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ZetaTalk, Nancy Leader, & Gray Aliens
November 16, 2010

ZetaTalk, Nancy Leader, & Gray Aliens (Nov. 16, 2010)

Subject: zetatalks
From: Karin H
Date: Tue, November 16, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

I recently had the occassion to listen to Nancy Lieder being interviewed by Jeff Rense and as result read much of her Zetatalk website. I agree with you in not believing this bunch of entities. Plus I am totally opposed to their doing this hybrieding their entities with humans. Nancy Lieder should not be in favor of this or promote going along with them doing this.

Karin H


Hi Karin,

Yes, of course. The Zetas have no right to build a population of human/gray hybrids using human female abductees against their will. We have no obligation to turn over the earth to them for their colonization of OUR planet. They DESTROYED their own planet though nuclear wars and made them uninhabitable. Their own lack of SPIRITUAL maturity and their HUGE egos which look ONLY to INTELLECT to solve everything is the problem with them and will remain so, even if they succeed in taking over this planet-which I have every intention of resisting and preventing to the hilt.

Nancy is a good person I think, but she's a victim of mind control (and implants) and is essentially being used by the government (CIA & military) and the Zetas. She's working for the enemy of all mankind which is why I broke completely with her and ZetaTalk in 2003 when their first End Times scenario didn't pan out in 2003 as PREDICTED. Why anyone in their right mind would listen to anything this woman has to say about anything is beyond me.

Read Planet X, the Sequel to learn more about ZetaTalk;04.shtml

ZetaTalk & The Art of Waking Up (Nov. 24, 2007)



Subject: Re: zetatalks
Date: Wed, November 17, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Thank you Ken. I am in full agreement with you. Certainly God's spirit is lacking in those critters. Wanting to do away with anger in their hybreds ? We do need some anger. I found I have let people and issues often go on way too long. But when I get angry about it is when I finally have arrived at a point, where I set out to get some changes.

And often at this point I turn to my father yahweh and ask for HIS help, which HE then readily gives. Looks like the Zeta's have no God whom they worship. Perhaps they worship 'SELF' . That is a poor substitute for the real thing. Or else their God is the God of this world, namely satan. I make my own orgone and fight those beings that way. Too bad for Nancy Leider. She fell for their lies.

Karin H

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