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Spiritualism, A Guide for Those Who Seek ~ Part 7

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By Ethel Rowe and Norma Bright
Feb. 12, 2012

Spiritualism, A Guide for Those Who Seek ~ Part 7, Healing (Feb. 12, 2012)

Part 7 ~ Healing

Healing is like a river that flows from the heart of God to the heart of man. That which stands in the way of this flow must be removed. Fear, guilt, hate, doubt, and self-condemnation all block the flow. Faith, joy, and understanding let healing through. Love is its moving power.

Health is established and maintained by complete harmony of the body and mind. Sickness, then, is any disarrangement of this harmonious operation. Restoring the equilibrium is called hcaling

The concepts that arc finding increased popularity arc that man is not only a physical being, but is also a spiritual being. The cause of the physical condition is to be found largely in the mental realm. Our minds, when clear, receive vitality from the spiritual realm

Healing and religion have always been associated together. No one system of healing is the "all complete one." Not only arc we dealing with human beings who respond differently, but we arc dealing with the Infinite which expresses through an infinite number of channels. The best healing method to adopt is the one which the individual finds most acceptable

Thoughts can be very powerful things. Faith, hope, belief, and expectancy arc powerful therapeutic agents. Thought is the basis of all action. Every thought we think has its effect on every cell of the body - either for health or for disease. Anger, depression, hate, and guilt are vital actions, as are faith, hope, happiness, and kindness. They stimulate the life forces of the body positively or negatively.

Of course, the physical body is subject to physical laws. No affirmation or denial can avoid the consequences of breaking the physical laws. Affirmations develop a positive thought process that, in turn, brings about corrective action

A Spiritualist Healer is one whose desire to bring healing to others is strongly motivated. A healer learns to become a channel.

The spiritual influences work through the body of the healer and, thus, infuse creative and vitalizing fluids and energy into the diseased parts. Spirit influences illuminate the brain of the healer and thereby intensify the perception of the healer so that the cause, the nature, and the seat of the disease in the patient may become known to the healer.

In spiritual healing, one must get more in tune with the Divine, thus raising the vibrations to the highest level. During spiritual healing, forces emanating from the higher planes of activity contact the etheric body. The physical and mental bodies are thus acted upon and are influenced by the vibrations to the highest level. During spiritual healing, forces emanating from the higher planes of activity contact the etheric body. The physical and mental bodies are thus acted upon and are influenced by the vibrations from the etheric body through the laws of attraction and vibration.

This explains why some healings take place days or hours after the healing treatment. The treatment sets the vibrations in motion and time was required for its assimilation

Man is the conservator of all forces within himself

Man is body, mind, and spirit. His body is conservator of a\l power and functions of matter.

Man's spirit, the animating principle, is made up of all the forces we vaguely call life. The mind is the connecting link between both body and spirit

The Etheric Body is that invisible substance which serves as a transmitter.

To be healed, one should not overlook what nature provides by way of assistance. We should employ all of the good and agreeable healing agencies which are so freely at the disposal of all humanity, such as diet, water, and sunlight.

There arc laws which create and maintain harmony in the body.Harmony is perfect rhythm and coordination between all parts of the body, its environment, and its reactions to personal relationships.

You will learn that if there is a lack of harmony between the physical outer man and the inner man, disease will result. This disease may show in physical, mental, or nervous disorders.

Nothing can destroy us except ourselves. Healing comes from within. There is the Divine Ideal within each of us. We may move away from that Ideal, but it remains within. It never changes! We must strive to reflect that Perfect Divine Ideal! We are spiritual beings, inner beings. We must stand our ground and declare that which we arc - children of God. Jesus said, "Be ye perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect." He was speaking of the inner Spiritual YOU!

Healing is the most rewarding of all the spiritual gifts. Healing comes under both physical and mental mcdiurnship. The healing energy that is sent into the patient by the laying on of hands is a physical phase. Mental healing is demonstrated by prayer, affirmation, and visualization. In spiritual healing, the spirit doctor works through the medium to help the patient by using magnetic forces

Jesus of Nazareth is the greatest spiritual healer the world has ever known. There is no doubt that a great part of His mediumship was healing. Elijah, of the Old Testament, was also a healer. Peter, John, Paul, and the other apostles carried on the healings as commanded by Jesus.

Not everyone can be a healer any more than everyone can be a trance medium. Each is given the gifts that are best suited to him individually, but everyone can lend himself and his God-given powers to the healing service by sitting quietly and raising his consciousness to the higher realms of spirit

Healing is first activated by desire. The healer desires to join his fellow man because love overflows. Within this desire, the healer becomes aware of the need for an inflow from a source greater than personal power.

Jesus promised "a Comforter," and the healer accepts the spirit helpers who aid in spiritual healings. This is the promise

Up until this past decade, the medical profession has stressed only the healing of the physical body. Now they are taking a second look. We are whole and Holy beings. We cannot be fragmented. Health is natural, so much so that we pay no attention to it until we hurt. Do we know we have toes? Yes, we know it mentally, but we are not consciously aware of them until we hurt one. Then we focus all of our attention on the hurt rather than the health.

The religious and medical community is in a state of great excitement over what they term "an idea-whose time has come" - Holistic Healing or Holistic Medicine as if it were something new. It is far from new. It has not been kept a secret either. The Holistic concept has been in print since the advent of the New Testament. Many times, Jesus said, "Your faith has made you whole." - physically, mentally, and, more importantly, spiritually whole!

Holistic healing is the re-awakening of the need to treat the whole man. It is not just man's body that needs healing, but also his mind and his emotions. There can be no separation in man. Therefore, if one portion of his being is unwell, the other portions are affected also

The Holistic movement proclaims the great potential which lies within man. This potential is to heal ourselves and to help those among us in need of healing by sharing this great potential with them. That potential is Energy, the Life Force, or God Force, call it what you will. It is in all living things, all life God created. God created all that we will ever need to give us happiness, prosperity, productivity, and an uplifting life - not only materially but spiritually. God proclaimed all creation "GOOD"!

Ethel Rowe

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