith" into an area. Not that those area's do not exist within me, they do, but they are not in the majority and are always open to change.

As a result of this approach, I experienced some fantastic moments during meditation and it seemed to raise my awareness to a new level as I began to see connections everywhere between the spiritual world and the physical.

I guess every researcher reaches a point where data collected completes some previously unknown connection and as a result, a qauntum leap forward in understanding reveals itself.

Thanks to this new awareness, much of the data I had been collecting from alternative sites such as "" for years began to migrate into a bigger picture. The work of people like Royal Raymond Rife, Ruth Drown and others provided me with enough to realize the constants and their implications.

Anyway here it is:

I have come to believe, based on my life long search for truth, that everything spiritual and physical can be explained thru the general understanding of "vibration".

Modern quantum physics demonstrates that everything we used to think of as matter is actually "energy" in various forms and this energy is constantly vibrating. Each and everything thing in nature carries it's own "vibratory signature".

The physical world around consists of only those vibrations that our physical sensors (eyes, ears etc.) can detect, along with what we have come to realize through the use of mechanical sensors.

The spiritual world around us vibrates at a higher frequentcy which is out of the reach of our physical sensors and machines, but none the less is there. Just as we can't see X-ray's, gamma rays etc which are out of our physical sensors reach. But thanks to our machines, we now know they are real and exist.

To understand the the principal, I sometimes refer to a bicycle wheel which when motionless, the spokes are visible and when the wheel is turning, the spokes appear invisible. When in motion the spokes are moving at a rate of speed that exceeds our physical senses.

All emotions, feelings and thoughts that carry love, patience, compassion and understanding vibrate at a higher frequentcy then all those that carry hate, envy, greed etc. which vibrate at a lower frequency.

The Law of Attraction demonstrates that like frequencies are attracted to each other. Since we know energy does not cease to exist, but can only change form, it supports data collected from spiritual traditions that call for re-incarnation. Now, how does all this play out in our relationship to the spiritual in everyday life?

Well, first let me explain how the spiritual world is self correcting.

This demands an awareness of karmic law which demands that all actions carry a equal reaction. This gives natural order to the universe.

Once one understands the universe is in constant motion, it becomes imperative to understand karmic law.

Science understands that for every action there is an equal re-action. Everyone has heard of "What goes around comes around", "You shall reap what you sow". These describe the Law of Karma.

Its helps to visualize the yin/yang symbol to get an understanding of what perfect balance looks like. When the universe is in total balance, there is harmony. Since the universe was created to be perfectly in balance, its nature is to return to harmony whenever dis-equalibrium occurs.

Balance in relationship to universal law is demonstrated in everything. All biological organisms seek to maintain a balance in all of their systems. In the blood, there must the proper mix of oxygen to other gases and red blood cells to white, nutrients to waste products, alkaline to acid etc.

All these biological organisms as well as the earth and its systems and the planets and their relationships are bound by karmic law.

As above, so it is below.

Our behavior towards each other is no exception. When we behave negatively towards other, a debt is created. When we behave positively towards others, a credit is created. When a credit is created, think of it as adding more power to the white side of that yin/yang symbol and the same goes for debt, adding more power to the dark side of the symbol. You can determine positive from negative by looking closely at one's motivation and alignment with universal law.

As we evolve spiritually, we begin to behave with more understanding, love, and compassion towards others while correcting past mistakes, the previous debts begin to be repaid.

As we degenerate spiritually, we begin to behave with less understanding, repeating past mistakes and creating new ones; more greed and distrust towards others appears and more debt is taken on.

This debt/credit history is our own personal story and stays connected to us, developing who we become throughout our lifetimes.

At some point in our physical life, I believe that if we learn to live a life full of those positive vibrations, this in turn awakens dormant positive abilities. I believe this occurs and can be demonstrated in all of nature. Just as if we decide to live a life full of those lower level frequencies, they awaken dormant negative abilities.

Just as a blade of grass pushes to reach the light and leave the darkness behind, so must we. Actually, its all very simple once you get the basics correct. The blade of grass demonstrates the spirit in all as it should be, at one with Universal law.

Just as the blade of grass thrives with enough light and love, so does everything in the universe. Just as the blade of grass becomes more than it was so does everything else that pushes toward the light.

I believe that human beings, when we push towards the light by keeping those higher vibrations going, we become more than we were and this in turn alters our frequentcy signature, allowing it to vibrate at a higher level. Each higher level brings with it additional abilities, previously unavailable at the lower frequency. This accounts for those abilities I witnessed in others.

This is our purpose; to grow according to the laws of the universe, constantly pushing towards the light; returning to the source if you will.

The trick is learning to see, think and act while in a state of love and compassion for all those around you in spite of everything you have been conditioned to see, think and act.

There is no room for any hatred or envy in an elevated consiousness, "one must learn to love one's enemy before one can begin his spiritual development" according to Edgar Cayce, one of my personal heros. All things have a place and purpose in the grand equation, even seemingly negative things. Without negativity, there can be no balance. With that in mind, it gives new incentive for a proper perspective on just how to learn to love your enemy. His part in the grand scheme of things provides the opposite, and completes the balance. And his negativity provides us with an opportunity for spiritual advancement, just as all mistakes, problems etc. provide us an opportunity to learn a lesson. An 'eye for an eye' keeps you grounded in the physical lower levels.

When we leave this physical body, our own frequency changes yet again. If you have been pushing toward the light, yours will rise upon your death. If you have been pushing toward the darkness yours will drop upon your death. As you pass into the spiritual world, your frequency will resonate with others of its own kind and be drawn to a level filled with those that are like you. The universe is not good or bad, it just is. This accounts for the heaven/hell explanation.

That's it in a nutshell. My job, as I see it, is to awaken this higher consiousness as much as possible in me and others and to live my life according to Universal law or "in the light" if you will.

There are hundreds of correlations that I have observed that confirm all this for me. Over the years, I have become very keen on the use of personal tools as I call them. They could be mental, physical or a behavior protocol etc. They have been of enormous help.

Some of my tools are used as one would use a magnifying glass or a colored lens. For instance I mentioned Edgar Cayce. Edgar's work allowed me to develope a tool that when applied to a person's behavior, it helped me determine motivation more honestly and clearly. This tool is based on the "service to others" or "service to self" awareness. If the ego is in control of the situation, it can usally be revealed under this lens. Is this person's motivation truely to help others or is it self-gratification? For example: A person does a good deed and this deed goes unnoticed. If the person has a need to announce to everyone within earshot about his good deed without encouraging others to do the same or to demonstrate a method to encourage others, chances are the ego is seeking aknowledgement. (service to self)

The good deed has now lost it's frequency rising ability because it was not done or was partly done for ego-gratification as opposed to pure love and compassion. If the person does the deed and never brings it up unless to honestly spur others to do the same, then this is an act of compassion. We become what the mind builds.

Other tools that has helped me a great deal are "understanding the principals and practices of Chi-Gung." It was this knowledge along with the actual physical changes, exercise, diet, meditation that first allowed me this new awareness.

Chi is universal energy and chi gung teaches us how to access this and work it. Pulling energy from the Universe, storing it, refining it and using it to heal yourself and others.Truly amazing outcomes. A true gift directly from the Universe to us.

Understanding orgone energy and its implications. Orgone energy is same energy as Chi energy or energy from the "ether". All the same stuff. It is the living force of all life as we know it.

To demonstrate this frequentcy thiny, let me tell you a story I read concerning Edgar's first realization of re-incarnation and his subsequent reading concerning a story related to him in a past life by Jesus himself.

Edgar was bought up in a household where his father and many of his fathers friends were pastors. There was a friendly competition between pastors on who had read the bible more times among the pastors. Edgar had read the bible from cover to cover before the age of ten. And he made a promise to himself to continue to read the bible from cover to cover for every year there after.

One day he came home from school with a poor mark for a spelling test, he dad scolded him and told him to learn what he had not. Edgar went out to the woods to seek some solace. The woods was one of his favorite places to go and he had over the years developed some friendship with the animals and even had little (make-believe) friends he would talk to.

On this day, while thinking of his problems with spelling, an angel appeared before him. The angel asked him if there was only one thing he could have in this world, what would it be? Without hesitation young Edgar replied "to help all children in the world". Edgar was told to go home and that night place his spelling book under his pillow. The next morning he awoke to find that he not only could spell every word in the book, but could tell you what page number it was on.

Of course, Edgar's dad and teacher thought this was some kind of trick. As he grew into a man, Edgar discovered he could help people by laying down and going into a trance-like state of mind, while having a secretary ask him questions concerning a problem someone was having while that person was sitting present. Edgar would tell them in detail what was causing the problem and what to do for relief.

He became so good at this that people came from all over to get his help, especially people who had found no hope in conventional treatments. As time went by, Edgar was able to do this when the people where not even present in the room. He would go into the trance and say something like "I can see him now sitting in an apartment on such and such a street and he is reading" he then would go on and describe what was causing this persons ailment and what to do for relief. One time, someone wrote back and said the medication that Edgar said to get at the pharmacy was not available. Edgar wrote back and said "go back to the pharmacy and ask the clerk to look on a certain shelf behind another medication". When the man did this, to his surprise, it was exactly where Edgar said it would be.

But back to the story of Jesus. One day Edgar was doing a reading for someone who had asked about a previous life. When he came out of the trance, he would normally read what had just been written to understand what took place, since he had no recollection of what he told those while in the trance state.

To his horror, Edgar read that he told this man of a previous life and its details. This was so upsetting to Edgar as he was outside himself in disbelief. Filled with the fear that he had been duped into doing the devil's work since all his previous readings of the Bible did not allow for reincarnation. He prayed for an answer and stopped giving readings. He went back to the Bible yet again and read it again, however this time he saw that the Bible did allow for reincarnation and had made reference to it in a number of places. In my opinion, Edgar had not realized this before because he was not prepared to see it as a result of his dogma conditioning.

Edgar then went back to helping others with his readings and when reading what he had said under trance, he found that he could reveal his own past lives. He told of a story related to him by "Jesus".

Jesus told him of a time when he came down to earth before man was on the planet. The planet at the time was a beautiful, pristine place. It seems that the spirits in heaven when not busy doing God's work and liked to visit Earth and take in some of its beautiful experiences. They would do this by inhabiting some of the bodies of the animals and this allowed them some pleasures unavailable to them in spirit form. Things like taste, the sense of touch etc.

Over time, the spirits enjoyed this so much that it began to draw their attention away from their primary purpose (God's work) and their attention shifted to their personal entertainment and they became unbalanced enough that they lost the power to go in and out of the physical and became trapped in animal form.

Enter Jesus.

In my opinion this demonstates the law of "frequentcy" and is just one of the hundreds of correlations I mentioned.

Some people who have interpreted the bible say that when God is asked his name he answers "I am that I am", however there are others who say that is mis-interpreted and that he really says is "I am becoming ".

I believe all things are in motion "vibration" . "I am" is static while "I am becoming" is in motion.

Well I have already gone on much more than I intended. That's my take on the big picture.

Love and compassion

Frank J Toomes



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