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November 26, 2012

Verification (Nov. 26, 2012)

Subject: Verification
From: Yasmin (Canada)
Date: Sat, November 24, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

I just have a quick question. Because media is always monitored, why isyour website still active seeing how your exposing all their secrets?

Im interested in reading all your articles but i need some form of verification first.




Hi Yasmin,

I'm only expressing my opinions on what's going on in the world and in the USA. It's not illegal to express your opinion. It's called Free speech and it's protected by the US constitution. So who's going to close me down and on what basis?

I've had plenty of problems over the years from covert agents using secret technologies to cause me harm and put me out of commission, but fortunately, I've been able to obtain help from people with the ability to overcome such attempts.

You don't need verification from any outside source to determine if something is true or not. Depend on your own inner sense of knowing. Your Higher Self will whisper softly in your ear and will never steer you wrong. You just have to learn to listen to that quiet voice.

Regards, Ken

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