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Using "Dogs" as a Metaphor in Mind Control Programming

Editor's Note: I was contacted by the writer of this e-mail last year. She has only recently re-established contact with me after an absence for some months. I've chosen a pen name for her until I find out whether she wants to use her real name or not. She is one of many victims of mind control programming who contact me with their stories because of the articles on mind control that are posted at my web site. In most cases, victims who recover their memories of abuse have tried to go to political or law enforcement authorities to complain, but they are either patronized with do-nothing promises or rebuffed outright; usually the latter. If the person winds up in a psychiatric facility or hospital, they will usually be reprogrammed and sent on their merry way. Some people involved in this world essentially decide to join the Dark Side and are willing participants, while others -once they begin to realize what they are involved in-will rebel and want to break away from their family's involvement with the Illuminati. Of course, the majority who keep their mouth shut do so out of abject fear of punishment, or cut off from financial support, etc. A certain percentage, however, become so disgusted with the evil of it all, that they bolt, no matter what the consequences may be. These are the people I hear from.

This writer's victimization began with her parents in her earliest childhood, as is the case with most victims of mind control traumatizing and programming. The victim chosen for lifelong 'service' to their Illuminati handlers is at least the third generation to be traumatized and programmed. That means that the parents themselves were programmed, as were their parents.

The Illuminati has infiltrated very strata of American society with these mind controlled victims/participants. A partial list would include lawyers, doctors, psychiatrists, judges, talk show hosts, politicians, clergy, scientists, law enforcement, military, journalists, news casters, film makers, actors, etc., etc. There is no area of influence or power that isn't thoroughly infiltrated by the Illuminati with their mind controlled 'assets,' as the CIA and other intelligence agencies prefer to call them.

I will post more information from "Dalevans" in the near future, as she has opened up a window of revelations, much of it corroborated in the books on mind control programming written by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier, but much of it new and unknown to me. ...Ken]

By Dalevans
October 13, 2006


I was just reading your article on the "Finders".

I know a little about this...I know that the "training" begins at the age of one years old and the "rewards" of food, is a conditioning process,  one that you would use to condition a dog..

They follow the theories of B.F. Skinner.  And in one of his books, he talks about creating a pattern in which you look at every possible outcome to predict the future with. The white robes, of course, are the KKK...and in this type of training it would be the K-9's...or "DOGS". It's a form of the KKK within Law Enforcement. My father and mother both were in Law Enforcement.

There is a ritual I remember in flash backs as three brown crosses horizontal instead of vertical, they form a mason symbol with a cross at the top point. There is a circle of people surrounding the crosses in various robes of different colors representing different levels of the order.

The "DOGS" come from an African system originally called Dogon.. You can research it to verify it...I don't have the name of the source book where I found the most information in,  but, I will get it for you if you want.

I was intended to be a "Bitch" for the organization, which means I was to be a Bitch Goddess. I was supposed to perform the sacrifices and be worshiped for my power to kill. The theory is that all men are DOGS and all women are Bitches; they are just looking for the one in "Heat". And when a Bitch is in heat, she throws off a scent. You've heard of pheromones? That is the purpose of molesting children;  it accelerates a girl's puberty cycle.

She has her period younger and develops earlier when she has been molested. It also makes her either sexually promiscuous or sexually inhibited, depending on how the abuse was administered...if it was pleasant or painful. I don't know how much you've heard of the DOGS or know about them...they are in the highest hierarchy of the Illuminati.

Thanks, Dalevans

German Shepherds

October 13, 2006


I forgot to mention, regarding the "DOGS", at least for the hierarchy level of the Illuminati, only German Shepherd (police dogs) are used. In other words, the commands that I was brainwashed and conditioned with are in a language I cannot consciously understand. They are in German., which is the Nazi regime, Hitler's group.

Even though I am half Cherokee Indian, I was raised to be a warrior in a Nazi war...and, because I am half Indian, the "Nazis" I'm trained to "work for", hate me. It's playing one end against the middle; get rid of two birds with one stone. Let us destroy each other.

And who are the Nazi party? Law Enforcement. I'm trained to work with them, and they're conditioned to hate me. It leaves me resentful, which turns me against them and them against me. Understanding this, it's hard for me to know: which side am I on?

Everything I thought I believed in has turned around and it's the opposite and I am trying to adjust after I lost so much.


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