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Skeptical of ZS Livingstone
Jan. 11, 2011

Skeptical of ZS Livingstone (Jan. 11, 2011)

Subject: Commentary by ZS Livingstone
From: Karen (Canada)
Date: Tue, January 11, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Mr. Adachi:

The commentaries of ZS Livingstone are based on absolute idiocy. I am not sure who she is, although I have heard of her, but she, like many
others who respond to certain blogs all seem to have incredible delusions of "knowing all". It May be fair for you to ask her directly what her sources are.

I know not everything is explainable, but please let's keep within the perameters of real study and some sort of real scientific proof.. By the way I am the person you asked to call you personally and I still have not heard back from you regarding extraterrestrial contact.

My best regards,

Karen (montreal)


Hello Karen,

ZS Livingstone is a man, not a woman.

If you are so skeptical and sure of your opinion of ZSL, then why are you reading his material? I don't spend time at web sites reading articles that I don't believe are reliable or credible. Why do you? I also don't write to people and complain to them that I think their info is idiocy.

How would you like it if I treated you with the same type of disdain concerning your information about ET contact? Would you appreciate being denigrated in that way, right out of the box? Just because I've never had ET contact, does that mean that you can't either?

I am not asking you or anyone else to believe anything. Take it or leave it.

Your lack of understanding that information can be acquired in ways other than reading a book or listening to TV or radio is an indicator of your limited knowledge in this arena. There's a REASON I've been posting ZS Livingstone's extraordinary writings for the past 8 years: it's because he has repeatedly demonstrated that he is TUNED in and gets ACCURATE information from non-physical sources. He's also INTELLIGENT and takes careful note of what is presented in the media and over the Internet and puts 2 and 2 together, sometimes in ways that no one else can.

His latest essay on the U.S. military (Air Force most likely) use of microwave MASER weapons to take out Sylphs (who are greatly interfering with their chemtrail aerosol poisoning operations) and Undines -and inadvertently killing the birds and fish in the process - is a perfect example of his unique insights.

I don't expect people who are limited in their perception of reality to only things that they can touch and see to accept the info coming from an unusually gifted person like ZSL. But his information isn't being posted in the interest of pulling in skeptics and scoffers. It's being presented in the interest of informing those who are OPEN to what he has to say.

It's really not that complicated.

I'm sorry if I hadn't called you yet about your ET info. I get overloaded at times and lose track of all the things I had intended to do.

Regards, Ken

P. S. I just tried to send you this reply via the e-mail address you provided, but it came back as "undeliverable." I think that may have happened the first time I tried to respond to you via e-mail some time ago. Send another e-mail address that will work.

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