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French Reader Seeks Answers on Zinc Compounds
June 10, 2006

Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2006
From: France
To: Editor <E-mail>
Subject: citrate etc


Where can I find an independent explanation of the differences among the following:

Zinc Sulphate mono- and hepta-hydrate
Zinc Carbonate
Zinc Oxide
Zinc Citrate
Zinc Acetate
Zinc Orotate
Zinc Chelate
Zinc Picolinate
Zinc Gluconate
Zinc Methionine (Optizinc)

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Best wishes, David.


Hi David,

I'm sure if you made the effort, you could have obtained all of this information on your own without burdening me with your homework.

You really need to take the responsibility to educate yourself; that's why I called the site "Educate-Yourself".

After you've gathered the info, please send me a copy and I'll append it to this note so others can take advantage of your labor and you can justifiably enter the Service to Others work force.

Kind Regards, Ken

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