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Wal-Mart & Target Trucks Hauling More than Sugar and Detergents?
July 16, 2004

Subject: letter to editor
From: Tony
Date: Fri, July 16, 2004 4:49 pm

Very, very interesting site! I only have time to send a short letter now, but I will certainly have more to say later. Briefly, I want to comment on the article you posted by Bloom and Skolnick (quite a character if you ever meet him in person!), "WAL-MART IS BIG BROTHER." They wrote of Wal-Mart trafficking in "China White" heroin. This reminded me that back in 1994, ex-CIA pilot Terry Reed was saying Wal-Mart trucks were shipping coke all over our united States.

IT also reminds me that I have a relative who used to work at a warehouse in the Chicago area, where stuff from various different stores was handled, transferred, stored, whatever they do at warehouses. He told me that among the workers, rumors used to fly pretty thick about Wal-Mart and Target trucks carrying drugs. He says the Wal-Mart and Target trailers, in particular, were always more heavily secured than those for other companies, and those docks were worked
by only Wal-Mart and Target personnel. He claims a co-worker snuck him onto one of the Wal-Mart trailers and showed him a drum or container full of a white powder, which was labeled as detergent powder, but was really cocaine.

The relative had no way of verifying this, however, and neither do I at this time. Just a tip for those who may be inclined to investigate.

Keep up the great work! I'll continue reading your site and I will be in touch.

All the best & may God bless,



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