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A Brief Commentary on ZS Livingstone
September 3, 2012/

A Brief Commentary on ZS Livingstone (Sep. 3, 2012)

Subject: Moving Beyond The Pythagorean Matrix
From: Aaron
Date: Mon, September 3, 2012
To: Ken Adachi



It might be prudent for ZSL to include the caveats of learning esoteric knowledge, because there can be dire consequences. He dangles carrots within his writings. Is it to show off his wealth of knowledge? Without spiritual teachers, guides, and shamans - biting into these carrots can be dangerous. Sacred Geometry was the word that got my attention from his latest article.

Given the condition that we as the human race are in now, there is no way we are ready for such an influx of knowledge - tapping into the Earth's raw rivers of energy can result in one's physical being going into spontaneous combustion. I've touched places and realms that I would never do on purpose (didn't know what I was doing) and was knocked into paralysis by a gnome for reaching too far beyond my grasp.

Yeah, sure, if one knew what one was doing, one could walk on water with ease . . . None of us should take in a wealth of such knowledge without being ready for it.



Hi Aaron,

You don't know how much I appreciate your sensitivity and observations. Your thoughtfulness and depth of perception are laudable and I'm always pleased to read your e-mails. You need to realize, however, that ZSL is one of the most amazing, enlightened, and sagacious esoteric teachers currently living on the planet. The fact that he contacted me in 2002 and made his extraordinary knowledge and insights available to readers of this web site is a gift of incalculable value and importance to all of us.

He knows exactly what he's doing and what he's saying. He knows what information he should reveal and that which he should hold back. He prepared for 40 years to fulfill the role that he is now playing in the unfoldment of planet earth and her inhabitants. He's definitely "ready."

Fear not. We are in steady hands.

Kind Regards, Ken

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