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Fukushima: "You are helping a crime against humanity and the planet"

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
June 10, 2015

Fukushima: "You are helping a crime against humanity and the planet" (June 10, 2015)

On 6/10/2015, kelly wrote:

By putting forth propaganda that Fukushima is nothing for worry about, you are helping a crime against humanity and the planet. TEPCO admitted from Day One that they had no solution to this. TEPCO has admitted to dumping 200,000 tons of radioactive water into the ocean every day for 4 plus years. The North Pacific Ocean - in the trajectory of intense radiation plumes - is dying. No whale calf has lived more than a year since 3/11. This isn't temperature or acidification changes. The ocean has been changing ever since its inception and yet now life forms that have survived 450 million years are extinct. The EPA reports clearly showed radiation hitting from the beginning (still available cached online, but scrubbed from the EPA site), and yet you defend a lying tyranny. F*** you. No other words state what I feel toward people like you. You are a liar and defender of criminals. Go swim in the Fukushima bay if you think it is so safe. Go walk around Fukushima without any protection. Eat all of these veggies and rice from the prefecture.

65 percent of children in the Fukushima prefecture have enlarged thyroids and diabetes. It is against the law inJapan to report the truth about Fukushima. It is a state secret. And you defend those motherf******. It says a lot about you and your site.



You're an emotional hothead; exactly the sort of impressionable twit the Illuminati hopes to cultivate for their radiation psyops campaign. The only way you can express yourself is with name calling and vulgar language.

You regurgitate unsupported, unproven, unverified ALLEGATIONS that you read from an army of radiation hysteria promoters on the net and you assume it's fact. You're ready to swallow the most idiotic allegations made by hysteria promoters and accept it as true because you read it on someone's blog or article or Youtubve video or radio show. You accuse me of propaganda, and yet you quote to me these moronic claims.

1. There is no way that 65% of children who live in Fuikushima prefecture have enlarged thyroids or diabetes. NO WAY. If you think that's true, then PROVE IT.

2. "No whale calf has lived more than a year since 3/11." Really? PROVE IT.

3. Your use of the words "radiation plumes" is telling me you got that from hysteria articles where the author is showing you COMPUTER MODELING of someone's imaginary PROJECTION of what they are CLAIMING is a radiation "plume" coming from Fukushima. If the data to support it exists, then PROVE IT.

4. "and yet now life forms that have survived 450 million years are extinct. " PROVE to me precisely which of those "life forms" have become extinct since 3/11.

5. "TEPCO has admitted to dumping 200,000 tons of radioactive water into the ocean every day for 4 plus years. " Maybe you meant 200,000 gallons, not tons. The Japan times reported on Oct 18, 2013, that 400 tons of groundwater was going into the Pacific daily. That works out to 105,000 gallons. A reader did the math and showed that 105,000 gallons is equivalent to 1/6 the size of an Olympic size swimming pool. Therefore, if we use your number, then 1/3 the size of an Olympic swimming pool is going into the Pacific every day. Wow, what a huge amount of water.

6. "It is against the law in Japan to report the truth about Fukushima. It is a state secret. " Right.

You know nothing about Japanese people or the Japanese government or how Japanese people treat other people or how the Japanese government behaves towards Japanese people. You think it's like here where Israeli-owned whores masquerade as US Senators and congressmen. Japan is not like America where we are ruled by traitors and fifth columnists. The Japanese government actually cares about the health and welfare of the Japanese people and are responsible stewards of that obligation -- unlike here in the Land of Brainwashed Idiots. You think the Japanese people are stupid and can be easily snowed, while your fearless radiation hysteria promoter on the internet knows the hidden story (that he invents at the keyboard). Because the hysteria promoters SAY the government is covering up this big radiation Killing Fields scandal, you buy it even though they have no CREDIBLE evidence or RELIABLE proof to support that supposition.

For instance, every school child in the prefectures from Tokyo to Hokkaido had to wear a dosimeter for at least one year following 3/11 to be sure there was no exposure to heightened levels of radiation. There was none. There are radiation monitors all over Japan that you can access from the internet. There is a large network of PRIVATE radiation detector owners in private homes with their own geiger counters who post their readings continuously on the internet that show the same background radiation readings that government detectors show. I showed those readings in my articles and proved that there never was any sort of health danger from radiation to people in Tokyo, which is only 130 miles from the Dai-ichi nuclear power station in Fukushima, while Los Angeles is 5,500 miles away. I posted an article in 2013 that showed the background radiation readings in Tokyo had fallen back to pre-3/11 levels. The radiation readings in Tokyo NEVER rose to a level that presented any sort of short or long term health risk to Tokyo residents despite the attempt by radiation hysteria promoters, including the sell out shill who was in charge on the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) at the time, to make it sound like Tokyo had to be evacuated.

The articles are here if you want to see the evidence I used to support my statements:

Fukushima radiation promotion is an Illuminated psyops to brainwash chumps like you into believing there's a big problem with nuclear energy plants in order to outlaw nuclear energy around the world, which just happens to be one (#5) of the 21 Goals of the Illuminati and The Committee of 300 which Dr John Coleman explained and published over 23 years ago.

I took a lot of time and trouble in 2011 and 2012 to research and investigate the absurd claims made by radiation hysteria promoters like Leuren Moret, Christopher Busby, or Arnie Gundersen, or Yoichi Shimatsu, or Turner Radio Network, or or in order to debunk -with hard facts- their idiotic claims with the actual radiation data that anyone can access with a computer and found their statements nothing more than fabrications and gross exaggerations. In the case of Moret, I took the time to review and quote her endless stream of idiotic statements from three of her Youtube BS talks and showed - with her own words - just how dishonest and capricious she is with the "facts." Of course, you didn't read any of that before sending me this email. And I'm sure you didn't read the article from the guy who thought the food like seaweed and sea veggies from northern Japan was contaminated and had it analyzed and to his great surprise found that there was no radioactive contamination at all. Do you think the Japanese food industry would sell radioactive food? Are you crazy?Pacific Ocean Radionuclides graph

[Readers should review Ken Buesseler's 2014 analysis called Fukushima and Ocean Radioactivity, published by the Oceanography Society, to gain a more realistic, and less hysterical understanding of the effect of Fukushima radiation on the Pacific Ocean compared to existing radiation already in the ocean from the 1960s atomic bomb tests and the 1986 Chernobyl release.

To better understand the importance of the information being shown in the Ken Buesseler graphic, the viewer should realize that the yellow areas shown in the upper half of the graphic represent the amount of radioactivity from Cesium-137, the most significant radio nucleotide contaminant from nuclear detonations, present in both the atmosphere and the Pacific Ocean. If we use an average of 30 PBq to represent Fukushima radiation, you will notice that the amount of Cesium-137 that still remains in the atmosphere and the Pacific Ocean from the nuclear tests done in the 1950s and 1960s is nearly 31 times greater than that of Fukushima. The Cesium-137 from the 1986 Chernobyl explosion that is still present in both the atmosphere and the Pacific Ocean is 3 times greater than that of Fukushima. And the natural radiation in the Pacific Ocean from Uranium-238 is 1233 times greater, while the natural radiation from Potassium-40 is 375,000 times greater than that of Fukushima. Yet, you will find hundreds, if not thousands, of Fukushima radiation hysteria articles all over the internet telling you that Fukushima has "killed" the Pacific Ocean and all life within.]

The only period of time you had a very small and insignificant 'PLUME' of radioactive elements that came from Dai-ichi, passed over the Pacific, and entered the northern region of Canada and the USA was 5 or 6 days after the explosions at the Dai-ichi power plant. I have the data and you can find it too if you took the time to look for it, but you won't, I'm sure.

There is zero evidence that radioactivity from particles in the air or in the water or on beaches along the Pacific coast of the USA or Canada have increased due to the explosions at Dai-ichi on March 14 and 15, 2011. If you have the verifiable radiation monitoring data to prove me wrong, then I'd love to see it, but don't send me articles from hysteria writers making unproven claims. Send me REAL proof with indisputable radiation data from reliable sources and prove me wrong.

Your turn big mouth.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

(No responce was ever received to this reply sent to "Kelly")

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