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September 6, 2011


From: Jalen B
Date: Mon, September 5, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

my name is Jalen B i am a young man, who has choosen the journey to peace, my question is, do you believe n GoD? only your anwser will Determine if this conversation will proceed. I ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER, but i must confirm im talkin to the right person? if this is nonsense to you please delete and thank you for at least takin time to read this message.



Hello Jalen,

If you've read my web site to any extent, you should know that I'm anything but an atheist.

So what's on your mind?

Regards, Ken


From: Jalen B
Date: Mon, September 5, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

hi ken,

exactly, we all know we are in the last days, so they say but wut if the last days will neva come, in this lifetime, wut if GOD gave US another chance to prove him our real loyalty, here's my point i cant say wut i really want to say becuz, i will become a target, not that im scared im not. This is tha thing HE said i can't do it alone, i must have help. Ken are u ready to truly use your knowledge? i have a mission" SHUT THA EYE OF THE devil" before its really to late, believe it or not Ken, I AM A MODERN DAY DISIPILE here to bring peace on earth for once, they say
there will never be peace on earth, thats because all these Years no one has fought for PEACE, they want GOD to fight it for them, but HE wants us to fight for him, can u understand this Ken. If you R on GOD's side PLEASE HELP US FIGHT.. ask GOD to send you a sign to confirm this is no joke or game, time is slowly windin down. the devil is fixin to make the MOVE that will change our life {n not a good change} please take tha time n read this over n over until its understood. I have a word to spread to tha world from GOD. if they listen we have a fightin chance to rule tha devil off this earth forever, isnt that wut we all want i sure do, for my soul want rest until he is no more. thank you



Hello Jalen,

I replied to your e-mail in the interest of being polite, so take these comments in that spirit.

We are not in the last days. The world will continue to go on exactly as it has in the past. If you want to help, do something practical to help your fellow man and not waste time playing the Dooms Day Prophet.

Feel free to say whatever you want to say because you'll never be a target; trust me on that one. Your English grammar and spelling are atrocious. You're not going to convince anybody of anything as long as your write in such a poor and uneducated manner. Get a book on English grammar and composition and learn how to write the English language properly. And while you're at it, get a dictionary and learn how to spell words correctly.

Don't worry about what I do, and don't worry about me and God. Spend more time worrying about improving what YOU do. If you want to go around calling yourself a modern day DISCIPLE, you're not creating a very good impression considering who you claim to be representing.

Start by rescuing you for right now. I think God will be more than pleased if you concentrate on that first. The world can come later.

Sincerely, Ken


Subject: Very Important Question
From: Kevin (Thailand)
Date: Tue, September 6, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Date: 7th September 2011
From: Kevin
Subject: Postings "Very Important Question" and "Red One or Blu One"

Hi Ken

Good to see your site is up and running again, and also that you have received some interesting posts since I last checked out your site. The most recent one entitled,"Very Important Question" provoked a response from me, because it seemd vaguely familiar in style.

The writer signed himself as Jalan B. Would this be the same person who wrote exactly a month earlier calling himself that time, 'Juri'. You'll remember the message header, "Red One or Blu One?".

The style and deliberate spelling errors are almost identical. Check them both out - it has to be the same person. Given that this might be the case, what on earth is the point behind them writing?

All the best

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