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Mind Control 101
An Introduction

 “… the experimenters will be particularly interested in dissociative states, from the abaissement de niveau mental to multiple personality in so-called mediums, and an attempt will be made to induce a number of states of this kind, using hypnosis.” 

From a declassified MK-ULTRA document referenced by researcher Arlene Tyner

By David McGowan
July 1, 2001

Although most Americans understandably have difficulty grasping the concept of 'mind control,' and find absurd the idea that it may in fact be possible to so completely 'brainwash' an individual that he or she is rendered an unwitting and unknowing slave programmed to perform at the command of others, the fact remains that U.S. intelligence services have devoted a considerable amount of time and money to developing just such an individual.

There is not space here to detail all the techniques and methods that have received attention from the CIA and its brethren, but the basic methodology was revealed decades ago by George Estabrooks - a prominent psychologist/hypnotist under contract to the intelligence services - in his book Hypnotism, first published nearly six decades ago, in 1943.

Therein, Estabrooks candidly acknowledges that his “main interest has always been the military application of hypnosis.” While 'Esty' notes in the book that the “intelligent reader ... will sense that much more is withheld than has been told,” he nevertheless reveals enough information to construct a fairly accurate picture of the fundamentals of mind control.

What is needed is a subject suffering from what used to be termed Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), and what is now termed Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). This condition can already exist within the subject or can be created by the ‘therapist.’ In all cases, however, the condition is created by severe trauma – so severe in fact that the traumatic episode cannot be integrated into the experiences of the core personality.

Far and away the most common cause of MPD is early childhood abuse, often - but not always - inflicted by a parent or other adult guardian. As Dr. Frank Putnam stated in 1989: “I am struck by the quality of extreme sadism that is reported by most MPD victims. Many multiples have told me of being sexually abused by groups of people, of being forced into prostitution by family members, or of being offered as sexual enticement to their mother's boyfriends. After one has worked with a number of MPD patients, it becomes obvious that severe, sustained, and repetitive child abuse is a major element in the creation of MPD.”

Amnesia Walls
When the abuse is of an extreme nature, the natural human reaction is to build a wall around such experiences, so to speak, by creating a separate and distinct personality to deal with future episodes of abuse. Once the core personality has been thus split, it is then possible to control one or more of the alters that have been created, without the conscious knowledge of the primary personality. This, according to Estabrooks, creates the “Super Spy,” willing to follow orders unquestioningly without even having awareness of doing so.

Estabrooks only alludes to the severe abuse that is required to create a true multiple, often referring to the trauma euphemistically as “a form of hypnotism.” At one point, for instance, he notes that “[multiple personalities] are caused by a form of hypnotism in the first place! We will see that emotional shock produces exactly the same results as hypnotism.” Later, he comes closer to the grim reality when he states: “multiple personality could be both caused and cured by hypnotism. Remember that war is a grim business. Suppose we deliberately set up that condition of multiple personality to further the ends of military intelligence.”

Elsewhere, Estabrooks acknowledges that he himself had written previously that: “everyone could be thrown into the deepest state of hypnotism by the use of what [I] termed the Russian method -- no holds barred, deliberate disintegration of the personality by psychic torture ... The subject might easily be left a mental wreck but war is a grim business.”

 Indeed it is, though that hardly justifies Estabrooks’ position, especially considering that most mind control operations have little to do with military operations – at least not overt ones. Estabrooks also notes that children make especially good subjects, given that they “are notoriously easy to hypnotize.” This is a nice way of saying that children are particularly vulnerable to abuse and have more of a tendency to dissociate traumatic experiences, thereby creating alter identities that can then be exploited and controlled.

Years later, another CIA-connected psychiatrist/hypnotist named Paul Verdier wrote an obscure little book, entitled Brainwashing and the Cults: An Expose on Capturing the Human Mind, that echoed much of what Estabrooks had written. Verdier begins by acknowledging that: “It must be accepted that brainwashing … is now being used here by devious persons with personal gain in mind,” though he misrepresents who those “devious persons” are.

He then explains that the goal of mind control is to access those areas of the brain that are outside of the conscious control of the individual by circumventing the normal inhibiting response of the cerebral cortex: “an individual’s voluntary conscious self-control must be bypassed or short-circuited.”

In order to disable the brain’s "cortical block," Verdier recommends alcohol, euphoric drugs, isolation, solitary confinement, and - "the most dramatic and unique item in the brainwashing arsenal" - hypnosis. All of these are methods that have been extensively tested by the CIA under the rubric of the MK-ULTRA program.

Verdier goes on to explain that to achieve truly lasting mind control requires the creation of “profound and deep emotional states.” Recommended are fear, shock and anxiety, which have “an intense disinhibitive effect on the human brain.” What this means, in essence, is that emotional trauma facilitates the accessing of dissociative states.

The most effective of the “profound and deep emotional states,” according to Verdier, is pain. The doctor explains that this is because, “according to the eminent neurologist, Dr. Wilder Penfield, sensations of pain from the muscular sensory system enter the sub-cortical brain regions directly.” Penfield was, it should be noted, an associate of medical torture expert and MK-ULTRA operative Dr. David Ewen Cameron.

Verdier makes clear that pain and fear are among the most effective tools in the MK-ULTRA toolbox when he steals a page from Estabrooks’ book: “Russian political scientists do support the belief that given enough punishment, all the people in any time or place are susceptible to hypnotic control” (this is, by the way, a very common form of agency disinformation – acknowledge the existence of mind control, but blame it all on those damn ‘communists’).

He also echoes Estabrooks’ belief that children are ideal candidates for mind control operations, stating - with apparent approval - that: “Brainwashing can be slow, insidious and sure when applied to children early in life.” He further adds that: “It is likely that there is a short period of time following corporal punishment when the child is in a state of decortication - hypnosis, so to speak. This is the ideal time to plant the positive instructions for better behavior in the future.” What the good doctor considers “corporal punishment” and “positive instructions” is left to the reader’s imagination.

The vulnerability of children is one of the reasons that the CIA and other intelligence agencies have played a key role in the creation of 'mainstream' satanic groups such as the OTO and the Temple of Set, as well as in denying the existence of underground satanic cults and satanic crime. These satanic groups have frequently served as agency fronts for mind control operations. The ugly reality is that, when it comes to severely traumatizing children, nothing compares to the stories told by those who have survived what has been termed satanic ritual abuse [SRA].

Interestingly, Verdier notes that: “One of the most pronounced emotional experiences that a human being can undergo is having his or her life threatened. Threats of death are used as a basic tool by brainwashing Communists. Even among them, however, this threat is used sparingly, for they know that humans quickly adapt to this type of threat, especially if it is repeatedly given but never carried out. In order to avoid this routinization of stressful emotional situations, they have been known to casually execute prisoners for the apparent effect it has on others.”

What Verdier attributes to those dreaded communists precisely mirrors the stories that have been told repeatedly by survivors of ritual abuse. They have spoken of receiving frequent death threats, against both themselves and their family members, and of having those threats reinforced by being forced to watch and even participate in the killing of others.

Of course, there has been a concerted effort to discredit all such stories, spearheaded by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation – a group led by a truly vile coalition of CIA-affiliated psychologists/psychiatrists and accused pedophiles. Also playing key roles in the movement to deny the validity of recovered memories of severe abuse are Paul and Shirley Eberle, authors of the supposedly authoritative book The Politics of Child Abuse.

The Eberles’ book attempts to blame all child abuse accusations and prosecutions on overzealous prosecutors, therapists and parents. This might be a little more credible if the Eberles themselves were not well known to Los Angeles police as distributors of child pornography, a fact that the media conveniently and consistently ignore while touting the Eberles as authorities in the field of child abuse.

Claims of ritual abuse, by the way, are certainly not a recent phenomenon. They actually have a long history, and were given legitimacy by no less an historical figure than Sigmund Freud. Over 100 years ago, Freud recognized such abuse to be the primary cause of the psychological problems he observed in his female patients, before he was forced by peer pressure to drop what was known as the ‘seduction theory.’

Author Kevin Marron notes that Freud was keenly aware of the marked “similarity between what [his patients] told him and the accounts of the witchcraft confessions of the 16th century.” In a letter to a colleague written in January of 1897, Freud pondered: “But why did the devil who took possession of the poor things invariably abuse them sexually and in a loathsome manner? Why are their confessions under torture so like the  communications made by my patients in psychological treatment?”

And why, indeed, are the communications made by Freud's patients a century ago so like the stories told  today by ritual abuse survivors? Are we to believe that this is due to some sort of mass hysteria spanning generations –perhaps even spanning centuries? Or is it because, as the Chicago Tribune has noted: “According  to historians, satanic cults have been documented in Europe and America as far back as the 1600s.”

Has there always been something dark and evil lurking just out of sight, only occasionally raising its head – at which times its existence is denied, its perpetrators cast as victims, and its real victims mocked and ridiculed? To ponder such a question, alas, is to call into question some of our most basic beliefs about the nature of the world we live in – a decidedly unsettling venture.

Perhaps though, when viewed in the context of a state-sponsored mind control program, we can begin to understand not only why someone would be motivated to inflict such appalling levels of abuse on America's children, but also why so much effort and disinformation would be put forth to discredit such claims if they are in fact valid.

And truth be told, the stories told by survivors tend to be self-discrediting. One of the benefits of cloaking  mind control operations in satanic rituals is that the operations are largely immune to disclosure. Even if an operation is uncovered - as was the case at the McMartin Preschool - the stories told by the children are so outlandish, so far removed from the world as we know it, that they are easily cast aside as the product of a child's fertile imagination.

In May of 2000 though, a report commissioned by the United Kingdom's Department of Health concluded that satanic ritual abuse was not, as an earlier report ordered by the Conservative government found in 1994, a “myth.” The Independent noted: “A specially commissioned government report will this week conclude that satanic abuse does take place in Britain. It will say that its victims have suffered actual abuse and are not suffering from ‘false memory syndrome.’”

The timing of the reporting on this landmark study, by the way, seemed to be deliberately intended to taunt the victims of such abuse. The story was published on April 30, 2000 – otherwise known as Walpurgisnacht (Night of the Witches) or Beltane, probably the most important of all the satanic holidays.

The co-author of the report was psychotherapist Valerie Sinason, who reportedly has treated 126 survivors of ritualized abuse. According to a report in the Guardian, Sinason said that “46 of her patients claimed to have witnessed murder of children or adults during ritual abuse ceremonies that had involved up to 300 people at a time. Some 70% of the reported abuse was carried out by paedophiles and the rest by satanists.”

The Independent added that sixteen of them also have claimed that “they had seen induced abortions or babies killed.” Sinason’s research has also led her to conclude that: “Some children are born for the purpose of abuse and are not registered on birth certificates” – a claim that has been made repeatedly by U.S. victims as well, and one that has been thoroughly ridiculed.

In a report from February of 2000, The Independent held that Sinason “said photographs showed horrific injuries to children and the existence of ceremonial sites with the remains of mutilated animals.” The same article noted that “Scotland Yard said it was also carrying out an investigation.”

It is unclear what the official response to the study was, or what the results of the investigation allegedly launched by Scotland Yard were. The media appears to have dropped the story just before the actual report was issued. Many readers of these press accounts were no doubt predisposed to dismiss Sinason and her fellow researchers as cranks.

Where exactly, they were left to ponder, is this alleged photographic evidence showing children with horrific injuries? And where is the evidence of ritual murders being performed? As it turns out, such evidence isn't really all that difficult to find; as hard as it may be to grasp for readers conditioned to believe that all such stories are nothing more than ‘urban myths,’ photographic evidence of exactly that sort is being peddled all over the Internet.

Even with such evidence being widely circulated, many will still be tempted to discount the stories told by survivors of such abuse. Skeptics are advised to keep in mind the words of Detective Robert Simandl of the Chicago Police Department: “It’s difficult for us to believe such crimes are occurring, but they are, all over the United States." And, apparently, all over Europe as well.

David McGowan

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