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Worried Mom
August 23, 2003

From: Anne
Date: Fri, August 22, 2003 2:59 pm

Hi Ken..

My name is Anne. I am the proud owner of a HHG. I purchased it for use against some drug dealers that live across the hall from me. They are moving out as of this week. (yipee skipee!)

What I am really needing is advice on a device that might help my family. I am very concerned about my son (26) who is having mental problems. History on this young man is like this: grandmother.died at 47...suicide, aunt died at 30, suicide, uncle died at 32, suicide...this is all on my mother's side of the family.

Depression is the culprit. My son started doing alcohol in his teens, and then drugs in his twenties....Did peyote to find some kind of spiritial input. (thought he was a shaman- he is a Pisces)..And he has a son who has been diagnosed with autism. My son has been going down hill for the last two years. Meth has led him to hear voices..and see things..Sounds like schizophrenia, but I am not sure..It could be the drugs he did.

He is very pleasant to be around lately...(not like his usual behavior)...and he seems asleep with his eyes open most of the time. He does respond to questions OK, but he doesn't seem to track well. This comes and goes...I am fearing that he will end up under a bridge..His father and I can't commit him to a hopital because he isnt causing any trouble for himself or others socially. Is there any thing that you or your buddiss have developed that might help with this weird situation? Some contraption that would help with the intrusive thoughts or bring him back to reality somehow? .I am totally lost as to what to do. I think that all the sad things in his life made him fear for his own mental health..He became an block the emotions...and its been down hill from there. I love my son do I break the genetic influences here?

Sad Mom in Idaho

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From: Editor
To: Anne
Sent: Saturday, August 23, 2003 6:50 AM
Subject: Your son

Hi Anne,

Don't believe the propaganda about genetic destiny. There is such a thing as a genetic disposition, but it's influence is usually minor and not nearly as threatening as many people assume. The true reason for common ailments among close relatives is the similarity of lousy lifestyle, habits, and diet.

Yes, there are toys that have been known to help in this regard and I'll tell you about them, but what he needs first and most of all is to regain a sense respect for life- his life. And that can only be gained by understanding who he really is and why he's here on earth.

People who drink a lot and/or do drugs open the door wide for negative entities to jump in. These astral beings are lusting for the opportunity to feel high (in a physical sense) and can only do it through a living person whose aura and spiritual vibration have become lowered enough to allow entry. Everyone knows about the type of boozer who's the nicest guy in the world when he sober, but he turns into Mr Hyde when he drinks.

" He's not himself! He becomes an animal! I don't know him when he drinks!Why does he act so mean when he gets drunk?" etc.

Of course they don't know him, because it's not HIM who's acting badly. It's the negative spirit who jumped in when he got drunk and took over his body. I wish more people would understand that.

Of course, negative entities don't LEAVE when the guy becomes sober again, but their influence is greatly diminished when the rightful owner of the body takes charge again in a more sober state. People who have bad addictive habits lower their connection with the Light (Life force) coming from God and therefore become victimized by yet MORE astral parasites looking to hitch a ride. It's not uncommon to find 20, 40, or 50 negative entities attached to a drug addict. Some cases have seen over 200 attached entities. All of those astral blood suckers are pulling the Life force and life energy right out of their victim. They are literally FEEDING off of him. These lowly, spiritually debased beings see him as a source of energy food, nothing more. The voices he's hearing are not imaginary. They are the very astral beings that I'm referring to who are having a ball screwing with him and driving him nuts.

Like using a Ouija board, it's only people who OPEN the door to lower astral beings, that ALLOW them to enter and then it's not so easy to shut the door again. That's what's going on here.

Now, your son can continue to allow his allotted life force to be sucked away day by day by these astral parasites or he can decide to take charge and DO SOMETHING to stop it and protect himself from further victimization. It's within his power to regain his life to a thing of beauty, fullfillment, and peaceful contentment. But he has to make the decision to recalim his life. You can't do it for him.-but you can help him see the light and try to guide him to a redemption of his birthright to have a productive and happy life.

Here's some of what he has to understand and realize from deep within his heart:

1. He is a child of God who possesses an immortal spirit currently housed within a living 'vehicle' that we call the human body. He is a part of God and God dwells within him. No matter how low he may sink in life, God is still within him and always will be. The reason that enlightened souls talk about the body as being a "temple of God" is because-it's TRUE. People who treat their body like it's a garbage dumpster are forcing their Creator-who loves them unconditionally-to live in a cess pool.
2. He was sent here (at his request) to experience certain conflicts and conditions in this world to see if he could work out and understand certain spiritual lessons so that he might understand and be at peace with those learning experiences and move on to more advanced lessons and move to more advanced vibratory planes-where the living gets easier and more beautiful and bountiful with each forward advancement. (Of course, you can slide backwards and move back with the dumpster crowd again if you so choose.)
3. God always allows his children to enjoy unhindered FREE WILL to move forward or backwards as they may choose.
4. He can redeem his life fully and feel the joy and excitment that life offers whenever he's ready to start. He's built a mental prison of his own making. He can demolish it as soon and as quickly as he wishes. God is waiting to welcome him back into the full stream of glorious life here on Mother Earth. He has jobs waiting for him to do to fulfill his mission in this life. Whenever he's ready, let me know. I have more info to pass on to him.

By the way, when he allows the Light to stream back in, his depression will disappear overnight.

You need to pray for him and ask God to open his heart and open his eyes to the foolishness and stupidity of allowing his life to be thrown away and squandered by astral parasites. They are controlling him much more than he is. He just doesn't know it. .

God Bless, Ken

Re: My son ...
From: Anne
Date: Sat, August 23, 2003 7:01 am

Thank you for your response this morning....

I will show him this email, but I am not sure that he will understand it...Like I said, he seems out there. And you are absolutely right about the parasitic entities that are (in) him....I really do get that part. I see alot of wisdom in this advice today.

It's funny too. I also have been feeling very very depressed about this whole situation...It comes at a time when I am at a crossroads in my life as well. I graduated from college in May...and can't find work. Because I have an apartment that is income based, my rent is zero. My income is zero and so it has kept me from being homeless.My ego is having a hard time getting out of the way lately...At fifty years old, I feel a little like a failure. 'I dont know what I want to be when I grow up, lol.

Anyway, this message from you about God being in me, you , and everyone ....remindes me that I am not truley alone. I hope that I have the opportunity to contact you again about my son .I pray that he will listen.

Peace to You.

Sincerely, Anne


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From: Sylvia
Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2003 2:22 PM
Subject: WRT Worried Mom

Dear Ken,

Your web-site is excellent. I have visited regularly for nearly 3 years now.

As a Bach Flower practitioner and counselor for 25 years, I rarely offer unsolicited advice. However, as you posted the Worried Mom request and your thoughtful response, I am hoping that a little more information may be of service. Worried Mom's son (as well as the diagnosed autistic grandchild) are clearly in the Clematis state. Unless they have somehow already been "reached" by the information you provided, Clematis can unlock the door ...and your advice may then be consciously received and acted upon. There are other remedies which would round out each case.

Mimulus surely for fear of known things (fear for his own mental health), but Clematis would be a fine start. Should Worried Mom be unable to find Clematis or any of the other Bach Flower Remedies at her local health food store, most such stores will at least generally carry Rescue Remedy ( Bach's composite remedy for any emergency "great or small" ...which includes Clematis).

I always suggest to everyone with whom I speak on this subject that every family have a full set of remedies on hand and that at least one member of the family familiarize themselves with the indications for each remedy. (These sets can be readily purchased on the net at reasonable prices. Heal Thyself and other Bach books are also available.) Bach made quite sure that common sense would prevail so that anyone could utilize this healing system in the privacy of their own home, but help is always available if necessary.

I hope that this information will be of service to Worried Mom and/or others.

Sincerely, Sylvia


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