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The Virginia Underground 'Hit' Reported as an Earthquake

[Editor's Note: ZS Livingstone sent me an e-mail on Aug. 23, 2011, the same day that the media was reporting an earthquake centered in Virginia that shook buildings as far north as New York and Washington DC. He said it was a nuclear device and was directed at a CIA underground base. Amazingly, Ben Fulford came out with a corroborating story two days later. Fulford said the nuke was a tit for tat payback from a consortium of Asian nations including China, Japan, both Koreas, and others for the Rockefeller decision to hit Japan with earthqauke satellites and an undersea nuclear device which caused the tsunami on March 11, 2011. It was sort of a "we can play the same game" type of message. It's happened before. The January 17, 1994 Northridge earthquake was artificially triggered by the Japanese Illuminati in retaliation against Bush Sr. In turn, the Kobe earthquake occured on January 17, 1995, exactly one year later, as a payback message from the Bush / Rockefeller side of the Illuminati. And here, this writer, who has inside knowledge of secret government programs, also sees the Virginia 'quake' as a 'hit'. ...Ken Adachi]
October 6, 2011

The Virginia Underground 'Hit' Reported as an Earthquake (Oct. 6, 2011)

Subject: Chemtrails and more
From: Carl
Date: Thu, October 6, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Hope you are doing well, and I am glad to see your website back online. I have sent you a few emails before and usually send along a few things I observe from time to time mainly chemtrails. But this will be quite the feature packed letter as I have several things I would like to discuss. No need to post this as a full letter unless you feel really compelled to do so, I just mainly wanted to touch base with you. If you have time then please do reply.

1 : NC if you remember or have my old emails somewhere.. We recently had an earthquake as I am sure you know, centered in Mineral, Virginia, not too far to the north of me.

On that day it was the most beautiful I have seen in a long long time. Super nice. No humidity, no chemtrails, and lovely blue sky, with white clouds. Much cooler than normal, like a brisk Fall day. I thought it was 1980 all over again!

Virginia Aug 23 2011 near earthquake area

No weather modifications at all that I could detect, and the usual trash in the airwaves was much lower. It seems that the powers that be had other things to do that day?

Yes. Maybe they took a hit that day.. We know what's in VA so I find it unusual that they would shake that place up, so my feelings say they took a hit. It looks like your sources have confirmed this. Please pass along my observations. I took pictures of the sky and would be glad to send them to you. You will like them I promise. Just let me know where you would like them sent.

Virginia Aug 23 2011

As for the quake itself.. it was 2 hard hits, and some aftershock. Then a lot of noise that I thought was an airplane, or chopper. Which brings me to my next item.

2 : Thelma from GA, the person who sent in the email about noise from the air. I heard the same thing and as a matter of fact I heard it after the earthquake too! There is a lot of noise around here from above AND below. My position is that the noises from below are tunneling noises. Above noises are most likely scalar weapons or something similar. In addition there was damage done that day that created that noise.


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