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Update on New Jersey and New York Area Chemtrails & Black Beams
May 5, 2007

Update on New Jersey and New York Area Chemtrails & Black Beams (May 5, 2007)

Subject: chemtrails and black Beams
From: William
Date: Sat, May 5, 2007 5:10 pm
To: Editor


I check out your site almost every day, and I appreciate the work you are doing to enlighten people. About a year ago, I wrote to you about chemtrails in New Jersey and how it seemed like they were appearing less and less. Seems I spoke too soon.

This year it seems like every day I wake up to find the sky crisscrossed or lined,especially on the sunny days that preceded and followed the Nor'Easter that forced me out of my house for a week.

I have heard so many people dismiss the idea of chemtrails and say they are just jet exhaust, but I know one thing: they are not commercial aircraft spewing this stuff. I work part time as a limo driver, so I spend a lot of time in and around airports. The commercial jets follow very strict routes, travel in very obvious flight paths at evenly spaced intervals. They are not all over the sky like the spewplanes are.

I also wanted to mention I saw my first black beam preceding a chemtrail Friday evening. I think that the activities of the Evil Ones will eventually become so obvious and onerous and in your face that a critical mass of people will rise up and stop them. The key is to survive until that critical mass is reached.



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