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"I am at my wit's end about looking for work"
February 25, 2009

"I am at my wit's end about looking for work" (Feb. 26, 2009)

From: Ben G
To: Editor
Subject: I am at my wit's end about looking for work--how does Armed Services sound?
Date: Feb 25, 2009

Hi Ken...

Long time reader--first time poster(I think...I might have sent an opinion or two, but not a quandary).

Where I have moved to has been placed in the bottom rung of the places to live in by Forbes, so the job outlook sucks here; there is a 'long' and a 'short' story to what has happened to me.

The short: living the life as a single male trying to go to college from a lower-class family hasn't been the best experience, seeing that most employers cannot see me working full time AND trying to go to higher schooling or college, since "I have no dependents, and should have an open schedule," has led me to leave scholastica for 'real-life' time and time again.

Having turned thirty recently, I have been talked to (along with a good number of family members) that I should join a branch of the Armed Services, since, essentially, its a "baby-sitter for "ne'er-do-wells," and I should take advantage...

In my heart and mind, I think I might just end up as a OTH discharge at the least, or spending some time in Leavenworth at the most. I don't want this, but the job outlook (and my ever-growing burden on my parents as a new dependent) has left me wondering why I am even here sometimes...

Ken--have you honestly and frankly thought what may happen if there is nobody that cares about your site if internet is too expensive or defunct in a sour economy? I have thought about this...what I may or may not do in a "barter out of survival" economy. Becoming a transient has crossed my mind, since most of them that I have talked to have felt the same way about our government and "the American Dream."

Should I take these steps? What should I do? I have left my schooling of being a paralegal since I have found that any alphabet-soup agency has no reason to answer to Congress or the will of the people, since Adminstrative Rule has no reach of Congress and falls under the (will of the) Executive Branch. I have asked God for answers, but I know that this is all a closed-book test...

-- Ben


Hi Ben,

It's your life and it's up to you to run it in a way that's fulfilling to you. At this point, it sounds like you aren't ready to take on the responsibilities of life and still think of yourself as a teenager. It's a common enough situation, I admit, but ultimately it's going to cripple you and limit your success in life.

It's no big deal to move back in with your parents, plenty are doing it, but what you do with your time is under your control. The main thing is to think about is coming up with a skill or a product that other people NEED or DESIRE and then offering that skill or product to them, rather then try to ASK someone else to GIVE you a job.

With the ubiquitous presence of the internet, anyone can earn a living using it. What you need is ingenuity and creativity, coupled with determination and a drive to succeed under your own power. You don't need a college degree as much as you need a GOOD IDEA that will earn you money. You can go to school to learn what a paralegal does, but you can also learn the same thing on your own by studying a book on being a paralegal at home and save the tuition cost--and the time. Schools DRAG out the education process to meet the "needs" of the lowest common denominator. You can acquire the knowledge of a 4 year college education in the space of 1 or 2 years if you apply yourself studying alone at home. You don't NEED to attend a college to get a college education, but colleges want you to THINK you need them and gear their propaganda in that direction.

Sure, they give you the degree. So what? Successful people with DRIVE don't need a college degree to succeed. Do you think that Giorgio Armani is a rich and successful clothes designer because he got a college degree in fashion design? I doubt it. He probably never went beyond high school--if that.

I wouldn't join the military again if given the choice-knowing what I know now-but if you must join, then the Navy or Air Force is the better choice. If you go Army or Marines, then plan on seeing a lot of blood and guts and living with a lifetime of nightmares about killing people--assuming you survive and come back with all your parts. The US Pentagon runs a giant Killing Machine, regardless of how high-tech, heroic, or exciting they try to make it appear on TV commercials.

Also, going into the military means that you're going to be inoculated up the ying yang with "vaccines" of which you'll have NO IDEA of what's REALLY in them and you may find out too late that you've been micro chipped and poisoned with both high-tech nano technology and/or bio-engineered stealth diseases like "Gulf War Illness". The Pentagon, like the Executive branch and the Legislative branch, are not working in the interests of the American people, but rather are engaged in treason, helping to install the Illuminated New World Order takeover agenda, which ultimately will spell the destruction of America and its people.

You don't need a college degree as much as you need a GOOD IDEA that will earn you money. There is an ENDLESS supply of good ideas for people WHO LOOK FOR THEM.

Regards, Ken


From: Ben G
To: Editor
Subject: Re: I am at my wit's end about looking for work--how does Armed Services sound?
Date: Feb 26, 2009

Thanks for the reply: I figured that in this economy, its time that people start to make lemonade out of these lemons, and the last thing I wanted to do is become obligated to Uncle Sam...I have a few ideas I might get started around here.

As for the education, little is known that ALL undergraduate courses at MIT are on their public server...that's right. Anyone could have a MIT education....without the sheepskin, of course.

Thanks for the word of encouragement.



From: Keith S
To: Editor
Subject: for Ben G
Date: Feb 26, 2009

Hi Ken ,

Here is a great job : get your insurance liscense ( I know if Ben is studying to be a paralegal I think this could work for him ). Getting licensed is much easier than paralegal. Next find a home service agency in your area.Get hired and go to work.I would be more than happy to speak with Ben and tell him my experience as a home service agent.Believe it when I tell you it's alot of fun half the time .The other half is hard work.

As a Debit Agent you are responsible for a book of business which you service month in and month out.Starting as a Home service or 'debit'agent allows you to crawl before you walk.What I mean is the first licenses are easy to obtain.Later you may want to add other lines that require additional study.


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