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Spiritualism, A Guide for Those Who Seek ~ Part 1

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By Ethel Rowe and Norma Bright
E-Y Posted Nov. 29, 2011

Spiritualism, A Guide for Those Who Seek ~ Part 1, Science (Nov. 29, 2011)

Part 1 ~ Science

Spiritualism is a science because it investigates, analyzes, and classifies facts and manifestations demonstrated from the spirit side of life.

We must open our minds to broader paths as science brings forth news that plants respond to thought and there is light around bodies that can be photographed; facts that Spiritualism taught long ago. Spirit communication has developed for the guidance and comfort of man. The more knowledgeable facts we have, the greater our capacity to live life fully and understand our purpose of being.

Little has been written concerning the scientific approach to Spiritualism in the past thirty to forty years. It is true that the last word will never be uttered in the field of science. There will always be questions and always be seekers for the answers.

At this moment in eternity, we are poised on the edge of discoveries that will out do Darwin, Einstein, and all great innovators of modern time. With this discovery, science and religion will have no choice but to meld together. Spiritual phenomena will no longer be denied because science will have the proof it seeks that it is a vibration of energy. Now they must isolate this energy, identify it, name it, then control it, and the results will be so great that it will change all life.

The question that will follow this discovery will be whether humanity will use this discovery for enlightenment or enslavement. This is where Spiritualists can serve because we will know our subject and will be coming from solid ground, having years of spirit communication as our foundation.

Dr. J. B. Rhine, head of Duke University's Parapsychology Laboratory, has proven experimentally that man has access to knowledge, facts, and ideas different from that which is stored in his own memory from individual learning or experience. Telepathy, clairvoyance, and pre-cognition have been established by scientific laboratory experiments. His finding, that man possesses some "extra sensory factor" which he calls"Psi," are no longer doubted by scientists who have seriously reviewed his work. As Professor R.H. Thoulcss of Cambridge University says, "The reality of the phenomena must be regarded as proven, as certainly as anything in scientific research can prove it."

"We have found," says Dr. Rhine: "that there is a capacity for acquiring knowledge that transcends the sensory functions. This extra-sensory capacity can give us knowledge certainly of objective and very likely of subjective states, knowledge of matter and, most probably, of the mind."

George Leonard, author of the book, The Silent Pulse, experimented with vibrations and found that the voice, the blood pulsing through the heart, the Theta Wave, ami the Sherman Wave (that is the space between the Earth and the atmosphere), all vibrate at the same cycle of 7.5 beats per second.

He declares that everything has a specific rate of vibration (something that Spiritualists know and use constantly in their work), but he was impressed by the spiritual number 7 being again closely related to both human beings and the universe.

The United States Navy recently completed an experiment with two psychics. It involved the finding of an old sailing vessel that was under many fathoms of water. Both psychics located the ship with great accuracy. The most interesting result was when the Navy took the two down to see the ship. They stopped the diving bell about 500 feet below the surface and asked the psychics to tell them where a particular person was at that moment. Again they gave the location with great accuracy. This is important because it eliminated the popular belief that such phenomena involves mind reading. It is a fact that radio waves or electricity will not penetrate deep water, so that the psychics had to get their information from yet unnamed sources.

Dr. Thelma Moss, Dr. Stephen Schwartz, Dr. Rhine, Dr. W. Brugh Joy, and Dr. Swearington arc just a few of the distinguished scientists who are involved in psychic research. Spiritualists must keep abreast of the findings of this research, and carry our own knowledge into scientificly
proven facts.

In the study of color we have learned that color is vibrating light rays. The rate of vibration determines the color

In Ancient Egypt color was used to heal and we can understand this when we realize every organ in our body vibrates at a particular rate

Link the two facts together and we may discover a secret of the ancients.

There are many spirit happenings that point the way to even greater discoveries. Control of self-will bring us closer to the real facts of vibration as an active and malleable unit of expression.

Ethel Rowe

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