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Mind Control Used in Yemen Events

From A Voice from Yemen <>
August 25, 2011

Mind Control Used in Yemen Events (Aug. 26, 2011)

Dear Ken,

Please find below a short account of the events happening in Yemen (which is part of the so-called “Arab Spring”), in which cutting-edge techniques of psyops, infowars, propaganda, excessive force, and other totalitarian control measures have been used, with the US covert involvement. However, the most important tool used in these events is the neurological, psychotronic and mind control weapons. I would like to mention first the main results of these events, which are still in progress:

- Thousands of civilians have been killed, including women and children;

- Tens of thousands have been injured, many of them are in critical condition;

- Thousands have been tortured;

- Thousands have been arrested extrajudicially.

- Thousands of civilians have been kidnapped, and their fate is unknown yet.

- Numerous flagrant human rights violations;

- Torturing a whole people and putting them in a state of slow death by deliberately depriving them of the basics such as water, food,
electricity, fuel, etc.

- Making great socioeconomic changes over a short period of time.

The Following are Milestones on the Yemeni Events Timeline:

1- The Yemeni "Revolution" started on Feb. 11, 2011, due to the events in Tunisia and Egypt. Millions of people took to the streets, participating in demonstrations and sit-ins all over the country, such as in the capital Sana’a, Aden, Taiz, Mukalla, Ibb, Hodeidah, Shabwah, Baydha, Mahrah, Sa'dah, etc. The demonstrations, protests and sit-ins have been peaceful, and called for a change in the regime, and introducing political, economic and social reforms.

2- On Feb. 20, 2011, the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) announced their support for the "Revolution" (The JMP is a coalition of the main opposition parties, regarded as a true opposition while they are a group of opportunist politicians, and their performance is manipulated to the disadvantage of the people). Their joining the "Revolution" was a step in the plan orchestrated by the US government to infiltrate the "Revolution", and that got clearer later.

3- Fri. Mar. 18, 2011, was a critical day and was known as the “Friday of Dignity,” when the masses of worshippers on Sana’a streets were machine-gunned with cold blood by a group linked to the regime. As a result, 52 people were killed and hundreds injured, (

That event was widely condemned and the regime was severely criticized. It seemed that the regime was in a real trouble after that “blow,” especially with the fact that Mar. 20, 2011, was officially announced as a national day of mourning for the victims and the Cabinet was dissolved. Moreover, the next day, Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar (most influential Sheikh in Yemen, a member of the President’s family, and a traditional figure of the ruling class) joined the "Revolution", and many defections took place including high-level civil and military officials and ambassadors. One major event was General Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar announcing his support for the "Revolution" on May 21, 2011. Ali Mohsen is a half-brother of President Saleh, a pillar of the regime, Commander of the North-West Military Area, Commander of the First Armored Division, and the prominent general in the previous Sa'adah/Houthi wars (a recurrent conflict manufactured for Yemen). His support was hailed as something good for the "Revolution" especially when the state-run media demonized him and considered him a defector. Yet, the fact is that his move was a trick to contain and infiltrate the protestors. Later, Ali Mohsen’s forces encircled the sit-in Square in Sana’a under the pretext of protecting them from any possible attack!

4- Amidst manufactured crises and feigned polarization between the elements of the ruling class for the purpose of controlling the people, the Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) proposed an Initiative on Apr. 6, 2011, as part of its role dictated by the USA. The Initiative was not in the best interest of the Yemeni people

Nevertheless, the Initiative itself was not actually meant to be implemented. It was just a ploy to deceive the people, and win time. They have been making meetings and amendments over a long period of time. That ploy was managed cunningly with much political and media debates and battles (much ado about nothing). The political players did their parts skillfully towards this Initiative. First, the government accepted it; then President Saleh rejected it; then the JMP rejected it; later Ali Mohsen accepted it; after that, the JMP accepted it; then President Saleh accepted to sign it and later refused; and so on and so forth. It was reduced to a farce. Just google "Yemen GCC Initiative" and you will find the extent of the media hype. It is meant to distract people from the main issue and make them more desperate for a solution whatever it is, given the difficult situation they experience.

5- On May 22, 2011, the Yemen Reunification Anniversary, protesters nationwide, in the north and the south, showed solidarity with each other and vowed to stay the course. The ruling class was enraged. So, they manufactured a crisis. The next day, clashes erupted inside the capital city of Sana’a, in Al-Hasaba Area between President Saleh’s forces (the Army) on one side and the armed tribesmen of Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar and his brothers on the other side. The clashes were intermittent and spanned a considerable period. The media promoted that there was real clashes between the two sides. However, it was ordinary citizens who paid the cost of those clashes as they lost lives, homes and properties. Many of Sana’a residents were forced to flee, fearing that the conflict might spread further and that the civil war, which the regime warned of, might erupt. Many of the protesters in the sit-in camps left Sana’a to avoid bieng a "collateral damage". The sit-in camps were significantly emptied

Members of the ruling class were almost unaffected except for some superficial damages on some buildings which were necessary to make people believe that there were real disputes.

6- After this “war” had continued for some time and Al-Hasaba Area sustained much destruction, another trick was used in order to distract people’s attention from the previous miseries, for the purpose of inventing crises, winning time and terrorizing the people. That was the Presidential Compound Mosque Attack which took place on Fri. Jun. 3, 2011

which is still shrouded in mystery. This incident is important since many changes happened as a result of it, and people are still living its atmosphere; President Saleh who is reported to have been injured due to it is still abroad (in Saudi Arabia) for treatment. The media reports alleged that President Saleh was attacked when he was in the mosque, and that he and other senior officials were badly wounded. Some bodyguards were killed. Full and true details are not available now because of the lack of transparency. Yet, it can be safely said that the incident itself was deliberately staged by the USA in collaboration with the authority. Examining the official statements and the media coverage of the incident, we find different stories. At the beginning Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar (who as we said is part of the ruling class) was charged; then opposition leaders were charged; later the ghost enemy Al-Qaeda was blamed; now they charge Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar’s brother, Hamid. Moreover, numerous rumors about the incident were spread. The purpose was to mislead the people, create an atmosphere of uncertainty where suggestibility increases. Although the videos of President Saleh show him injured, all know that videos and photos can be fabricated easily (the recent Osama bin Laden hoax is an example). This incident is half-baked although an FBI delegation was sent to Yemen to add a touch of seriousness to the subject /

The results of investigations have not been revealed. However, the observer can see that the first TV appearance of President Saleh after the incident was on Jul. 7, 2011, and he was in a poor condition

In his second TV appearance, only three days later, his condition was much better

In an appearance later, he was in his pre-incident condition

This incident served the regime to a great extent. It made many people sympathize with President Saleh because he was “targeted” by his rivals in a place of worship and he “miraculously” escaped that. The attack also induced fear of the regime’s possible retaliation. An air of anticipation and anxiety has prevailed in the country during President Saleh’s treatment period, which was prolonged intentionally. People’s attention was drawn from the main issue of the “Revolution” towards insignificant issues such as the incident, President Saleh’s condition, officials’ conditions, identity of perpetrators, time of return from Saudi Arabia, etc. Firecrackers and gunshots would be fired heavily in the air from light, medium and heavy arms (as a gesture of celebration) from Army’s camps all over the country and by President Saleh’s advocates whenever there was news that he underwent a successful operation, delivered a radio speech or made a TV appearance. Many citizens were killed and properties damaged due to the bullets and rounds falling back, and millions of dollars from the Public Treasury were wasted in the air. That was a real show of terror for the majority of the people, let alone children and women. Here is a link showing an example of the impact

General Observations Regarding the Techniques and Tactics Used in These Events to Facilitate the Effects of the Neurological and Psychotronic Weapons in Controlling and Subjugating the People:

1- Coldblooded killing of protesters as in the massacre that happened on Sana’a Friday of Dignity, and as that which happened in the sit-in square in Taiz in which even handicapped people were burned alive, and 200 were killed.

2- Cold-blooded killing of citizens and civilians as that which happened in Abyan when the army pulled out from an ammunition factory, was blown up and 121 civilians were killed<

3- Manufacturing conflicts and clashes in Sana’a suburbs as in Nihm and Arhab areas that claimed the lives of many civilians, and threatening Sana’a residents with the risk of being attacked and looted by armed tribesmen.

4- Using tear gas and internationally banned chemical weapons against protesters such as nerve gas

5- Killing people on daily basis, with the whole world watching the bloodshed.

6- Using the scarecrow of “Al-Qaeda in Abyan” (which is a USA/government-funded militia) whenever they want to serve their own ends

7- Deliberately creating a state of lawlessness.

8- Military brigades were ordered to pull out from camps in certain areas and leaving behind their weapons for local tribesmen to invent crises.

9- Deploying thugs and bullies on the streets of cities.

10- Buying loyalties, and bringing civilians and plainclothed soldiers and policemen to participate in the pro-regime demonstrations and marches, from remote areas and spending large amounts of money from the Public Treasury.

11- Making defections, most of which are deceptive, from the government and the Army. Many defectors announce their support for the“Revolution” only to mix things up and undermine the People’s right to a better life.

12- Introducing ineffective initiatives and solutions just for media consumption such as that introduced by the JMP

13- Depending considerably on media deception locally and internationally, and waging media wars between the authority and the opposition to distract people with useless news, debates, venting and sensationalism.

14- Infiltrating the sit-in camps and protest squares with secret service, promoting disputes among protesters and activists and dividing them into groups and coalitions.

15- Causing disputes among people even at the level of the family, and creating a state of polarization amongst the ordinary citizens, exploiting them in conflicts in the interest of the members of the ruling class.

16- Manufacturing economic crises, and selling fuel (which is available in sufficient quantities) in the black market under an unannounced official auspices, while the government gives publically a lame excuse: the main oil pipeline was sabotaged. The price of the 20-liter benzene container at the peak of the crisis increased eight times and now“decreased” to be sold officially at 3500 Yemeni Riyals, about 130% rise from the previous price of 1500 YR

This affects the majority of the people especially with the fact that the per capita is low and people are now living through the holy month of Ramadan during which they spending usually increases.

17- Applying a policy of deliberate impoverishment and corruption. Losses of Yemeni economy was estimated officially to be 5 billion USD (

18- Affecting the livelihood of many people as their shops and businesses are closed due to the political stalemate and the state-manufactured security unstablity, and due to the reduced or halted activity of many local and international companies and organizations. 19- Dispatching delegations from the UN and USA only to support the regime, win time, and for other purposes, without any real intent on the part of the World Government to help the Yemeni people.

20- The opposition recently formed an ineffective national council

improvised hastily and many of its members belong to the existing opposition structure which is an extension of the authority and an integral part of the ruling class, or from personalities included without their consent, who withdrew later. Thus, it appears that the formation of the National Council is just another political and media consumption stunt, circumventing the main issue, which is improving the seriously deteriorating condition of the majority of the people.

21- A host of other techniques and tactics.

The Stance of the USA (as a leader of the New World Order) on the Events in Yemen:

Being the hidden occupier and actual ruler of Yemen, and the orchestrator of the events and manipulator of players (authority and opposition), the US role is clearly seen to be in the interest of the NWO, with prejudice to the basic rights of the Yemeni people. Run by the masters of deception and destruction, the US government attitude is obvious in the following instances:

1- On Feb. 18, 2011, President Obama expressed his concern about the violence in some Arab countries including Yemen

2- US Department of State Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman, affirms US support for Yemen to disrupt Al-Qaeda

3- After the announcement of the GCC Initiative, the US government welcomed it.

4- On May 22, 2011, US Secretary of State expressed disappointment over Saleh’s not signing the GCC Initiative

5- On May 25, 2011, President Obama said, "We call upon President Saleh to move immediately on his commitment to transfer power."

6- On Jun. 3, 2011, the White House released a statement in which they condemned the attack on the Presidential Palace compound and condemned violence and called for compliance with the GCC Initiative

7- Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman said on a visit to Sana'a on 23 June, "We expect the president to take a decision in the best interests of the Yemeni people. It is a Yemeni decision, not an American decision."

8- On the field, the US intensified its airstrikes on“occupied/colonized” Yemen

9- In his second TV appearance on Jul. 10, 2011, President Saleh met White House Chief Counterterrorism Advisor John Brennan, which can be read as a message of intimidation for Yemeni citizens. It was a message that the USA is supporting the regime. It is blackmail under the name of"terrorism fighting". Claiming to be the leader of democracy and human rights, the USA is actually the biggest hypocrite. It is interested only in the LIE it invented, promoted and believed, the so-called “terrorism”. It does not care about a people being exterminated under its auspices

10- On Aug. 10, the US government was still carrying on with its"diplomatic" deception saying that it “wonders” why President Saleh did not sign the GCC Initiative

11- Recently, the US government has continued to promote untrue stories about Al-Qaeda in Yemen and that Al-Qaeda intends to make the deadly poison ricin. If that ever happened, it would be USA-made, as it happened on Sept. 11, 2001

I hereby appeal to you in the name of humanity to stand against the neurological, psychotronic and mind control weapons, and do whatever you can to put an end to these flagrant violations of human rights and the horrible crimes committed against peaceful communities by the NWO and its clients. Should you have any queries, I would be very pleased to respond to them.

Yours Faithfully,

A Voice from Yemen

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