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Who Profits from Child Kidnappings, Electronic Stalking, and Mind Control?
April 12, 2004

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Thanks for yesterday's psychotronic references...

Please get these links in order to "understand" who's getting profit from kidnappings, electronic stalking technologies, and the new sadistic mind control experiments.

Look who's *controlling* secrecy again. Parallels in "modus operandi".

Any synchronicity with the LAPD and their fugitives ("running men") is purely "political and speculative"...


Alexis Rodriguez

"The Paul Bonacci/Gosch Story and Silencing Tactics":

"Directed Energy Weapons and Targeted Individuals" -

DARPA and the T.I.S. - now "The Matrix" -

"Ne$ts at the Pentagon"


"About Lies and Secrecy" -




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