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Rejecting The Zetatalk Psyop

From Ken Adachi, Editor
May 23, 2011

Rejecting The Zetatalk Psyop (May 23, 2011)

Subject: zeta talks
From: Karen H
Date: Mon, May 23, 2011
To: Ken Adachi


I just read your email exchange with Kathrin. After my hearing this Nancy Leider being interviewed by Jeff Rense over a year ago, I read some of Zeta Talk's website, but have a big issue with what the Zetas are doing with this breeding program of half human and half them. That is definitely wrong, wrong, wrong.

Nancy should not have allowed that on herself. Neither should she promote this or be in favor of it. They are saying they want to breed the anger issue humans have out, so we will not have to deal with it. For myself, I need a certain amount of anger to motivate me into change especially when it comes to dealing with other human beings, who themselves are readily yielding to and have become a vessel of expression for demonic entities.

As a true believer in a Just and Righteous Father/God Yahweh, Creator ( call it what you will ) I have experienced deliverance in many situations from many various things including demons. True repentance is required by us humans and turning whole heartedly to the Great Spirit and HE will manifest HIMSELF and HIS ability to set us free from those fourth dimensional beings, namely demons opressing us humans, which includes a spirit of anger along with many other forms.

This process is one that actually works and does not require our anger being bred out of us humans. Breeding something out of us changes us to be like them, making us a robot like they are, looking as ugly as they are, and in my book is absolutely wrong. Nancy Leider should be disgusted at the fact they used her ovum to create something that is less than human and not anything like their mother.

After reading Cathy O'Brien's account of how the ruling scum used her and her daughter for many years it is not hard to believe the same ruling scumbags are in on this Zeta operations mis and disinformation through Nancy and others. One has to be rooted and grounded in God and in HIS word before one has a solid enough base to
protect oneself against being suckered into this ( one of many ) schemes by the enemy of our soul. God created us with a soul. Who would want to end up as a soul-less being under the control of an aliemn entity such as the reptilians? Not me, thank you.

Nancy Leider has no idea what she has subjected herself to. I feel sorry for her and suppose need with some compassion consider praying for her to be set free from this so great a delusion. Thank you Ken for what your are doing and for your web site.

Sincerely, Karin H


Hi Karin,

Funny you should mention that Jeff Rense interview with Nancy Leider. I was exchanging some very hot and angry e-mails with Jeff about 3 months ago, thanks to provocations instigated by a CIA troll who tried to use the Balqui photos to discredit me with Jeff Rense. After we got through the un-pleasantries required to remind Jeff Rense that he's just as prone to error and misjudgment as the rest of us -and he had proven it to me in spades on Sep. 12, 2001- that we finally got around to the subject of Zetatalk, because he came out of the box accusing me of duping him about Zetatalk in 1997 when I sent him a synopsis called Coming Attractions.

I reminded Jeff that hindsight is always accompanied by 20/20 vision and that had I known in 1997 that Nancy Leider and Zetatalk were a CIA/NASA disinfo, Doom & Gloom psyops, I never would have written the synopsis, nor would I have sent it to him. He told me that he did some interviews with her somewhere in the 1999-2000 range, but was highly dubious of her predictions. I reminded Jeff that I disavowed my connection with her and Zetatalk completely in 2003, took the synopsis off my web site, and wrote that I no longer ascribe to the idea that Nibiru was going to sweep through our solar system in May/June of 2003 and cause great upheavals and earth changes as Zetatalk had so staunchly predicted for 8 solid years. .

He then told me that he did the 2010 interview with Nancy Leider only as a favor to his web master, who was a big believer in Zetatalk, and that he hated doing the interview with Nancy because he knew she was full of beans. And I thought to myself:

He berates me for 'duping' him about Nancy Leider in 1997, and yet he conducts an interview with her in 2010, knowing full well that she's mind controlled to the hilt and selling a Doom & Gloom fairy tale? So who's the hypocrite here?

The outrage you sensed concerning the entire BS story line from these extraterrestrial, Zeta Reticula invaders- that it is somehow humanity's obligation to acquiesce to the abduction and nonconsensual impregnation of untold numbers of human females in order to create a huge army of human/gray hybrids who will eventually take over planet Earth after the resident human population is killed off - is totally rational and any fool who accepts Zetatalk's absurd and retarded blather that earthlings are now expected to relent ownership of our own home planet to these invaders and their hybrids -just because they destroyed their own home planet through nuclear warfare-has to have his head examined.

The other points you raise are equally valid. The Grays - like the Reptilians- are technologically advanced but spiritually retarded. The Alien Insight essays by Willy and Andy discuss this aspect of Gray non-evolvement to higher planes of spiritual consciousness precisely because they cling to the mistaken notion that technology and science knowledge is supreme to all other considerations.

The Grays reproduce by cloning. The clones they produce do not have souls. As you say, they are more akin to living robots. They nourish themselves through their skin by immersing themselves in vats which include glands, hormones, and other bodily tissue of human beings. So besides using human females to act as unwitting incubators and DNA egg donors for their hybrids, they feed off human and animal tissue as a source of food.

Can we not recognize a PARASITE when we confronted with the clear evidence of parasitism?

And if you buy into the insanity presented at Zetatalk, you are somehow expected to accept all of these heinous conditions thrust upon you as being perfectly OK.

But the only intelligent question you should be asking yourself is: Why should I?

It is my hope that more people will start their own web sites and openly rebel against the disingenuous garbage promoted at Zetatalk and counter that web site's rank nonsense with lengthy written rebuttals, aimed not only at Nancy Leider and her brain washed believers, but also at those web sites which parrot and promote the Zetatalk Doom & Gloom scenario of the incoming Nibiru/pole shift/earth changes 2012 psyops.

There are always gullible newbies who will come along and stumble upon Zetatalk and buy into their nonsense unless there are more people on the internet actively countering their lies and misinformation. If enough people made the effort to counter and rebuff Nancy Leider and her Zetatalk garbage, NOBODY would be interviewing her on the radio or anywhere else.

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: zeta talks
From: Karin H
Date: Mon, May 23, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Jeff Rense is just human and prone to error as I have been in the past myself. Yet he also has truely valuable guest interviews as well. I put the Nancy Leider stuff on the trash heap from the start. So I chew my cut and spit out the hay. I keep the good stuff and discart the bad so to speak.

I find it very beneficial to pray for us humans and expect results. Back in 1985 my mother, who was in shock over the fact I started to regularly go to church and swollowed a lot of lies and mis/disinfo. She tried to tell me about the zionists, the big bankers, and all the controling forces with the ocult symbolism of the one dollar bill, and that ' We are Israel".

In 1985 in her BD card to me she told me she is praying for me that God would give me light. Truth is light. She died in 1989. I have been receiving truth in heaps and bounds and it is continuing. Much or most of your website contribution is outstanding. Phil Schneider's videos etc. Only bad thing for me is I have dial-up. So watching those videos is a challenge.

Don Nicholoff's contribution about ' the 3 Stoogies go to Washington ' is great. I am German by birth. It is amazing to me to find many of the ilk are originally from Germany. Hillary is not. She is Latvian or one of the other two small countries. Hitler and Stalin illegitimate offspring relation to the Rothschilds. Bill Clinton the illlegitimate offspring to the Rockefeller clan. They sure keep it all in the family.

Ken do you know anything about the venture of Admiral Richard C. Byrd back in 1947 to the Antarctica ? Where can a person find some in depth info about that undertaking? What was the reason for him going there and turning back after loosing many of their airplanes and why and how did they loose those planes ? Is this info available anywhere to us plain folks?

I hear Adrian Salbuchi talking about the many German U-boats which landed down there in Argentina during and after WWII as well some other of the South American countries. And of course when those U-boats were found, they were empty.

Anyway, thanks for your reply.

Sincerely, Karin H


Hi Karen,

There are books and many web articles on the Byrd expedition. See Wikipedia for a start. Byrd encountered superior Nazi technology in the form of flying saucers and didn't have the ability to fight them. He returned and the story was covered up as an exploratory "expedition".



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Subject: just a simple hello, hopefully you're doing well?
From: Chad
Date: Mon, May 23, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Keep trying to encourage people to start their own sites and don't get caught up in the doom and gloom. If you do, you become a victim of fear! hopefully you're experiencing, a stronger sense of justice( what I mean by that.
basically things are taking less time to come back or manifest) in some circles is called reaping what you sow.

I'm actually going to start a site for teaching and plants, I'm thinking of going with an Internet hosting company. And I don't have to maintain server, what are your thoughts on this?

Something to think about: When you encounter hypocritical people. Realize they're not fooling anyone (or at least anyone with real authority) and sometimes this serves to remind us what we do and say matters !!hold onto your joy, cultivate your treasures( continued to do what you enjoy, it is making a difference) because where your treasure is your heart will be also. rest assured that integrity still matters.

Kind regards Chad


Subject: planet X & zeta talk
From: Alice
Date: Sun, May 29, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

I just watched a video from Ann Eller, the former assistant to one-time Government UFO debunker, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, where she talks of planet x and the earth changes and she sends people to for info. She is spouting much fear telling people to start stocking up on food and water and talks of many people dying. Below
is the video if you wish to view it.

My question is this: Do you think she speaks the truth? I hope not, but value your opinion. I do love to listen to you on Don Nicoloff's radio program with ZS Livingstone and find it calming in this time of insanity. Please list more up to date shows as I'm not a paid subscriber and listen to them from your site.

Thank you so much !

Alice R - Garden City, MI


Hi Alice,

No, she doesn't speak the truth. although she may not know that. There are a certain number of people who buy into the Zeta Talk psyps because it can appear convincing if you don't know the backgrond story as I've explained often on my web site.

ZetaTalk is a CIA/NASA disinformation psyops and Nancy is a victim of mind control and manipultion by the Zetas and their treasonous pals the US military. There is no incoming killer planet or a killer Brown Dwarf, or Elinin comet that's going to cause ruin and devastation upon the planet.

There are ony the liars and psyop creators working for the NWO governemnt, or the military, or the Illuminati who are trying to keep you in a state of apprehension and panic so they can continue to take away your constitutional liberties, while converting this nation into an enslaved police state.

I'll be posting more archives of Don's shows as time goes by.


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