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Yoichi Stimatsu & Aaron Swartz
January 17, 2013

Yoichii Stimatsu & Aaron Swartz (Jan. 17, 2013)

Subject: Aaron Swartz
From: Diane N
Date: Thu, January 17, 2013
To: Ken Adachi

This article I read on Rense.Is there anyway you can check to see if it is truthful.

Thank you Ken for your website.



Hi Diane,

I don't have the time and I'm not interested in investigating any story authored by Yoichi Shimatsu. He's an Illuminati approved (Japan Times), controlled-opposition/disinformation troll who has been spinning the Japan radiation hysteria hoax since Day One. He uses articles like this to elevate his credibility quotient and "good guy" status among Rense readers. Since reporting on pedophiles and satanists is an easy highway to travel in 2013, I expect we'll read more heady accusations in the coming weeks, now that the late Ted Gunderson cleared and paved the highway for him in the 1980s, 90s, and 2000s.

Yeah, 'long live Yoichi Shimatsu,' fearless investigative reporter on pedophiles and satanists from his high rise luxury apartment in Hong Kong.



Fukushima Radiation Fear Mongering: An Orchestrated Scare Campaign Exceeding the Fraud of 9/11 (May 19, 2012)

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