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William Coates, aka Adolf Hitler

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
Octopber 5, 2011

William Coates, aka Adolf Hitler (Oct. 5, 2011)

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Subject: hitler
From: Jessie
Date: Wed, October 5, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken...

How come there aren't more photos of William Coates? His birthday is coming up, this should be put out there.

- Best Regards, Jessie


Hello Jessie,

Skorzeny and Hitler in 1997 Glacier National Park lodgeThe only known published photo of William Coates that I am aware of is the one given to Eric 'Orion' by Otto Skorzeny in 1999. It's a 1997 photo taken at the visitor's lodge of the Glacier National Park in Montana. It shows Otto Skorzeny and his wife in the foreground and a partial view of Adolf Hitler in the background wearing a blue shirt and a light colored fedora hat.

Hitler's birthday is April 20, 1889. William Coates was initially reported in the newspapers to be the 'oldest man in America' when he died at 114 years old at the Southern Maryland Hospital Center in Clinton, Maryland on February 24, 2004, but the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and the CIA quickly got busy to get their disinformation boys out there and pooh pooh the idea that Coates was 114 years old. Even though they could present no proof that Coates was younger than the 114 years that people who knew him at the nursing home said he was, a CIA-assembled panel at a press conference decreed that William Coates was only 92 years of age when he died, based on purported census data that was never shown or proven. Therefore, there's no need for any further inquisitive journalists looking into the life and background of William Coates, since they decided he can't possibly be 114 years old. See? So ends interest in the "oldest man in America" story.

According to Skorzeny, Hitler had been living the last 30 years of his life at the Glacier National Park under the name of William Coates. Skorzeny told Eric Orion that there's a huge Nazi/CIA underground base in Glacier National Park located within a hollowed-out mountain.

The tape of a conversation secretly recorded between Otto Skorzeny and another man was made available to Jim Keith in the late 1980s. He transcribed the contents of the recording and included a lengthy chapter of Otto Skorzeny's comments in his book Secret and Suppressed. The Skorzeny chapter was titled The Nazi International (see 1, 2, 3, and 4). Skorzeny had told Eric Orion (and at an earlier date, the anonymous person who made the tape recording) that the CIA had faked Skorzeny's 1976 "death" supposedly from cancer while living in Madrid, Spain. In fact, Otto told Eric that most top personalities of the Third Reich (who survived the war) had their deaths faked by the CIA. This list includes Dr. Josef Mengele, Walter Rauff, Alois Brunner, Martin Bormann, and Reinhard Gehlen.

Don Nicoloff wrote an article a couple of years ago in which he discovered that Third Reich General Wilhelm Canaris was alive and well and had taught at a university in Oklahoma for many years following World War Two. I found out from another individual in Germany who had contacted me by email that Wilhelm Canaris is still very much alive. He told me of a conversation he had with Canaris and a well known female mystic of the Hitler era in Switzerland in early 2011. I was told Canaris has the appearance of a man in his late 60s, while his physical age, of course, is much greater than that.

I'm reasonably certain that most of the top World War Two era, Third Reich Nazis have had access to alien-derived age regression technology, as claimed by Al Bielek many years ago. There's no other way that their extreme longevity and relatively youthful-looking appearance can be accounted for. This type of technology shouldn't come as too great a leap of imagination as the amazing story of Antoine Priore will attest. Priore had figured out how to cure cancer with a machine that emmited a large magnetic field coupled with pulsing, high frequency electromagnetic waves which had the effect of restoring cells back in time to a previous state of non disease. Tom Bearden tells the entire story of the rise & fall of Antoine Priore on his web site. It's an amazing saga. For a few years in the late 1960s, Priore had secured millions in funding from the goverment of France. The money allowed Priore to build his age regression machine which was publicly ackonwledged to work 100% on animals with cancer for example. A dog with cancer was placed under the machine and the cancerous cells were age regressed back in time to a non-cancerous, healthy state. The dog was able to get up and continue to live his life without the cancer. If the entire body of a human being was placed under the Priore machine, wouldn't the entire body age regress back in time to a more youthful appearance?

(More to follow..)

Regards, Ken Adachi


April 20, Hitler's Birthday by Ken Adachi (April 20, 2011)

Hitler's 1945 'Suicide' and Death Were Faked by Ken Adachi (May 8, 2010)


Subject: Hitler
From: Brian H
Date: Fri, October 7, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

So much of this information about major nazis surviving WW2 and living long lives rings true, and the "time-regression" technology is certainly intriguing. But I'm having a hard time getting my mind around the possibility of Hitler not only surviving, but actually living to the 'really' ripe old age of 114! When you look at that last known photograph of him it was I believe late winter of 1945 on the grounds of the Reichchancellery. He came out of his bunker long enough to meet with members of the Hitler youth. He had the look of a dying old man, replete with an uncontrollable shaking left hand which he tried to conceal. To learn of the myriad of drugs being pumped into him by the evil Dr. Morell on a constant basis seems to suggest that he was too far gone to become a successful recipient for this age-regressing technology.

The other thing has to do with the possible significance of the alleged date of his suicide, April 30. This of course is the eve of what is arguably the highest of high "holy days" on the satanic calender - May 1st, "Mayday". Meaning there had to be SOME kind of important sacrifice to perform. If not Hitler than who, or what? Any thoughts?



Hi Brian,

I saw the same documentaries on TV showing a gaunt looking Hitler reviewing the teenage boys and the old men who made up the Berlin Home Brigade in the 'final' days before the fall of Berlin, etc. I'm sure Hitler was stressed out at the time, but stories of his physical deterioration were likely part of a propaganda package to convince the world that he was at the end of his rope prior to 'committing suicide'.

Hitler didn't commit suicide, nor did Eva Braun. They both left the Berlin Bunker on or about April 22, 1945. The Hitler double, Sillip, and the Eva Braun double were the two people who went through the marriage ceremony some hours before their reported 'suicide'. The Hilter double was first drugged into an unconscious state and then shot directly in the center of his forehead, as you can plainly see from the photo of the Hilter double released by the Russians after taking over the Berlin Bunker. The Eva Braun double was never found, so it's possible she was drugged into an unconscious state and then carried out alive and allowed to escape. I have no way of knowing what her final fate was, but I'm absolutely certain that the real Eva Braun left the Bunker around April 22. The widely repeated story that HIlter's top aides poured gasoline over the bodies of Hitler and Eva Braun in a shallow grave in the Chancellery garden is a total fabrication promoted mostly by British intelligence and their disinformation agents such as 'historian' Hugh Trevor Roper (The Last Days of Hitler, pub. 1947).

The May 8, 2010 article linked above tells more details of the witnesses I spoke with who saw Hitler and Eva Braun in America in the late 1960s. Many people spotted Hitler in Argentinia in the first few years following the war and reported the sightings to the FBI. Cisco Wheeler had a photograph given to her by her father that showed Hitler, her father, and Mengele standing on the front porch of a house in Oregon. The photo was taken from Cisco by the CIA after she told her psychiatrist about the photo and the psychiatrist wanted to have a look.

You have to remember that the O.S.S., the Office of Strategic Services, was thoroughly infiltrated by Nazis even before the end of World War II. The apparatus of the O.S.S. became the CIA. If Skorzeny's contentions are true, then the CIA has been and IS a Nazi controlled organization from its inception. Allen Dulles was an Illuminated Nazi from the very beginning. Bush Sr., as a German born infil-traitor, was part of the upper Nazis controlling the CIA from its very beginning. According to Skorzeny, 'Wild Bill' Donovan was given a choice after the Nazis arranged for his daughter to die in a fatal accident: "either cooperate with us or the rest of your family will die as well". Naturally, Donovan caved.

The Hitler double was killed on April 30 because the Russians were closing in on the Berlin bunker and they had to have a body to 'prove' that Hitler was dead.

Regards, Ken

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