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"Urgent" (Level 3 Sex Offender on the Prowl)
March 21, 2009

"Urgent" (Level 3 Sex Offender on the Prowl) Mar. 21, 2009

Subject: URGENT
From: Jen
Date: Sat, March 21, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Hi ,

I am a young 12 year old girl and a level 3 sex offender just moved into my neighborhood. I am scared to death right now and I was wondering if you could give me some advice on gifting or some coarse of action for this chrisis. I understand that you are a busy man and you don't have a lot of time but i would really apreciate your advice whenever you could.

Thank you


Hi Jen,

As a 12 year old girl, you should not burden your heart with such emotions or thoughts. You are too young to understand what's going on with the frenzy and hysteria surrounding "warnings' that are promoted by police, newspapers, TV, radio, schools, etc. about "sex offenders" living in your neighborhood. It's a type of brain washing to get people to be suspicious of others and to act like they are the "eyes and ears" of the police etc. The NWO wants to get people to report on their neighbors. That's what good Nazis do, you know.

You don't realize how easy it is to convict someone today of being a "sex offender"; what relatively harmless acts will today get you branded a sex offender. You also don't realize how many men are FALSELY accused and convicted of being a sex offender on the say so of corrupt CPS officials, or social workers, or hospital workers, or school officials, or even angry ex-wives who want sole custody of the kids, etc.

There was a famous novel written by Nathaniel Hawthorne called The Scarlet Letter. It was the story of a young woman in 17th century Boston was was branded a social outcast because she had a baby out of wedlock and had to wear a large red "A" letter on her tattered gown to announce wherever she went that she was an adulteress and a sinner.

Today, "sex offenders' are the modern equivalent of the person who was ostracized and scorned in the Scarlet Letter. That's not to say that all of these people are innocent, but to treat people with such fear and anxiety when in most cases you don't know the details of their case, is not rational.

If you want to know about this person of whom you speak, have an adult go down to the court house and look at his court records. It's public information and they have to show it to you. It will give you the info on what he was convicted of. If you really curious, you might want to get a transcript of the trial itself, as there is often a BIG gap between what the guy is convicted of on paper and WHAT HE ACTUALLY DID.

I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but you should try to see it from the other guy's point of view. What if this person was YOUR father who was wrongly convicted of being a "sex offender" and some other 12 year old was now worried about living in a neighborhood near him. Would you feel the same sense of worry and alarm?

Food for thought

Regards, Ken

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