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World Net Daily
November 24, 2011

World Net Daily (Nov. 24, 2011)

Subject: WND
From: May
Date: Sun, November 20, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

I am suspicious of most internet websites and their agenda. I was looking for WND to be posted to your link section as I trust that site. Could you tell me why they are not posted as one of your links.



Hello May,

I have too many reservations about Joseph Farah to trust him and I have had those reservations from the time he first went online. WND is another example, I believe, of controlled opposition. He features Jerome Corsi a great deal, and while much of what Corsi exposunds on sounds OK, he's also a front man for Israeli interests, including their keen desire to start a war with Iran. If you're in bed with Israel, your part of the NWO Disinfo Network.

Most of what you see at WND is OK stuff, but that's how all controlled opposition web sites attempt to gain credibility and trust. Amy Goodman is another example of a controlled opposition gatekeeper.

Kind Regards, Ken

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