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'You're Back!'
Dealing with Agent Provacateurs, Liars, and Nervous Nellie Servers
September 2, 2011

'You're Back!' : Dealing with Agent Provacateurs, Liars, and Nervous Nellie Servers (Sep. 2, 20110

Subject: You're Back!
From: Joe
Date: Fri, September 2, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

I remember reading a post somewhere that your site was taken down. Glad to see you got it back up...hope it had nothing to do with TPTB.

Keep up the good work

Peace, Joe


Hello Joe,

Sherri Kane filed a fraudulent complaint against me of "copyright infringement" under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) on August 17, 2011 and my server, Lunar Pages, over-reacted by suspending access to my entire web site for 5 days (which is not authorized under the DMCA in any case) starting on August 19, 2011.

It took Lunar Pages 5 days to act on the same information that I had presented to them on the FIRST day that my site was taken down. I pointed out to them that Sherri Kane has no copyright infringement claim against me because I didn't post anything to my web site that is (or was) copyrighted to Sherri Kane.

I informed Lunar Pages that I posted a LINK to ANOTHER web site which posted a video owned by RJ Hampton of which the person seen in the video is Sherri Kane talking to Len Horowitz on the phone on Christmas Day 2010.

I downloaded the 17 USC 512 Digital Millennium Copyright Act which Lunar Pages cited to me as the statute under which they were acting in suspending my web site, and I read every word of it. It states in plain English that a LINK provided to another web site that, even if that web site HAD posted a video that was in copyright violation, that posting a LINK to it is NOT a violation of the DMCA. The DCMA statute ALSO says that a server can only block access to "the infringing material" and it does not authorize the server to suspend the ENTIRE contents of their customer's web site.

Barbara Hartwell, Queen Snake of CIA Programmed Liars, hoping to be able to boast that she had helped her character assassin cohort, Sherri Kane, "shut down" my web site, also sent in a complaint to Lunar Pages with her own 5 page poison pen screed about what a terrible person I am and how I shouldn't be allowed to be on the internet. I pointed out to Lunar Pages that a poison pen letter has no standing under the DMCA and that if accusations of slander against me and other reality-reversals for which Hartwell is famous, had any basis, then she can go into a court of law and prove it. Otherwise, her poison pen "complaint" is meaningless and irrelevant and shouldn't even be replied to.

And now "Xena Carpenter", another fictitious, agent provocateur who works in league with low-life Tim White, a near-do-well, time-waster with a berserko personality who is forever boasting to patriot blogs that he was Ted Gunderson's "good friend" (when in fact Ted Gunderson had told me on numerous occasions that Tim's words 'went in one ear and right out the other') is also hoping that her spurious complaint to Lunar Pages will bring a knee jerk reaction and stop me from writing about her or him.

Well, I got news for both of them; and Sherri and Lenny too.

Regards, Ken


Sherri Kane Lies, Lunar Pages Complies, & Offline We Go by Ken Adachi, Editor (Aug. 26, 2011)

Sherri Kane Secretly Tapes Lenny Horowitz on Christmas Day, 2010 (Aug. 9. 2011)

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