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Mississippi Flooding Part of Weather Manipulation?
May 20, 2011, Update May 23, 2011

Mississippi Flooding Part of Weather Manipulation? (May 20, 2011)

Subject: Was weather manipulation involved with Mississippi flooding
From: Ms. Tiscareno
Date: Fri, May 20, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Mr. Adachi:

I was just wondering if the Mississippi River floods were a result of weather tampering (for the purpose of destroying the agriculture along the river) or was this just a "natural" event.

I also suspect weather manipulation may have played a role in the rash of tornadoes that ripped through the S.E. USA and it seemed unusually bad.

These may or may not have been natural events, but I'm just curious. Having learned about HAARP and Chem-Trails, it's always in my mind now.

Also, I learned about AGENDA 21 on the News with Views website from the author, Michael Shaw. He says AGENDA 21 is part of the UN Agenda to remove most people from most areas of the USA and cram them into certain designated areas. He calls this the"Pack em and Stack em" plan.

Ms. Tiscareno


Hello Ms. Tiscareno,

Yes, the tornadoes and flooding in the eastern part of the United States were due to intentional weather engineering. I was going to write an article about it, but somehow I felt that so many people today understand that the government, the Air Force in particular, have been engaged in weather engineering since at least the late 1980s when Tom Bearden began to write about unnatural scalar cloud formations (which we see routinely today) that I thought it wasn't necessary to state the obvious. .

Clouds under scalar radiation influence will often appear as parallel "rows' of cloud banks evenly spaced out from each other. Some people have called them "tire track" clouds. I've written many articles about this in past years and you will find them in the archives. I've also witnessed how quickly those "rows" of clouds would INSTANTLY revert back to normal stratocumulus clouds when the electromagnetic energy was turned off. I witnessed that with Don Croft many years ago.

I expect many attempts this year to create major disruptive 'natural' disasters in the United States. We saw from the engineered March 11 Japan quake and tsunami, that the Illuminated Ones have tremendous destructive technology at their disposal. The flooding in the eastern half of the country is designed to put millions of Americans along the Mississippi valley on the ropes and limping along in "survival" mode. They like to cascade their "natural disasters" one atop the other, in quickstep, in order to overwhelm people and capitalize on the stress and turmoil created.

If the traitors pull off a huge earthquake along the New Madrid fault or along the California coast this year, then the need for a massive FEMA "emergency" response with their well-rehearsed automatons, will create the pretext for declaring a 'national emergency' which could lead to more draconian police state oppression, curfews, travel restrictions, etc., etc. If they can generate a large enough quake, you can be sure they will likely go to some level of martial law.

Now, on a positive note, the fact that so many people are now deeply suspicious that the Illuminated Ones are creating these mega-disasters, this may prove to be their undoing. Thinking about these plans to destroy can help to dampen or perhaps nullify these planned events entirely. Thoughts can affect and steer the direction of reality.

By praying, meditating, and applying focused intent, we can thwart these events. Thought forms have energy. The more who join in the same thought form (prevention and amelioration), the greater the energy applied. Furthermore, we have helpers on the etheric level, along with friendly alien groups who are monitoring the Evil Ones more than you might imagine.

The Etheric Resistance, alone, is accomplishing things that are so remarkable that it's mind boggling in scope and importance to the future course of humanity on this planet.

The Illuminated Ones appear to be All Powerful because of their complicit minions in the government and the media, but that assessment is an illusion. The Illuminati, on a worldwide basis, is now in a more weakened and vulnerable condition than they have ever been before. Their ranks ~ and their demonic power structure upon which they derive their energy ~ is being dismantled behind the scenes. You won't read a word about this anywhere, but you may come to realize the benefits of these quiet victories in the near future.

Just today, I heard the Indonesian Usurper on the radio telling the Israeli Zionists that they have to consider going back to pre-1967 borders and recognize the Palestinian state. Of course, Benjamin Netanyahu bristled at that, but the idea that the Usurper would even SAY it publicly shows you that the cracks in the Zionist takeover dam are widening.

Agenda 21 is really intended to clear US land mass for the use of very negative extraterrestrials that the Illuminati made a deal with in the 1980s (re. Don Nicoloff). According to Don Nicoloff, these aliens are human looking and therefore we couldn't recognize them as extraterrestrials. They plan to take over after the Illuminated Ones have killed off the majority of us through disease induction, vaccines, earth changes, martial law, FEMA extermination camps, , etc. Unfortunately for them, however, that agenda is going to go south too. We have a few plans of our own, and letting these ET slime balls take over our country is not going to be part of our agenda to restore America to the bastion of liberty that it once represented and we're going to see to it that the God-given benefits of this land are going to be enjoyed and ulilized by its rightful citizens and not alien interlopers.

Keep the faith and stay tuned. Above all, get involved on some level.

Regards, Ken


Subject: Thank you for Your excellent response to Miss river flooding -tornados
From: Ms. Tiscareno
Date: Mon, May 23, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Mr. Adachi:

Thank you very much for your excellent response to my question on weather manipulation causing the Mississippi River flooding and rash of tornadoes that hit the S.E. USA and purpose of AGENDA 21.

Now, Joplin, Missouri got hit pretty hard with a tornado.

Well, I'm trying to do my part by alerting some people to what is going on via telling my family and sending articles, getting on the Yahoo Message Board (and also alerting them) and I occasionally get on sites like Lady Gaga (in their comment section) and telling them that this nation is in serious trouble and to stop their Roman style Bread-Circus diversions.

I've also tried contacting politicians (and yes I know BOTH parties are 2 wings on the same bird-I frequently tell people that as well to stop their R-L quibbling) regarding various topics all the time (via phone or email) to stop or correct certain situations. They include:

1. Punishing the Banksters, End the Fed, reinstate the Glass–Steagall Act

2a. Secure our borders-enforce our immigration laws. I also ask them how they can even talk about TERRORISM when they do NOT secure our borders-enforce our immigration laws. ILLEGAL ALIENS are still getting showered with myriad services and are allowed to march with complete impunity through our streets and E-VERIFY is still not forced on Employers. Surely even "Al Qaeda" and the rest of the planet must note this bizarre situation.

2b. Meanwhile TSA is growing and morphing into a police state and now they've spread into the San Jose CA Sharks games (pat downs) and now they'll be at a Santa Fe high school prom. I expect TSA will grow a lot because not enough people are protesting them.

3. To stop the perpetual wars.

4a. To stop WEATHER MANIPULATION (I ask them how they can talk about "Global Warming," "Climate change") without addressing CHEM TRAILS and HAARP.

4b. I also warn about AGENDA 21 (including Smart grids-meters), the upcoming Global Government, the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES (to kill off most of humanity) and the microchipping of the survivors and the (10-10 Carbon footprint video).

4c. I also ask about the legitimacy of these "environmental" groups who ignore DU, Weather manipulation, GMO seeds, fluoridated water and those actually ill with chemical poisoning.

5a. To end the tax breaks of every business who: Offshores, outsources and hires Visa Workers and Illegal aliens.

5b. We also have to nail all those businesses and Chambers of Commerce who keep requesting (to get as many VISA WORKERS as possible, and their eternal drive to get More foreign students to be educated here and train here), thus replacing our own people.

5c. These TRAITORS also know darn well how many USA legal citizens are either unemployed or underemployed (especially with rampant age discrimination going on).

6. I also tell people that the MSM (Mainstream Media) is fake and are keeping them in the dark like mushrooms.

I also pray nightly to stop all this and to destroy all these evil monsters who are bent on killing off most of us and essentially destroying much of our planet and it's very hard for me to sleep at night.

I'm also fairly limited in what I can do because I am ill with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity). This has left me weak and with very low energy. I also react strongly to scents (from various forms), especially any perfumes, colognes, smoke (if I'm downwind), markers, certain paper, newspaper, book bindings, printers,
copiers, poorly maintained vehicles, certain paints, new carpets, etc.

I also have a very elevated sense of smell and I either have frequent migraines, headaches or my brain just feels blitzed and a result of all this, my income is terrible and I don't get out much.

But when I do get out, I do sometimes try to tell total strangers as well as the people I know and on the Yahoo online message board. So yes, I've had my fair share of being called: A conspiracy theorist, tin-foil hat, crazy, I get the usual rolled eyes and sighs, etc. But now that I've been called that often enough, that doesn't bother me anymore.

I even went for a short neighborhood walk the yesterday and I approached 4 people (that seemed to have a little spare time) and asked them this (after I introduced myself-and kept it brief-unlike this email-sorry): "Does it make sense for our government to constantly talk about Terrorism, but they fail to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws?" One couple agreed that this did seem absurd and the other 3 people said they (didn't want to think about it-they weren't intersted, ILLEGAL ALIENS are good people and they wanted to spend time with their family) and questioned my "cause."

I also told one lady about the growing and morphing police state through TSA. I told them that what I told them didn't cost them a thing and that if they are concerned enough, they could contact their politicians to correct this situation.

Anyway, I'm sorry for the length fo this email and I'll continue trying to my part (when I can).

Sincerely, (Thanks again)
Ms. Tiscareno


Subject: Mississippi Flooding Part of Weather Manipulation?
From: Christopher W
Date: Mon, May 23, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Ken, regarding the above post, I thought I might add another piece of information. One side effect of the flooding which is occurring throughout the Mississippi & Ohio River valleys, is that the soil throughout this entire region has now become super-saturated with rainwater.

Recently on the local news here in Cincinnati, there was an earthquake expert, who was discussing the potential local impact of an earthquake on the New Madrid fault. His basic position was that, for the most part, Cincinnati was far enough away from the New Madrid fault (400 miles), that it likely wouldn't impact us. His one exception to this was that, IF THE GROUND WAS SUPER-SATURATED WITH RAINWATER, the seismic waves would travel much, much further, and could potentially cause much local destruction here in Cincinnati, in the form of widespread landslides, and ground subsidence.

The millions of Americans who are now living at a similar distance from the New Madrid fault need to be aware of the heightened state of earthquake danger at this time.

-Christopher W


Hello Christopher,

I wonder if that's true? Normally, water is an incompressible medium, true, but we aren't talking about a continuous body of water here. We are talking about mostly earth and some water. I don't believe it would have the effect of carrying the force of earth movement to a greater distance. It just doesn't make sense to me, but I could be wrong of course.

Best Regards, Ken

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