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"Sincerely Yours"
January 22, 2009

"Sincerely Yours" (Jan. 22, 2009)

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From: Levi Illsley <>
To: Editor
Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2009
Subject: Illuminati

Dear Editor Ken Adachi

I was reading an article of yours on Educate Yourself. The conversation itself dates back to 2004. If the Illuminati did indeed originate in the 11th century, where could I find documetation of this? Alsowhere could I find factual documentation that other brotherhoods such as the Templers are involved? I was always under the impression that Galileo founded the Illuminati, in order to fight against the opposition of the Church. You also said that the "illumination" or "light" is "intended for their benefit and advantage." I do agree with this point, but I do feel that when relgious organizations get in the way of science ,such as stem cell research for example, perhaps it is not better that way?

you can see the article I am refering to at this link...

I would be grateful for any advice you could offer.



Is your name Levi Illsley or is that just your e-mail handle or someone else's name whose computer you happen to be using today?

If Levi Illsley is your name, then why don't you acknowledge that you are the author of the words contained in this e-mail letter? It IS a letter isn't it?

I find it remarkable that a person who is interested in the historical origins of the Illuminati would send a total stranger a letter asking that stranger to take his time to fill the voids in his education and not bother to sign his name to that request.

It's not my job to teach you basic manners. It's YOUR responsibility to meet the MINIMUM requirements of civilized discourse.

So here's my advice to you: get out a high school freshman's book of English grammar and look up the chapter on writing letters. You can skip the part that talks about business letters and just read the part on writing a personal letter to a STRANGER. Note what it advises you to do and then get back to me.

Sincerely Yours, Ken Adachi

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