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A Yemen Portal?
February 28, 2011

A Yemen Portal? (Feb. 28, 2011)

From: Edwin
Date: Mon, February 28, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Ken :

I wanted to take the time to congratulate you on the excellent work you are doing on this site. God bless you for this you are doing much good for humanity. I've been a reader since 1997 and still coming back to see your comments on any World issue .

I love ZS comments; it makes perfect sense to me. Eeverything he writes is consistent. It's funny that I have recommend this site to many people over time, but not everybody is ready for this type of information. I am Software Engineer. Most of my coworkers are completely blind on this subjects. They wanted“change” but still want to be very comfortable playing xbox and computer games.

They want to keep things the same. They don't want to question the actual paradigms and neither authority. Regarding hollow earth & General Jeremiah, everything is clear for me , but there is something going on right now at Yemen. I read there is a Stargate type of Portal right in front of Yemen coast and that almost 24 World Navy's are there guarding it.

Is this true?

Thanks in advance. Sorry about my writing. I grow up writing Spanish, still working on my English. Anyway, hope to see your comments on this.




Hello Edwin,

Thanks for your note.

I have no idea about the Yemen portal, but I do know the US government is intensely interested in that area and we know that satellites were directing energy beams into the Gulf of Aden a few months ago in an apparent attempt to trigger either tsunamis or earthquakes.

I'll ask ZSL if he has any info on this.

Sincerely, Ken


Subject: Gulf of Aden Stargate/Portal
From: Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
Date: Wed, March 2, 2011
To: Edwin


Several years ago I wrote about a missing French or British nuclear submarine transported to another ocean planet through a stargate activated by whale song. Since first hearing of the Gulf of Aden portal a year ago, I
keep seeing a stargate designed and created by whales for their own use.

I believe the writers of the fourth Star Trek movie also tuned into this phenomena.

I believe and have personally witnessed groups of sperm whales from other planets creating and travelling between planets in merkabah lightships created by their combined energies. Using these same energies they can create underwater stargates in order to physically swim from one ocean to another. The key to activating the
stargate is a particular whale song.

I believe all the ocean worlds are interconnected by underwater stargates and the genetics of all the oceans are intermingled. There are sperm whales and humpbacks who swim the cosmos and are able to move through time.

This theme was also picked up by Adams in his "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."

Whales are able to transport schools of fish through these portals to feed their young. Whales can revamp damaged ocean ecologies such as ours by bringing missing species back to our waters.

The Navies of the world want to control that which they do not have the ability to control. They have no possibility to matching the necessary whale song nor the spiritual consciousness to open the doorway.

If the missing submarine follows the whales back to the stargate on the other world the whales would be pleased to sing them home. That crew should get Astronaut Wings.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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