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Spiritualism, A Guide for Those Who Seek ~ Part 6

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By Ethel Rowe and Norma Bright
Feb. 12, 2012

Spiritualism, A Guide for Those Who Seek ~ Part 6, Mediumship (Feb. 12, 2012)

Part 6 ~ Mediumship

The definition of a medium is one whose organism is sensitive to the vibrations from the spirit world - one through whose instrumentality intelligences in that world are able to convey messages to those still in a physical body.

Mediumship is one of the greatest gifts man can have bestowed upon him. Some are born with the gift, while others, through diligence and patience, have developed their gifts. Spirit tells us that every individual has the latent power of mcdiurnship. We cannot always have the phase we desire, but must be content to develop that for which we are best suited. Our spirit guides and teachers know which phase of mediumship is best suited to us. If we follow their prompting, we will find that phase in which we can best serve.

It is essential for the medium to have a practical understanding of the philosophy and laws of mediumship, along with a sincere desire to give out only the highest and best that spirit can send through him or her. The wish to be of service to mankind should be the first and greatest desire of the medium. True and sincere mediumship is the holiest gift ever received by mankind.

The medium's mental and moral status has a great deal to do with those whom he will contact from the spirit world. One of the laws put into play in this contact is the law of attraction. If we have high mental and moral aspirations, we will naturally attract spirits of like nature to manifest in our vibrations. Upon a medium's own ideals depends the heights from which the message will come.

It is the law of vibration which brings about phenomena between the medium and the spirit. To explain it in its simplest way, the medium raises his vibrations, and spirit lowers its vibrations until there is a linking between the two.

The question arises, "Is development of mediumship harmful?" Quite the contrary! Development can be of benefit both mentally and physically. As far as possession or obsession by evil spirits, if the developing medium reaches for the highest, his or her controlling spirits will not allow entities to come into the medium's vibration that are disturbing.

Jesus of Nazareth was the greatest medium ever known. He said:"This that I do ye shall do also. Yes, and even greater things shall ye do!" He was referring to the miracles He performed while on the earth plane. What did He do? He walked on water; we now call that levitation. He knew what others were thinking; this is now called Extra Sensory Perception. When he was transfigured, Moses and Elias appeared beside Him; this is called materialization. He calmed the sea. He raised people from the dead. Jesus not only knew the natural laws of God, He also knew how to use them to the fullest. He had complete control. Who was He referring to when He said "Ye?" He was talking about you and me - all people down through the ages.

In this day and age we are coming nearer and nearer to understanding the "miracles" of Jesus. With understanding comes wisdom, and with wisdom comes enlightenment. Mediurnship is divided into classes; Physical and Mental, also referred to as Objective and Subjective.

Physical phenomena takes place outside the medium's body. It is objective and is produced by Intelligences (spirit people) acting upon the physical organism of the medium, using his or her electrical or magnetic force to produce the phenomena through one of the five senses.

Mental phenomena takes place in the medium's body. It is subjective and is producd by Intelligences acting upon the mental sensitivity of the medium to produce the phenomena to be interpreted by the medium.

Goodness is not a prerequisite to mediumship. There are some who use their abilities without having high aspirations.

Since "like attracts like", a medium of high ideals will attract Spirits of high ideals.

A Spiritualist feels a responsibility for messages given because mediumship is accepted as a God-given gift. Desire, study and training may develop this gift

\Counseling through a Spiritualist medium is for the comfort and guidance of those seeking help.

The true value of Spiritualist counseling is not always measured by phrophccy, Prediction is always possible but guidance from loved ones is most comforting.

Ethel Rowe

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