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The View fom Holland on August 15, 2004
(Sylphs Over Holland, Part 1)
August 15, 2004

Part 2 Part 3

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From: ferry@yetart
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Sent: Monday, August 16, 2004 1:10 AM
Subject: Re: ozone and more

Hi Ken,

Thanks for your response and info.

I have my camera ready so when I think to see sylphs, I send you the pictures. I do know that there must be some dutch "warriors" who are doing some gifting and there is at least one CB active in the center of our country (the size of the Netherlands equals 41.526 km2 compares to Nevada USA 175721 km2)) so it probably covers quite an area. I notice better skies over my little area thanks to the HHG in my garden.

I do not see many chemtrails here but they are spraying here too. Dutch governement is a dedicated follower of fashion ....but here people are a bit more aware of politics and things and we do have more parties to choose from. And governement has to be a bit more careful here since dutch people are pretty selfish and do not think in terms like "What can I do for my country?", but more like "I pay (too much) tax so what is my country (governement) doing for me?"

Things are changing here also rapidly and gained rights are being reversed also although for now it is more on an economic basis, but I am sure they try to get our fundamental rights too (we do not have a constitution like the USA has (or do I have to say 'used to have'?)

And we are already heavily registered and controlled for years! (We do have a huge amount of cameras along our highways that monitors you driving behaviour and they send tickets to your home for speeding, red light violations a.s.o. based on the picture they took, so privacy is hardly available here)

I am sure we get our share of NWO to and being an constitutional monarchy we most likely have our own reptilians to!

As you see we are all in the same boat but I am sure it will take not too much time anymore before it changes!

Take real good care

Love and energy from Holland.





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