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Zeta Talk & Disinformation
December 19, 2007

Zeta Talk & Disinformation (Dec. 19, 2007)

Subject: Ken is pissed
From: Llan
Date: Wed, December 19, 2007
To: Editor

I thought I would check your Current News to see why I haven't heard from you as I dared to include the Zetas in Earth Without Polarity. I see you are still offended.

The book is grounded in earth science, and the additions are particularly to provide life purpose ideas for humanity of service-to-others, that both the Zetas and the Wingmakers delineate. And of course you are well in there. And lots more on Montauk and Time travel and ol' Al Bielek. Your distrusted Zetas are the only source putting together the earth's change events.

If you can bear it, see last Sunday's Zeta Talk and the Sunday before, both on earth changing. The high tides in England and Indonesia at the same time certainly are of interest, even if Nancy is in your mind tainted.




Hi Llan,

Sorry to take so long to respond. I am not offended by anything you've written. I really don't have any issues with you concerning what you do or don't believe from Zeta Talk. That's your business and it doesn't bother me if you accept Nancy's info as legit. About 11 years ago, I was exactly in the same place with regards to Zeta Talk as you are today.

I realize just how convincing Nancy and her Zeta info can be, as I was once one of their biggest supporters, but the glaring reality is that the centerpiece of their "mission" was to warn people to prepare for the impending Doom & Gloom scenario that was suppose to unfold in late May of 2003.

Nancy and Zeta Talk's statement that the 12th Planet (or Nibiru, or Planet "X") was going to pass close to earth in 2003 and cause horrific cataclysms was THE MAIN REASON for the Zeta Talk web site and all of the supposed "preparations" that was necessary to survive after the major earth cataclysm that were SUPPOSE to occur.

Nancy Leider's utterly contrived, bogus, unacceptable, unreasonable, unbelievable and moronic excuse that she told a "little white lie" about 2003 in order to "deceive" the government and throw them off balance is REDICULOUS IN THE EXTREME!

You would have to be an IMBICILE to believe such errant nonsense!

Do you realize how many people believed her (and MY synopsis about the coming cataclysm of 2003) and DISRUPTED their lives in order to prepare for these terrible events?

Some people moved to mountainous regions of Sweden or other areas which Zeta Talk told us were "safe". Some people sold their homes and moved to remote locations and prepared for the worse. How many people do you suppose AVOIDED HAVING CHILDREN in the period between 1995 (when Zeta Talk came on line) and late May of 2003 because they BELIEVED what Nancy Leider and Zeta Talk was predicting? Who would bring a baby into the world if you knew that there was going to be major cataclysms with a grim, Mad Max existence in its wake?

Let me repeat what I've already stated in "Planet X, The Sequel": Nancy Leider--in my opinion-- is a victim of CIA/NASA mind control programming which is EXACTLY what Carol Croft told me in 2002 when I asked her. Nancy and Zeta Talk is a disinformation tool of the not-so-secret inner government and their military cohorts (traitors) working to bring about the New World Order.

You've been sucked in to believe Zeta Talk for the same reason that I was sucked in because 85, 90, or 95% of their material is true, or close to the truth, however, ALL government DISINFORMATION outlets put out a minimum of 85% accurate info IN ORDER TO SUCK YOU IN and GET YOU TO believe in the ENTIRE PACKAGE. If you study any of the literature on CIA disinfo operations, this is called "limited hangout". It's standard Operating Procedure.

Another thing you perhaps don't know is the Zeta's REPUTATION for DECEPTION. William Cooper brought this point up in his book, Behold a Pale Horse. He flatly stated that you cannot trust the greys--period. They lie. They are controlled by the reptilians. There was another guy who had been abducted by Zetas for many years and had initially believed them and thought they were working to help humanity, but he gradually began to realize that they were deceivers and couldn't be trusted about anything. It took him a long time, but he finally got out of their grip and control. He is very bitter towards the grays in how they deceived and used him.

I no longer read anything posted at Zeta Talk because I can no longer trust them or believe them. I don't have the psychic ability to know what's true and what isn't, and I'm not going to twist myself into a pretzel trying to figure it out. Zeta Talk and Nancy Leider have ALREADY PROVEN themselves to be LIARS. End of story.

Regards, Ken


The Importance of Good News (Nov. 25, 2007)


Subject: Zeta Talk and Disinformation
From: Joe
Date: Thu, December 20, 2007
To: Editor

May I compliment you on a superb presentation of the underlying problems with the zeta talk and disinformation article you posted today?

You were absolutely correct in pointing out the flaws. I remember during the early 80's an event about "Operation Rescue" (not the real name, don't remember it) involving a huge effort to supposedly relocate human survivors from a base camp near "Clear Lake" in California (anyone who knows the geology of that unstable landscape should howl in laughter.) People sold their houses, bought RVs, moved there and ... waited.

I started doing some research at that point in time, and found that when one goes into long term history, such events are not that uncommon.

A few people catch the bug or meme and become possessed by the idea that they are somehow special (we all are, but have been trained to be complete dolts) and that they will be rescued by superior forces.

Nothing happens and maybe a divorce happens at worst or someone loses a home (in 1848 thousands lost their homes and farms just before the onset of winter) but the real damage is inner. At least one person will have had their dreams blown apart, and maybe through indirect and direct association dozens of others will shake their heads and tell stories about "Crazy Joe" who went off on a UFO trip and lost his house and job and family. And the next time that someone in that community has a feeling or intuition to expand their world, "Crazy Joe" will drift back to haunt them.

And this saga has been going on for thousands of years.

So thanks for your letter.



Subject: Zeta Talk and Fluoride
From: Anne G.
Date: Fri, December 28, 2007
To:   Editor

Hello, Ken.

I enjoy and appreciate your site content and especially your editorials.

The one thing that set off a warning signal to me that all was not truth in the ZeteTalk site was reading their treatise (or comments) on fluoride,  because they gave the standard hype about fluoride strengthening teeth. If you go to any search site, you'll find out that fluoride is an industrial waste that used to be used a a pesticide and a rat poison. It has been found to cause brain damage in young children, depresses the immune system and the list goes on. Also I encountered a comment about some aliens that live in underground bases and that need fluoride in the ground water to keep from going blind. I don't recall the source of that info, though.

Hope you're having a nice holiday season!

Best regards, Anne G.


Thanks Anne,

There are a number of statements, on a number of different topics, that ZetaTalk made between 1995 and 2002 that gave me much concern- and this is while I still thought they were on the level and legit.

One of those statements concerned Reverse Speech. According to the Zetas, Reverse Speech does not exist. It's all gobble gook and not a bit of it is to be taken seriously. This statement flew directly in the face of what was recorded and identified by David Oates. The speech reversals he captured from the President and other high officials were crystal clear and unambiguous. Reverse Speech is real.

Another dubious statement they made directly to me concerned the bio-electrifier device of Dr Bob Beck. Somewhere in the late 1990s, I asked Nancy to ask the Zetas their opinion of Beck and the effectiveness of the electrifier. The Zetas told me that it was REDICULOUS to think that you could cure HIV with such a simple electronic device and that you couldn't possibly have any impact on the progress of AIDS with such a device.

I KNEW that statement was untrue because I saw with my own eyes at least 200 medical lab reports (held by Bob Beck) of different AIDS patients who had gone from sero-positive to sero-negative WITHIN THREE WEEKS of starting bio-electrification. HIV viral loads went from 500,000+ to less than 100 within a span of 3 weeks.

There are other examples, but I'll stop here.

Zeta Talk is an Illuminati/government disinformation outlet. They cannot -and should not-be trusted.

Regards, Ken

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