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13 Year Old on Visual Ray & Chemtrail Education Among Schoolmates
January 19, 2008

13 Year Old on Visual Ray & Chemtrail Education Among Schoolmates (Jan. 20,. 2008)

Subject: visual ray, chemtrails
Date: Sat, January 19, 2008
To: Editor

Hello, Mr. Adachi,

I'm thirteen, and my dad visits your site daily. What he shows me I find very interesting. When your article came out on the 'visual ray', I had lots of fun. I showed my classmates last spring and they were able to make a few clouds dissappear themselves. They, like you said, "went bananas over it"; except for my teacher, who was sceptical, and two of the guys, who thought I was off my rocker. After a while I got a headache, so I stopped for a bit. Last week my class went on a field trip to a museum which also houses Vermont's primary meteorological service. We were given a lecture by the head meteorologist. Afterwards, I asked him about chemtrails. He said that "some people think they're spreading poisomous gasses". He said that whether or not the 'contrails' stay is governed by the level of humidity at that altitude. He seemed like he was trying to brush the question off.

Thank you for your website.

John Marshall


Hi John,

Wow, wish I was as sharp as you are when I was 13. I was in the 8th grade at that age.

You should expect most teachers to act skeptical and dismissive of subjects like chemtrails or even the Visual Ray. Even if they might PRIVATELY believe this info, they would not publicly admit it because they would be concerned about the school administration or some parents coming down on them for saying something "controversial" and getting the kids"shook up" and nonsense like that.

However, that doesn't mean that YOU shouldn't bring up these subjects and see how they respond to you. Here and there, you're going to run into some teachers with both brains and guts and they will start to think to themselves that what you're talking about may be true and start thinking and looking up. Same with kids in school. There will always be a percentage that will ridicule you, so don't let dummies weigh you down. Dumb people don't KNOW they're dumb because they are living in a lower state of consciousness, so it's not really their fault. They just aren't THERE yet.

If you do the Visual Ray too long, you will absorb too much orgone from the clouds and you'll get a headache, as you said. Excessive orgone needs to be discharged from the body, so you could try an experiment and get in a tub of warm water as soon as you get the headache from too much cloud busting. Theory tells me that the excess orgone SHOULD go into the bath water and that SHOULD relieve the headache, but I couldn't be sure unless you tried it and told me what you got. It's also possible that walking on grass with your bare feet would also tend to discharge the excess orgone into the earth, but the tub of water should work better (It's too cold in Vermont and there's no grass right now, so your only choice is a tub of warm water).

The meteorology guy got his facts a little confused about moisture and how long contrails will stay, but I know why he says that. If we were talking about REAL contrails, then an upper atmosphere (real contrails ONLY form above 30-35 thousand feet) with a high relative humidity (rarely happens in Nature) would allow the contrail to be seen longer because it would take longer to dissipate in a moisture -heavy atmosphere, but that is more theory than observed fact. Real contrails only NORMALLY show up in winter when the upper level atmosphere has the right conditions for super cooling. As the hot exhaust comes out of the jet, the heat momentarily melts the super cooled vapor in the surrounding atmosphere and it then
immediately reforms into ice crystals -- and that's what we see as REAL contrails. Those ice crystals usually last only 10-15 SECONDS before disappearing from view.  

Chemtrails, of course, are being SPRAYED from tanker planes and that's what we are seeing 99.99999% of the time, NOT real contrails. And that's the topic that the Meteorology guy does not want to talk about because someone might try and take his head off, so he plays dumb and wants to avoid the question.  You should not be afraid to point out chemtrails whenever you see them. Try to wake up the dummies -including teachers- that contrails DO NOT FORM AT LOW AND MIDDLE ALTITUDES-they never have. Contrails do not linger for hours and gradually fan out out into wide veins that turn into what looks like stratto-cirrus "clouds" that eventually become an overcast sky. That doesn't happen in Nature. It's never
happened in the entire history of meteorology!

It's only began to "HAPPEN" when they began to spray chemtrails -daily - starting about ten years ago when you were only a 3 year old toddler.  

It's amazing that we have grown adult teachers who are denying something that even a 13 year old boy can plainly see and understand. This isn't rocket science! It's completely obvious to anyone who still has a brain in his head and isn't walking around like a hypnotized, brainwashed zombie.

You have the equivalent of adults assuring children that the earth is flat, but some nut cases think it's round because they see the ships going below the horizon when it sails far enough away from the observer at the shore, but everyone KNOWS the earth's flat because that's consensus opinion. So that''s that.

I'll have to upload more novel science info so you can dazzle them with other inexplicable observations. Keep on educating the dead heads. Don't let them cow you into silence. YOU know the truth. They DON'T.

Keep in touch.

Regards, Ken

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