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In Defence of Saint Yohannan and the Gospel of Asia Empire
July 13, 2011

In Defence of Saint Yohannan and the Gospel of Asia Empire (July 13, 2011)

Subject: Doubts Persists About Gospel for Asia, Inc and Its Founder, K.P.Yohannan
From: Laura
Date: Tue, July 12, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Mr. Adachi,

I found the information posted on your site "Educate-Yourself" very interesting. But while you go to great lengths to speak against the Gospel for Asia ministry, you also state, "I don't have the time to investigate KP Yahonnan and his organization..." Since you haven't had the time to investigate Mr. Yohannen, I respectfully wanted to note that the information in the following quote does not apply to Gospel for Asia. "Objections to missionary work among isolated indigenous populations have been raised by governments, anthropologists and spiritual leaders,
claiming consequences such as cultural assimilation, reduction of native language speakers, and loss of native culture. Christian missionaries have been criticised for a general lack of respect for native cultures, and even actively working to undermine the religious customs and beliefs of many non-Christian countries. This has been called ethnocide, cultural genocide and cultural imperialism."

Gospel for Asia does not foster a "lack of respect for native cultures" or a "loss of native language speakers" as the missionaries involved are natives of the country in which they serve. Even Mr. Yohannen is a native of India. Likewise there is no cultural genocide or cultural imperialism involved. To my knowledge, these native missionaries are simply sharing with their countrymen the overflowing joy and peace they have found in knowing Jesus Christ.

I'll have to research the alleged land scandal further. Thank you for your interest in passing on information as you come across it.

Sincerely wishing you joy and peace as well,


Hello Laura,

The article that I wrote some time ago about KP Yahonnan and his organization came about as a result of receiving a letter from a woman named Sarah who spoke of her inability to escape from his group (and Yahonnan's daughter) due to tracking with implants and other forms of mind control and psychotronic abuse that she was suffering.

The Dark Side of the KP Yohannan & Gospel for Asia, Inc. (Sep. 26, 2004)

As I began to read about KP Yohannan, it appeared that the guy was in it for personal gain for himself and his family, despite his attempts to appear saintly to a gullible public.

Doubts Persists About Gospel for Asia, Inc and Its Founder, K.P.Yohannan (Aug. 30, 2009)

It's hardly a novel story. Most Christian fundamentalists whose names we hear and read about are in it for the money: Jan & Paul Crouch of TBN, Pat Robertson, Jesse Duplantis, Benny Hinn, Jimmy Swaggart, Robert Schuller, Billy Graham, Joel Osteen, etc, etc, etc.


They've ALL become millionaires while "serving the Lord". The articles about the Yohannan land scandals were not written by me, but rather by others who are local to that area.

You need to send the url of the article you are quoting from because 99% of the time, the words being quoted to me are those of SOMEONE else, as is the case with your second quote below. Just because you read a quote from another author within the body of an article that I write, does not mean that I endorse, agree with, or ascribe to every word written by that author. I only take responsibility for MY words and feel no obligation to defend the words of others.

When I wrote that I didn't have time to investigate Yohannan, I meant that I didn't have time to investigate his shenanigans beyond what I had already posted from 6 or 7 articles, written by others, which did expose Yohannan as a self serving, con artist.

I'm opposed to the very concept of evangelism. I should have added it to the article I posted yesterday about the wrong-headed beliefs espoused among Christian fundamentalists.

Imagine how incensed American Bible Belt Christian fundamentalists would react if Muslims or Buddhists, or Hindi "preachers" came knocking on their door and got into their face about being "saved" in the same way that Christian fundamentalists have set up shop among other cultures and in other lands.

Christian fundamentalists would be FURIOUS and their reaction would be swift and severe to any who would DARE attempt to dissuade them from their self righteous Biblical assumptions and preacher-inspired beliefs. but self anointed, "servant of God" Christian fundamentalist hypocrites actually have the nerve to declare that it's their "duty" and "responsibility" to "bring the salvation of the Lord" to other people, in other cultures, because "the Lord" told them to to it, blah, blah, blah, when the real "mission" is to gather more power, gain greater influence, and expand their financial empires.

The Salvation Army has a fair track record for actually helping people, instead of USING people to expand their wealth and holdings. I could say the same for Catholic charities, as least while they existed in larger numbers in earlier times. I'm sure that there are many small Christian sects who do good things and aren't in it for personal gain, but most of the well known names seen on TBN, for example, are self serving con artists. I have the feeling that Yahonnan is among that latter "brotherhood".

Regards, Ken

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Doubts Persists About Gospel for Asia, Inc and Its Founder, K.P.Yohannan (Aug. 30, 2009)

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