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"I Am a Christian... What Can I do to Help? "
March 15, 2009

"I Am a Christian... What Can I do to Help?" (Mar. 15, 2009)

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From: Kitty
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My name is Kitty. I am a Christian and I came upon your information and found it so fascinating and it also confirmed my own suspicions about the Illuminati & drug and human trafficking for big bucks. This is so sad to me. I cannot believe our government is that way, but based on what is going on all around us: the corruption, the news, etc., it seems to be true.

I know to pray now for these children, but I want to know what else I can do to help here? I want to help out. What can I do to support what your're doing and to stop this crap? This is awful. I am also learning that the Illuminati has supported some Christian televangelists. Is TBN involved with them? Or have they had money given to them for reasons unknown?

I want to know who to support etc.



Hi Kitty,

Thanks for your note.

Yes, most TV evangelists, and especially the characters seen on TBN, are part of the Illuminati brain washing scheme called British Israel. You can read more at this link:

You should read every chapter of the book called The Union Jack which is posted at the above link.

The book was written by a dedicated Christian, a TRUE Christian, who saw through the deceit and manipulation of the organized (and well funded) evangelical crowd who USE the Bible and USE the words from the Bible to SELL ideas and postulates that have no relation whatsoever to the earthly mission of Jesus, who was here to teach humanity to love one another, to not judge others, and to forgive those who bear ill will against you. Is that the lessons we are taught by maniacs like John Hagee or Rod Parsley, or phony Money Changers like Benny Hinn or Joel Osteen (

You can help other Christian-who are actually CHRISTIANS, to come to grips with the facts concerning the Wolves in Sheep Clothing who parade across the TBN stage everyday of the week. I see and hear NOTHING but unbridled BRAIN WASHING being applied with every "story' pumped at TBN. I just recorded one a day or two ago that infuriated me so much that I felt I had to write about it.

You could start a web site that point out the falsity and Judeo-Christian Pharisee-ism being pumped by con artists like John Hagee or Pat Robertson. Just do a google such under Jan and Paul Crouch and SEE how many articles come up identifying these two birds as self-centered, self aggrandizing, and self promoting phonies and hucksters. You could also get involved on a local level with other Christians who have seen the light and take concrete action to expose the NWO evangelical hucksters.

Most of the major "prophecies" being sold by brain washed evangelical rubber mouths like Jack Van Impe are simply untrue.

1. There is not going to be a physical return of Christ which is being sold as the Second Coming and there will be no 1,000 year Utopia, known as the Millennium, which is being so vigorously touted as a "fulfillment of Biblical prophecy" . It's hooey from top to bottom. .

2. There is not going to be a divine ascension into heaven known as the Rapture. People may wind up going up into space craft via alien tractor beam technology, but they aren't being beamed up by angels or Christ.

3. There is not going to be an Armageddon unless foolish men accept the Illuminated lies and produce one.

There is ONLY the Illuminati behind ALL the "prophecies" and "prophets" who promote them. And all the scare tactics in the world that TBN can conjure to convince people otherwise, will not change that reality by one iota.

I hope you can do SOMETHING to help other sincere Protestant Christians to WAKE UP to the garbage and .....put it in the trash can where it belongs and to return to talking about the message and beatitudes elucidated by Jesus Christ. .

Kind Regards, Ken

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