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Weather Tampering and California "Wild" Fires
June 24, 2008

Weather Tampering and California "Wild" Fires (June 24, 2008)

Be sure to read the June 28, 2008 Update posted below sent in by Fernando. It dovetails perfectly with the response I gave to Roxana's questions in this June 24 letter. Remember: All is script and All is subterfuge  Fortunately, more and more people are becoming aware of the depth of the deception and the culpability of our lying, satanic "leaders." ...Ken

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From: Roxana
To: Editor
Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Subject: could weather tampering have played a part in the 800-some fires in CA?

Dear Mr. Adachi:

I was wondering if HAARP or weather tampering could have caused that "unprecidented dry lightning storm" that touched off some 800 fires in California and (according to the news) in the San Francisco bay area, there's 200 fires that are raging out of control and completely unattended.

I understand weather has its dips and spikes and can be sporatic and CA is prone to drought and fires anyway, but could weather tampering have played a part here this time? Granted, we're known to get some pretty bad fires (especially if the forests haven't been thinned out and the underbrush cleared out and we've had drought), but this does seem to be way over the top.

I'm also suspicious of all the flooding in the midwest.


Ms. Roxan


Hello Roxan,

The "wild" fires which occurred in southern California in late October of 2007 --all of them--were intentionally set by government sponsored agents, Whether it was CIA, or Mossad, or military, etc. I don't know, but I do know the fires were set by arsonists and the cover story of "downed power lines" was utterly bogus and fabricated. The fires were started to create the pretext for an "emergency response" and legitimize the event as a "crisis"-which brings federal money--and, in turn, federal control strings. They created the fires in order to justify spending more money for fire fighting equipment, more firefighting planes, more jobs, more emergency response teams, more flood control expansion, more appropriations of a host of "emergency requirements".

Starting fires in areas which have been intentionally dried out by engineered droughts is not new and not just limited to California. A few years back, we had torch jobs in adjoining states in order to accomplish hidden political, black op agendas.

ZS Livingstone wrote a few articles some years ago about the Tesla technology which our manipulators employ to cause the eruption of forest fires by literally hurling lightning balls at chosen locations

If you were to carefully study the incidents of wild fires in California over the past 60 years let's say, you would see that the cluster of fires in the last decade, for example, are all out of statistical proportion to the norm for this area. Why? Because government Black Ops weren't intentionally starting fires in past decades.

Chemtrails work in league with HAARP and special weapon satellites to cause all kinds of weather anomalies, including droughts.

There is no way we would have over 1000 tornadoes, many of them intense and very destructive, in the USA in the span of six months. No way on earth. Look through the weather historical records for the past 100 years and you will see nothing even close to these statistics. These killer tornadoes are being CREATED by government technology, just as the Hurricanes of 2005 were created by the government. The Dec. 2004 Tsunami in the Pacific that killed so many was artificially created, probably by undersea nuclear detonation. The China Sichuan earthquake was artificially created

The torrential rains in the midwest, I believe, are more the work of Sylphs to sabotage the chemtrail poisoning operations and to detoxify the ground of chemtrail pollutants and metals. I'm sure there are other reasons which I'm not aware of, but I agree with ZS Livingstone and others, that it's likely the Sylphs bringing the rain.

It's a Universal Law: For every negative action, there is an equal and OPPOSITE positive reaction.It can't be any other way. The more reckless and destructive they get, the more will be the push-back in the positive direction.

Haven't you notice just how REMARKABLY clear and blue the skies have been of late? The Sylphs are showing up in huge armadas and transmuting chemtrails FASTER than the chem planes can lay down the chemtrails! This isn't happening everywhere, but it's happening in areas that have orgone generators OR people with focused intent to clear up the sky of chemtrails. .I plan to post many photos showing how well the Sylphs are clearing the skies of late. It's almost a miracle.

Regards, Ken

Update: June 28, 2008

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From: Fernando F
Sent: Saturday, June 28, 2008 5:26 PM



Posted By: tangodog <Send E-Mail>
Date: Saturday, 28 June 2008, 5:14 p.m. Calif. Gov. Asks Bush To Declare Fire Emergency
Lightning Strikes Haved Sparked 1,000 Blazes
Bush declares a fire emergency for California- AP LINK:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has asked President George W. Bush to declare a state of emergency as fires continue to burn throughout California.

State fire officials said lightning strikes last weekend sparked 1,000 blazes across Northern California that so far have burned 302 square miles. More lightning storms are expected this weekend.

Schwarzenegger is requesting direct federal assistance. That would include air and ground firefighting crews, debris removal, and help evacuating and sheltering residents and animals.

Fire crews from 41 states have arrived to help California firefighters battle hundreds of blazes that are darkening skies over the Central Valley and San Francisco Bay area, reported KCRA-TV in Sacramento.

Schwarzenegger Won't Order Fireworks Ban

Schwarzenegger on Friday said that he does not plan on ordering a statewide ban of fireworks, reported KCRA-TV.

"Public safety is my top priority, and I want all Californians to enjoy the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, but also to celebrate it safely. I do not plan to order a statewide ban of fireworks, but I do encourage fire-affected counties to take a good look at their resources and take the appropriate steps at the local level, including a fireworks ban if necessary, to protect their communities and prevent any further aggravation of our state's already severe fire situation," Schwarzenegger said in a statement.

Meanwhile, another day of smoke-filled skies prompted advice from air-quality officials that people cancel or postpone outdoor activities.

"We acknowledge cancellation of these programs can be a hardship for all participants, and we appreciate those who have taken the step to put the health of their participants ahead of other considerations during this extended period of unhealthy air quality," Sacramento County Health Officer Glennah Trochet said.

The threat of fire has already led communities across Northern California to nix plans for Fourth of July fireworks displays.


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From: Jim Stearns
To: Editor
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Subject: N. Calif. "wildfires"

Hi, Ken:

Not long ago, a mainstream article entitled "California Braces for Fire Season" ran in Yahoo! I immediately interpreted it as part of a ploy; a coordinated effort on the part of the global elite. They have an immense passion for playing with words and creating double meanings via the mainstream media, after all.

Shortly afterwards, 800 fires are suddenly burning out of control and choking the air here in N. Calif. Coincidence? I think not. I attempted to confirm my suspicions through internet research, and I managed to find your posted response to an inquiry about the cause. I completely agree that most of these blazes are 100% premeditated, with dry land prepared by HAARP-induced droughts over past "non-rain" season. I keep hearing about dry lightning strikes, although I'm yet to see any. As far as nature goes during summer in the Golden State, it seems irrational that natural dry lightning could possibly have created the current extent of blazes. I anticipate any such phenomenon is created by the HAARP system.

I'm concerned the foul air may persist for weeks. The prevailing winds are not dissipating the smoke. Response to the fires will be deliberately inadequate. Currently, I work in Benecia where the air quality has been made atrocious by the fires. I can't do any physical activity in this area as my lungs and sinuses can't manage well. It's presently better in the South Bay; hopefully I can find some relief there this weekend.

J. Stearns


----- Original Message -----
From:Keith Howe
To: Editor
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008
Subject: California Fires

Dear Ken,

My name is Keith Howe and I live in San Jose. I read the article on Weather Tampering and California "Wild" Fires and agree that these fires are being set. They are strategically spaced to ensure that the smoke from them covers as large a population as possible. I also believe that toxic chemicals, in addition to, or in lieu of flame retardants, are being dumped on the fires. This has the same effect as a chemical bomb, but few people would suspect that anyone would do something so “horrific”.

The chemicals become more toxic when burned and remain airborne much longer when attached to the smoke particles, thus increasing its deadly effectiveness. They did this last year also with fires igniting within 40 minutes of each other, one near Sacramento and one near San Jose. The William Henry Coe Fire , I believe. There was also seismic activity in the 2.0 range at that time, as I checked the USGS to see if the mushroom cloud coincided with seismic activity. Furthermore, the seismic activity was rectangular as occurs with an undergound detonation as opposed to a slow increasing, spike followed by a similar decline.

There was also a mushroom cloud that rose up out of the smoke on about the third day which I videotaped. I suspect that was an undergorund nuke set off by Lawrence livermore labs as I pointed it out to observers and asked them what they see and they respond ‘it looks like a bomb went off’. Very clever way to murder populations while they actually think they are being helped.

When the Bonnie Dune fire in the Santa Cruz mountains was burning, I noticed what looked like a small gasoline truck headed in the general direction of Moffett Federal Airbase. It was marked “Evergreen Environmental Services” on the truck, so I did a google search and found it to be a toxic waste disposal company!

Later that evening I saw on TV news a fenced in area where various helicopters were landing to reload with “flame retardants” to allegedly fight the fire with. There were several of the same looking tankers in that fenced in area with the helicopters. Just seems like another method of genocide being used. Also probably clearing humans off the land for Agenda 21.

Another tactic being used is C130 transports flying 3-4 circles at very low altitude while they dump thousands of gallons of whatever out the engines before they land at Moffett Airfield. If it is JP8 fuel, it is full of ethylene dibromide, a banned pesticide and extreme carcinogen. It could be just about anything, and should be stopped immediately.

Also the bogus West Nile Virus spraying and light Brown Apple moth are excuses for human experimentation (HR1119, section 1078, at: (go to pages 703 through 706 of document for section 1078, Human Experimentation )

There are two verses in Isaiah referring to the Latter days “when towers falling, terrorism, and “THE DAY OF THE GREAT SLAUGHTER” are referred to. It appears the Twin Towers are the reference point in time, and this is “The Day of Great Slaughter”.

Isaiah 30:25
And there shall be upon every high mountain, and upon every high hill, rivers and streams of waters in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall.

Isaiah 33:18
Thine heart shall meditate terror. Where is the scribe? where is the receiver? where is he that counted the towers?


----- Original Message -----
From: Keith Howe
To:  Editor
Sent: Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dear Ken,

I wrote to you on June 26, 2008 regarding the California Fires. I suggested that one of the purposes of these fires was to clear these lands of human inhabitants, as per the U.N. Agenda 21 program. Today’s Sunday issue of the San Jose Mercury News has on it’s front page a huge, color-coded map, posting the South Bay Fire hazards, with the words “Is your home in danger?” “Strict standards to be enforced on houses built in fire-prone areas”. Now fire-safety regulations will be imposed to make it difficult, if not impossible, for people to re-build their “arsoned” homes in the “human free zones”.

Keith Howe
San Jose, CA


Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008
From:Ms. T
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: Thank you for the CA fire response

Dear Mr. Adachi:

Thank you so much for responding to the CA fire situation. You confirmed my suspicions and I agree with you. There's no way all those tornadoes and fires would be occurring naturally. Yes, they have always been around and there's peaks and drops, but this is way over the top.

Ms. T

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