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Boycott Planned Againt Mind Control in Houston July 30, 2004
Could Have Its Downside


By Ken Adachi <>
June 14, 2004

It's sounds good and I would assume that the intentions of the organizers are sincere, but it could also be a convenient way to assemble and identify MC victims who are aware of their victimization and want to do something about it. Complaining to congressmen and senators about mind control is essentially absurd. They are not only fully aware of government mind control operations against its own citizens, buy many of them are full time participants and handler/programmers themselves! Read Brice Taylor's book Thanks for the Memories or Cathy O'Brien's book, TranceFormation of America if you think I'm stretching on that one.

Personally, I would be very concerned about exposing myself to the congress, whose members are largely (not all, but a fair majority) in cahoots with the One World traitors.

It's just my gut impression and I could be wrong.


Subject: Fwd: Boycott in H ouston for Mind Control
From: "susan" <>
Date: Mon, June 14, 2004 4:55 pm
Priority: Normal
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Danni <> wrote:From Danni Mon Jun 14 16:35:45 2004
Subject: Boycott in H ouston for Mind Control
From: "Danni"
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 19:35:45 -0400 (EDT)

Susan, Clare, John -

I just talked with a Dr. L. Gillam from Houston who is President of the Southwestern Christian Association and he has become aware of our situation. He is planning a Boycott for Mind Control in Houston on July 30th

He is having psychiatrists, lawyers, dentists, to assist us to clear our names, get dental work done and he has attorneys waiting to file a class action suit. They just need the us targets to show up. He says he has the attention of some Congressmen and Senators who are willing to do something but they need us to complain. He told me they will have to go thru the Patriot Act to get this done but the goal is mind control and the abuse of this technology.

He needs at least 500 people for the Boycott. He will help get reduced rates for those of us who come if we contact him and let him know we are coming.

He will fax me tonight the information on it but I want to get this email to you first as you are already in contact with many others

I told him I would contact as many targets as I can. Can you help me get the word out.

I am going to Houston.




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