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Ear Implants, Ear Candles, and Repilians


By Stephanie Relfe <>
March 28, 2004

Date: Monday, 22 March 2004

I decided to write this article to see if there is anyone out there who has had a similar experience to me. I recently did an ear candling and found a strange object in what came out of my ear.

Background: If you don't know what ear candles are, please read

I have been doing ear canding on myself fairly frequently for about five years now. Over the years I have heard stories which made me wonder if there was more to ear candling than merely removing wax. For example, I heard of a health food store that got raided by government authorities and THE ONLY THING THEY CONFISCATED WAS EAR CANDLES.

Plus, the guy at really goes to a lot of trouble to put people off ear candling. Don't worry about him - Tim Bolen is handling him, and may even send him to prison. See For example, Tim is asking questions like "How can a man who earns a claimed $30,000-$50,000 a year sue over ten people in one year, which would have cost him a minimum of $1 million. Obviously, he is backed by big business).

I heard that in Australia, the government is trying to ban ear candles. When I was in Australia, I had not even HEARD of ear candles.

And then, one day around August 2003, something happened which makes my skin crawl whenever I think of it. I was candling my ears. By this stage, I had probably used up about 50-80 candles in total on myself over five years. After candling, I always cut open the bit of ear candle that was left. Usually this is around 4" or a bit more long. Over the years, I have NEVER seen anything turn up other than the light coloured powder which is from the candle, and the dark brown stuff which was my ear wax. But this day was different.

On this day I saw a very strange object in the piece of candle which was left. It was probably a little over 1/4" long. It was greyish in colour and kind of opaque looking, kind of like a semi-clear plastic. It was oval in shape. It gave me the creeps. I called my husband Michael in to see it. He moved the candle around to see how it would move, and it moved kind of like a balloon full of liquid would move. He then pushed the end of a match into it. Here comes the really weird bit: This DID NOT burst the object. Instead, a small piece broke off and formed its own oval. And then it rejoined the original! IT ACTED JUST THE WAY MERCURY DOES.

We put it into a small glass jar, and it didn't break. Later on, it seemed to dry up and nothing was left.

On discussing this with a friend of mine, she reminded me that she had earlier suggested that maybe aliens were putting implants into the ear. I did not remember her saying this. Although it made sense - if they put them in the nose, why not in the ear?

Muscle testing indicated that it was used for tracking. I believe that these tracking implants (if that is what it was) need to be in the nose or ear so that they can be in contact with the outside, and not be interfered with by the body. Muscle testing also indicated it was inserted by reptilians during my last (forever I pray to God) abduction See

If that was the case, then it was inserted about two years previously. In that time, I have candled maybe 10-12 candles on that ear, with no strange results. So if it was an implant (and I can't imagine what else on this earth it could possibly be), then they don't come out immediately. If someone wanted to candle to see if they had a similar object come out, it might help to pray first, visualise it coming out etc. to speed its exit).

The candles I use are 50% beeswax. I had an intuitive thought recently that this will not work with 100% paraffin candles. I feel that the beeswax is somehow loosening the bonds that make the implant stay there. (Note that many candles that SAY they are 100% beeswax cannot possibly be that, as
beeswax is way too sticky and soft - think of a jar of honey).

If anyone else has any similar experiences, PLEASE email me.

Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Sydney)

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Posted By: LipstickMystic < >
Date: Monday, 22 March 2004

In the holistic healing circles that I move in, ear implants seem to be pretty common. They are found both in metaphysical types and "normal" folks who aren't interested in any kind of spiritual practice. Sometimes they show up in the ear, other times they are around the outer edges of the ear where the ear meets the skull. Some have been found that are almost like "earpieces," because they wrap around the outer edges of the ear.

Some of these have been "etheric," composed of non-physical substances. Others are electronic and cause weird buzzing and hissing sounds in the ear, or, more commonly, a single high-pitched sound.

Among the people who have been collecting info on this in my circle, these hissing sounds or high pitches often start in whenever the person is engaging in "sovereign" behavior, i.e., any streams of thought, reading, or scanning Net articles which inspire the person to start "deprogramming" themselves from the tribal mindset. So, basically, whenever you start engaging in work or thinking patterns that get you out of the "box" and start to tap into the incredibly powerful energy of your own unique soul spark, working to enhance this essential part of yourself, these implants start emitting a sound frequency.

There seems to be more than just sound involved, however. Many, many, people report suddenly feeling sleepy or incredibly exhausted as soon as the sound pitch kicks up. Is this technology purposefully designed to operate in that way, creating an instant aversion to materials and activities that open the
mind and free the spirit?

That's our working theory, anyway. A combination of ET, reptile, and black government types would appear to be the sources of these implants. The shamanic practitioners I work with have found that there is an astral shell or etheric envelope that surrounds the physical body, and that this energy shell is what is often tampered with. Many of the etheric implants are placed here. Remote viewers and remote astral projectors working in dark ops seem to be able to maneuver this body from location to location as well, which explains the common phenomena of astral "peekers." (Somebody looking over your shoulder and inspiring fear when nobody is really there. It is often someone travelling in their energy body - not a discarnate. It can be a living person who has been trained to detach their astral shell in this way. Surveillance appears to have been taken to a whole new level, unfortunately.)

For whatever reason, the terrain of the human energy field and the human soul seems to have been staked out by unknown operatives who are extremely determined to keep knocking us down, discouraging us from activating our extra senses and our innate sovereign powers as independent thinkers.

Some of the implants that have been discovered are of an organic type of technology, technology that is somehow "alive" and sentient to some degree. It doesn't behave normally, like pieces of electronics normally would. Perhaps this is what you discovered when you did your ear candling. That implant sure had unusual properties! Many implants have a type of intelligence that allows them to adapt to changes in the body or the mind and to use other types of frequencies to generate blockages in the upper chakras, etc. So opening yourself up psychically tends to create a fair amount of counter-attack.

There is a shamanic healing technique of using the sound vibration of a drum or rattle to "break up" the dense energy of implants, especially etheric ones, and then invoke to have guides and angels take the remaining fragments and energy off to the light. There's another technique that's excellent and pretty easy for hands-on healer types to do (although anyone can do it.) It involves bringing the energy and frequency of solar prana (the energy and emotion of solar energy) down through your hands and using your palms as blasting instruments to break up the implants and clear them from the
organs, chakras, and energy field. The color you envision to do this is a yellow-orange with dynamic golden light circulating through it. Both of these techniques work very well.

For those who are comfortable with just invoking, you can clearly pray and set the intention that God, Goddess, Great Spirit, (or whatever loving being you feel comfortable accessing) disable and clear out the implants. Very often our high vibrational helpers like angels and spiritual guides will join in, and they like to do this clearing for people when you are sleeping, since you will often have to process the energy effects of this garbage leaving your body. Rest is important throughout this "detox" process.

More and more techniques are being discovered every day to disable these things, and it is an exciting area of research.

For the electronic, physical, ones, neodymium (rare earth mineral) magnets of anywhere from a quarter inch to a half inch in diameter work very well to completely disable them. Some people wear them in the headband of a baseball cap, preferably for at least 24 hours, but you can also tape them to the back of your ear and hide them under your hair! After implants are disabled, you won't have so much fatigue, and the pitch or frequency in your ear stops happening. Use caution with these powerful magnets, though, as they can wipe out disks and computers. It's best not to wear them while sitting at the computer, at least, not while wearing more than one or two of the little ones.

As my fellow healers and I pool information, we are discovering that implants have many purposes, from tracking devices to remote audio capabilities (somebody "listening" to what is going on through your ears) to simply blocking someone from opening up to higher awareness. If every time you have a brilliant insight about the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, you get zapped by your implant, feeling sleepy or unwell or hearing a strange sound, it tends to turn you off higher learning pretty quick!

My hope is for more people to become aware of the presence of these things and how common they can be. As we pool information, techniques, and strategies, we can lessen or completely stop their effects. It's time for all of us to reclaim our physical, emotional, and spiritual health, removing the strangehold that predators have too long had on our evolution.

I invite readers to submit experiences that they have had with implants as well. No story is too strange to send - believe me! The sad thing is that so many people who suspect that they have implants remain isolated, when it turns out that thousands (if not millions) of people across the world are quietly suffering with them.

Let's put an end to the suffering. Let's share information and experience true liberation.


I saw these two articles (included after my email) on another list to which I subscribe (AltWritersFiles) and since the request came from you, I thought I would respond to you here.

I KNOW I have implants in my ears.

When I was 9 in 1964.. I had a tosillectomy. I was told that the 'doctor.' would need to place teflon tubes in my ears in order for me to hear better. Before anyone jumps to the conclusion that 'well, there ya go, they couldn't have been ET implants, they were implanted by a surgeon/ doctor' let me set you straight.

As I grew up I had long believed that I seemed to be a guinea pig.. an ongoing experiment for.. someone. Though I wasn't sure who...

My father was in the Air Force.. he was stationed at Bossier City, AFB in Louisiana.. near Shreveport in the United States.

I had been having problems hearing for a couple months.. because I had contracted strep throat which had not been treated (I also ended up with rheumatic fever). My hearing and my ears themselves became so bad that I had lost nearly 3/4 or 75% of the hearing in both ears... then the doctors found out that my tonsils needed to be removed since they were so badly infected.

I had the operation... I was taken home... and the night that I went home from the hospital, I hemorrahaged... my father took me back to the 'doctor.' But the funny thing was, he didn't take me to the hospital, which was at Barksdale AFB, an adjoining base in Shreveport, but to an office (not a drs. office) on Bossier City AFB near what appeared to be warehouses. Although I was unconscious, I was able to see everything that was taking place.. initially I left my body completely.. and went.. out 'there' somewhere.. into space.. but I was told it was not my time to 'return home' so I went back down... and hovered over my body watching as this man who claimed to be a doctor but wasn't, checked my nose.. to see if the implant that had been placed there during surgery was still there. (The man related this to my father, who was standing next to him.) Then he checked my ears to make sure that those implants were still in place. They were. Neither he nor my father seemed to be as worried that I had been bleeding profusely and could very easily die... they seemed to be more concerned with whether or not the implants had 'taken.' Once the 'doctor' had determined that the implants were securely in place, the man told my father he could take me home.

Many years later, when I was an adult living in Alabama, a doctor who had been checking my ears because I'd had a severe earache told me that the probable reason for my continuing ear problems might be what he found in my ear.. a tiny but all too recognizably NOT biologic item that he had found imbedded in some of the ear wax he'd dislodged when checking my ears. He was extremely puzzled. He said he didn't know what it was. I told him that it might be one of the teflon tubes implaced into my ears to facilitate hearing (that's what I had been told by my parents). He said he had seen teflon tubes.. and that what he had found in my ear was definitely NOT a teflon tube.

But, apparently, I've been abducted since then.. and a replacement tube was implanted.. since, I too, hear the high pitched buzzing sounds that always seem to become even MORE annoying and sometimes painful, when I'm, especially, on the 'Net doing research in this area (anything to do with ET's, mind control, etc.). I still can't sit at the computer for any length of time when reading or writing about these issues, since I become very tired and have to lay down (as I'm beginning to feel now, as I write this). And I don't believe that the reason for this chronic fatigue has as much to do with my illnesses as it does with...other sources..

Recently I've been hearing an inordinate amount of buzzing.. in fact, yesterday I heard what sounded like a swarm of bees. The buzzing was so loud and almost.. unnervingly SCARY ... that I was thinking of vacating my own apartment, since it sounded as though there was a swarm of bees residing there with me. I looked, but couldn't find anything. Which doesn't mean that it COULDN'T be a REAL swarm of bees holed up under the eaves of the apartment or in the walls, but somehow, I just don't think it is.

Currently I reside in Albuquerque, New Mexico (to which I returned in 1998).. a veritable haven for the dracos and greys.. not too far from the base to which my father was reassigned in 1965 -- Manzano AFB (one of the top secret bases that officially doesn't and never did, exist) just after the incident at Bossier City (I had another 'odd' experience here at the base.. but that's another story). I've been having many strange experiences lately.. and, in fact, these incidents seem to have begun after I had the muscle testing/Wernickes Corrections performed by Deni and Janet up in Denver a couple weeks ago.. For the most part (thanks Deni and Janet!) the procedure worked.. but these guys (the dracos in particular) lied when they said they would let me go. They really don't want to let me go... but it looks as if they may not have a choice.. apparently I have a Native American Shaman spirit guide who's been protecting me.. and seems to have come forward even more now of late in order to protect me. I recently took some pictures in which he seems to be a predominant part! lol

My .. intuitive abilities.. seem to have become stronger since the Wernicke Corrections procedure was performed.. :-) and that seems to be something the dracos do NOT like at all! lol


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