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'Verifiable' Truth
July 2, 2008

'Verifiable' Truth (July 2, 2008)

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From: Rob G
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2008
Subject: A quick question


I am doing a research paper and I am wondering if you guys by any chance verify what is posted?

My paper apparently needs to be from "verifiable sources" and I was hoping to use your guys' information. Any information you can give me that might help stating that the information on "chemtrails" or any of the information would be much appreciated.


A loyal supporter,
-Rob G


Hello Rob,

You haven't told me who you're doing this research paper for and why. High School? College?

I'm assuming it's a school project.

Well, here's what you DON'T learn in school: conventional 'wisdom' is often wrong or misleading, and INTENTIONALLY so. Perhaps you've heard the expression, "the victors write the history books"?

They teach nothing BUT but consensus "wisdom" in schools across America. So, of course, their idea of legitimate verification of any story is going to be tied in with their idea of a "reliable source" such as the NY Times, or the Wall Street Journal, or the LA Times, or Time magazine, or Newsweek, or US News and World Report, etc. These are considered verifiable sources of "truth"

Real truth, however, often impinges on control systems that others have erected to control and guide the course of your life and your perception of reality. Thus the need for propaganda outlets, including schools.

America USED to be a country dominated by independent thinkers and independent newspapers and independent academic institutions, but that is no longer the case.

A group of British oligarchs in league with freemasonry and Rothchild money formed a group called the British Round Table towards the end of the 19th century whose purpose was to set in place a long term strategy to subvert America and destroy it from within by corrupting the minds of its children; to wean those children away from the principles of human dignity and liberty set down in the Constitution, and replace that value system with the 1848 Communist Manifesto. They wanted to rot out the minds of a freedom-loving, free thinking people and replace them with a compliant, state-owned, state-controlled and, above all, OBEDIENT society of robots who will not question or rebel against authority. They created the Fabian Society for this purpose and began to infiltrate Fabianists into the American School system as early as the 1890s.

So here's my question: Are the eyes in your head and the gray matter between your ears a "verifiable source" of information that you could depend on, or does it require that the Illuminati-owned prostitutes writing for the NY Times or Newsweek magazine must first legitimize your perceptions by setting it to print?

If you can't acquire enough "verifiable" proof that chemtrails exist from the hundreds of photos and articles posted to my Chemtrails page  (or other chemtrail web sites), then simply get a camera, go outside, look up into the sky, and shoot away. Unless you're living in my immediate area-where we have been chemtrail-free for about 3 lovely weeks now, you're probably going to see chemtrails over your head. You might even see Sylphs working on those chemtrails and mitigating them, but you would first have to learn how to distinguish a Sylph from an ordinary cloud.

While you will find a few mainstream articles on chemtrails and even find a few Youtube videos of TV news broadcasts that have talked about chemtrails (even the Discovery Channel did a disinfo "special" on chemtails), you're not going to find much coverage or discussion in the mainstream press because the subject is one of those taboo areas that the controlled media in this country are not allowed to talk about.

So maybe you should change the focus of your paper to talk about how the mainstream "verifiable" sources of information are actually responsible for SUPPRESSING the truth and how schools play a role in reinforcing that suppression by only accepting those same outlets of propaganda and disinformation as "verifiable" .

Regards, Ken


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From: Louise
To: Editor
Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2008
Subject: 'verifiable' truth...


Well said. The more I listen to the 'major media' - the more I read between the lines... and well, if one wants to rely on those sources, take it with a grain of salt - or, the whole salt shaker! At best, it's verifiable propaganda...


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