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Letters to The Editor

Written By Billy; Edited By Ben
April 1, 2006

Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2006 17:33:19 -0800 (PST)
From: Ben
To: Editor
Subject: Possible New Addition to Your Website?

Dear Editor of, Ken Adachi,

I read some of your pages, and I decided to send in one that one of my friends had me type for him. First of all, I am Ben and my friend's name is Billy. The page is about religion in public schools, and it is below.

Religion in Public Schools
Written By Billy
Edited By Ben

This page deals with religion, church, and public schools…

In public schools Christian students are not allowed to read the Bible, some teachers allow it though, even during reading time. Not allowing them to read it is a violation of the student’s First Amendment right to Freedom of Religion. But if I were Muslim, I would need to pray five times a day, and I would be able to. The reason: I am considered a Minority.

So who should be considered the Minority? Who gets to express religion in school, with the current standards? So with the points mentioned above, should the separation of church and state be allowed in schools? If not, should it be changed, where as every pupil be entitled to prayer? Wouldn’t that work? Yes and no. The original framers of our country did the best they could. Since there were so many people of different religious practices in our country, they didn’t want one Standard Religion. That was not prevented with separation of church and state, however, because Separation of Church and State is not mentioned in the Constitution, just that Congress cannot establish a National Religion. If a teacher chooses to teach Buddhism, he/she can! If the teacher chooses to teach Christianity, he/she can! It’s simple.

The Pledge of Allegiance says: “One Nation Under God.” Does that mean it is religious? Congress says no. Yet some atheists believe it is. So who’s right?

Now, I believe we should say the Pledge every day, and we should also have a moment of silence for prayer! -If the child wishes to. The only problem is atheist children would be “We had to pray in school and say ‘Under God’”. The school would say: “We’re sorry about your child, but we have to respect the Freedom of Religion.” Hey, it’s a war out there, and if you aren’t going to fight, at least carry bullets.

Once again, this page was was written by Billy and edited by Ben.



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