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Aliens? What Aliens? *
September 2, 2010

Aliens? What Aliens? (Sep. 2, 2010)

Subject: Ken.. I agree with you but the alien stuff...
From: Tony
Date: Thu, September 2, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

Your material is very interesting but as always I have such a hard time with the alien stuff!! The NWO aspects can be perfectly explained piece by piece but the alien part of all of this seems to be fuzzy.. I have always thought that david icke put the shapeshifting reptilian stuff in his books in order to take people away from the truth. Ken is there any book or marterial you suggest reading in order to understand the alien part of all this?? what I say is the NWO material is fine on it's own.. why corrupt it with aliens???



Hi Tony,

People who try to alert the public to the realities of the NWO takeover agenda aren't going to jeopardize their reputation by embracing a topic which they know is untrue merely for the sake of sensationalism. Logic should tell you that. I have nothing to gain and everything to lose by intentional deceit. I could say the same for David Icke or Phil Schneider or anyone else who has talked about the alien presence. The U.S. government has been in contact with negative extraterrestrial groups since 1934. In fact, they signed a treaty with these aliens in that year and have been renewing it every decade since. In exchange for advanced technology, the government agreed to allow these aliens to abduct a few people for minor medical observations. However, those negative aliens repeated broke the terms of the agreement and are using many human females for breeding purposes to create a race of human/alien hybrids. Of course, abductees were also subjected to brutal, invasive exams and had all kinds of implants placed in the body so they could track them and torment them for a lifetime.

The first hand experiences of some of these people are relayed in the books of Icke and others. In his Last Lecture video, Phil Schneider talked about the first time that he was introduced to tall gray aliens at the UN and was told that these guys were " in charge" He became so infuriated that he decided to go public in 1995 and spill the beans on the whole government/alien connection and expose the alien agenda. On that video, Phil said these words: "The alien agenda and the New World Order are one and the same." He was right.

And anyone who studies the subject seriously is forced to come to that same conclusion. I've been contacted by a few people who are experiencing routine contact with extraterrestrials. Most of the aliens encountered look like reptilians or grays, and they are not pleasant company. It's not a fun life for these people. They didn't choose to be a part of these government/alien hybrid programs. It was chosen for them. I've received many photos from these victims that make the reality of the alien presence abundantly clear--and more than real.

You haven't delved into the study of this subject, so to you, it's just so much science fiction. You haven't been confronted with aliens in your life so you think they don't exist. But they do exist and they are here (of course, there are also friendly aliens here who are playing a role in keeping the negative ones at bay and within certain "guidelines" of behavior set down by the Galactic Council ) .

Coming to grips with the alien presence and dealing with it intelligently is going to make all the difference in whether you and others who deny the reality of aliens will manage to survive the NWO takeover or not. Knowledge is power.

It's better to know the full truth of things rather than deny things which seem uncomfortable or hard to believe. Remember that you were CONDITIONED to not believe in aliens. Very soon now, the government is going to come out with a big splashy announcement that the aliens are real and that they've been in contact for years, yada, yada, yada. .The reason they will do that is because the open announcement of the alien presence is now intended to ASSIT the NWO takeover scheme. It's all spelled out in Project Blue Beam. You should take the time to read it. Many courageous people have been killed in order to make that information freely available to you.

Regards, Ken


Subject: RE: Ken.. I agree with you but the alien stuff...
From: Tony
Date: Fri, September 3, 2010
To: Ken Adachi


Thank you for this answer.. I just have a hard time beleiving the alien agenda stuff..I want to beleive.. but something keeps me from accepting this.. there is just too much information out there that seems bogus. The universe is an awfully big place and surely aliens could exist.. i just want the proof!

I have been researching the NWO for 3 years now and the only thing that this research has manged to do is make me loose faith.. I went from a beleiving catholic to a non beleivineg.. I beleive there is no spirit as in eternal soul ... and that in effect we evolved from monkeys.. millions of years ago.. If someone wants to tell me that we were created by aliens i want to see the proof of thisd as well!!.. it's easy to say that aliens this and aliens that but isn't the NWO all about deception?? TOTAL DECEPTION?? so wouldn't it be easy for the puppetmasters to try to make all the real truthseekers discretited??



Hi Tony,

We're just talking. No one can force beliefs upon you. You have to arrive at your own conclusions and at your own pace. That's the way it should be.

While my response was talking about the existence of aliens on this planet, I don't buy into the idea that aliens created human beings. That's Sitchin's Annunaki stuff, but that's hardly the whole story. The Sumerian tale has the Annunaki creating humans from apes, but that's the Sumerian Story Line-it's not necessarily true. They may have created a hybrid slave group, but that doesn't mean that their slave group were our ancestors.

Humans have been on this planet for a long time, many millions of years. Many human civilizations have risen and fallen and we know nothing about them, but they surely existed. Atlantis and Lemuria are the two most recent that we know about, but there are buried civilizations under the Himalayans and beneath the oceans that could attest to earlier human civilizations.

Secularism and humanism were created by the Illuminati to get you to lose faith in spirituality, church, religion, Christ, the existence of the soul, etc. The influence of humanists in the school system has done a lot to influence young people to disbelieve in the existence of a soul or an afterlife. I recall that sort of humanist philosophy professors when I went to collage, back in the Stone Age, so I know that it's infiltrated far more deeply since then.

You'll probably change your mind down the road, but if you don't, it doesn't really matter since you'll find out the truth when your body passes over anyway, so I'm not worried about it. You'll likely kick yourself for holding on to that denial for a lifetime, but you'll have plenty of company. The most surprising thing that atheists and die hard humanists discover when they die--is that they haven't actually died. You are just as much "alive" on the Other Side as you are here. This is particularly upsetting for those who commit suicide, as they quickly realize that they hadn't "escaped " anything and they threw away their opportunity to live out a life on earth. Trust me, no one in the spirit world has more regret and remorse than people who committed suicide. Eventually, they get over it, but it's a hard row to plow.

Yes, the Illuminati are masters of deception, but that doesn't mean that extraterrestrials are not here. The Illuminati will attempt to use the Aliens Are Coming! gambit for their own deceitful purposes, but we are not obliged to go along with their deceptive ploys.

And bear in mind there's another type of deception to be wary of: self deception.

Kind Regards, Ken


* (stolen from Fred)


From: Karla
Date: Mon, September 20, 2010
To: Ken Adachi






HI Karla,

Thanks for your thoughts.

Yes, Jim was murdered around 2000. He went into the hospital for a minor knee operation and never came out. It's a big mistake to go into hospitals when you write heavy duty stuff about the Illuminati. He should have known that.

All of his books are very revealing. He was a good reporter.

Regards, Ken

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