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"What do you think of the uprisings in the Middle East?"
March 22, 2011

"What do you think of the uprisings in the Middle East?" (Mar. 22, 2011)

Subject: Arab Uprisings
From: zarafeh
Date: Tue, March 22, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Ken,

What do you think of the uprisings in the Middle East? They seem to be naturally induced , by actual corruption and injustice. Also from your point of view where do you think those uprisings will take the Middle East, or even the world.

Thanks and Regrads


Hello Zarafeh,

Yes, logic tells me that 30 or 40 years of pent up frustration with tyrannical rule eventually will lead to an uprising. I'm convinced that the popular disenchantment with self serving tyrants has reached a boiling point and the majority of people aren't going to be satisfied with half hearted compromises or promises.

Of course, the Illuminati wants to capitalize and use the popular discontent to their advantage. Libya is the perfect example. Usurper Obama goes on TV and tells us he's helping the common man in Libya who wants to get rid of Ghadaffi (which is true), but he opens the door for mass US military intrusion which could lead to more depleted uranium genocide, and perhaps greater influence and control by the US arm of the Zionist Illuminati (unless the Libyan people recognize the game and keep out the carpetbaggers).

It's probably better to get rid of the tyrants rather than just continue to accept the status quo. Of course, Zionist Israel and the US NWO want to shape these uprisings to their advantage, but the people of the Middle East are not required to cooperate with Israel's dark agendas.

Very clever critics like Webster Tarpley see all these events as machinations of the CIA, etc., but I don't buy into his cynical view completely. This seems to be a genuine uprising. Yes, we all know that the Illuminati have traditionally used revolts to install their agendas: E.g. French revolution, Russian revolution, etc.

However, Mubarak and Ghadaffi were compliant and cooperating with the US NWO in all regards, so I don't see why they would have wanted to initiate the revolt in either Egypt of Libya. Yemen and Bahrain also seem genuine.

ZSL told me that many thousands of children around the world died in satanic murder rituals in the past few days (March 20-21) in order to create the hatred needed to launch world War III. The manufactured Japan earthquake and the sabotaged nuclear reactors were intended to cause much greater destruction and death than what was achieved. The radiation scare mongering seen on most mainstream and alternative news outlets is also part of their agenda to instill worry, anxiety, fear, etc.

If enough people keep their heads and keep their hearts, the Illuminati will FAIL to launch World War III and FAIL to kill and destroy large populations with their artificial earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, sabotaged nuclear plants, etc.

I'm sure the Japanese government knows that the US was behind the big quake and the sabotaged nuclear reactors, but naturally they won't say anything publicly. If the people in the Middle East understand the NWO game, they can install more just leaders, achieve a more democratic form of governance, and still not cooperate with the NWO, IMF, etc.

We just have to keep our heads and not allow blind hatred to replace logic and the desire to achieve good will and peace among all people.

EVERYONE should PRAY for divine assistance, guidance, and intercession from higher spiritual powers. We can defeat the NWO much sooner if we would all pray and hold the focused thought of neutralizing the NWO and influence our young people to NOT take up a gun for any military or para military organization anywhere.

THINK how quickly the NWO would dissolve if NOBODY was willing to fight for them!

Regards, Ken


Subject: RE: Arab Uprisings
From: Zarafeh
Date: Wed, March 23, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Thank You Ken,

One thing I would like to share on your website, is that Muslims don't hate America or the Americans. As a matter of fact we think Americans are very kind people. But we are being opressed everyday, for the specific reason of keeping the puppets of Zion as our rulers for as long as biologicaly possible. Of course, the media in the US does not show Americans such an image, as opposed to that, they show you crazy people running arround with turbins and beards. But even though some of us do wear scarfs and grow beards (as a tribute to prophet Mohammed pbuh), we honestly don't hate Americans, we just hate what that very narrow circle in DC is doing to our people and our natural resources.

I have two more questions if you allow me :)

1- How do the elite use technology to fight us. Do we become more resilient on the long term if we learn technology (computers, communication etc)
2- How widespread is Free-Masonary is in the Arab world? Sometimes I go through magazines and I see celebrations for Lions and Rotary clubs, but they all seem to be normal people from normal communities. Where's Masanory from all this? How can we point it out?

Thank You again


Hello Zarafeh,

Yes, thinking and informed people both inside and outside the USA know that the Muslum "threat" is contrived and we know that ordinary Muslims don't hate the American people for the actions of the treasonous, Illuminated scum who have taken control of our congress, military, and intelligence organizations. It is up to ordinary Americans to bring the deception and the lies of the traitors to their doorstep by confronting them wherever they meet, such as the upcoming 9/11 Liars Conference to take place July


Subject: Uprising in Middle East
From: M arcel
Date: Thu, March 24, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Regarding this posting on your site:,

I'dd like to add David Icke's point of view that this uprising was already planned in the 19th century, mentioned by Albert Pike, high level freemason in his books. The Protocols of Zion are also very specific about world events that were to unfold decades later.

I share the tendency to be optimistic and believe there is authenticity in the feelings that lead up to this uprising, but I believe it is crucial -as you say- to recognize the game that's being played out here. I can't watch the regular news about Libya as it makes me sick to see how the same (Iraq) scenario is being presented again, complete with a "Libyan" (actor or not) who, on camera, thanks the invaders for ending their hell. Well, that hell is about to begin if larger numbers of people don't wake up in time.

Best regards,

The Netherlands

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