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Fernando's Story:
Bolivian Implant Victim Recounts Life as a Lab Rabbit

"A human being is entitled to life, freedom, and the right to pursue happiness. The Nuremburg Code still exists."
                                                                                                                                        Fernando Arakaki Miranda

[Editor's Note: I receive quite a few e mails from victims of mind control and implants who typically describe similar tales of psychotronic torture, street theater harassment, and guinea pig abuse by government, military, and corporate 'scientists' who behave as if these these abused victims were merely robots or lab animals. Brice Taylor frequently alluded to the indifference shown to human suffering by such Illuminated 'scientists' in her book Thanks for the Memories. This behavior is characteristic of the reptilian/human hybrid which has infiltrated the human population of this planet to a far greater degree than most people realize. This e-mail was sent in Spanish. The English translation is mine and is far from perfect. I hope anyone with a better grasp of Spanish than I will review the original Spanish text at the bottom of the page and correct any errors in substance or color. If you are in a position to help this man in any way, please do. If you can't write in Spanish, use a translator program from Altavista or Yahoo. Even an e-mail of encouragement and understanding will go a long way to bolster this man's spirit and energy. One technique that seems to work for disabling implants is to place a strong neodymium magnet directly over the implant for a couple of hours. See my Mind Control page for other ideas on disabling implants...Ken Adachi]

By Fernando Arakaki Miranda<>
August 20, 2004

Dear Sir,

I have the honor of writing to you for the following reason:

I am Fernando Arakaki Miranda, born in the Republic of Brazil. For reasons that I will ignore for the moment, my father brought me to Bolivia where I was nationalized as a Bolivian.

I had the opportunity to travel to the Japan as I am of Japanese decent. I was in Japan from June 1, 1992 until August 1998

During the period of time that I was living in Japan, I was used in scientific experiments involving advanced technology in which I was implanted with cerebral microchips against my will and without my consent.

These implants have the capacity to pick up, retain, and transmit the thoughts, sensations, and feelings of a person throughout his entire life. This means that I don't have the freedom to think or feel [independently] and they have included a device which speaks to me directly as if they were a negative conscience, controlling me until I am in my dreams.

They also hit me with electromagnetic radiations which tortures my brain. They are trying to hide these crimes against my person by using groups of people who harass me, bothering me day and night, trying to silence me so that these violations go unpunished.

Some of the crimes I am being victimized by include: intimidation, criminal association. blackmail, insults, death threats, damage to my health, psychological damage, discrimination, levelling (?), robbery, etc. These are some of the twenty-six crimes that are using to hide this enslavement in the city of Santa Cruz of the Sierra.

It's as if I have been and I am being used like a rabbit because I am studied at local universities for the novelty of these implants and their advanced technology, in which these people completely ignore the magnitude of the violations to my humanity in this country.

Sir, you can see that they are trying to traumatize, injure humanity, yet these types of injustices are sanctioned by the United Nations, the human rights organization of the whole world. A human being is entitled to life, freedom, and the right to pursue happiness. The Nuremberg Code still exists.

This doesn't mean that I am opposed to science, but human beings should be respected with the same concern that they have for the integrity of their physics, yet their mentality is such that they are forgetting about God and His principles. I am also remembering in this public denunciation, all of the victims that were used, and later silenced inhumanly; and these violations remain unpunished.

Sir, I hope that you can understand my situation. I seek your collaboration in obtaining justice through an international trial, seeking a fair indemnity for damages by legal means. For more information, my telephone number is 776-74690. My e-mail address is

Sincerely grateful, I bid you goodbye.

Fernando Arakaki Miranda

PS. Note that they also violate my e-mails. It is another way to injure me and that is the reason I need to travel to your country and study these Japanese implants and to stop this abuse. I will need a visa and financial assistance for the plane fare. I found your web site by searching in Google under Mind Control Forum, intracerebral electronic brain implants, and activists brain implants.


----- Original Message -----
From: fernando arakaki <>
Sent: Friday, August 20, 2004 2:52 PM
Subject: liberty justice

Señor tengo el honor de dirigirme a su distinguida persona por el siguiente motivo:
Yo Fernando Arakaki Miranda nacido en la República del Brasil, por razones que desconozco he sido traído por mi señor padre ha Bolivia donde he sido nacionalizado Boliviano. Tuve la oportunidad de viajar al Japon por que tengo ascendencia Japonesa, estuve en el Japon exactamente desde el 1de junio de 1992 hasta agosto 1998.

En este lapso de tiempo que estuve viviendo en el Japón fuì usado como experimento con fines cientìficos con la tecnología avanzada, atravez de un implante de microchips cerebral, esto fue realizado en contra de mi voluntad, sin mi consentimiento.

Este implante tiene la capacidad de recoger, guardar, transmitir los pensamientos, sensaciones, sentimientos durante la vida de una persona, esto significa que no tengo libertad para pensar, sentir e inclusive han colocado un dispositivo para hablarme directamente como si fueran una conciencia negativa, controlando hasta mis sueños, también me hacen radiacciòn electromagnética, tortura cerebral. Estàn tratando de encubrir este crimen cometiendo delitos en contra de mi persona, organizando grupos de personas para que me hostiguen, molestándome dìa y noche tratando de acallar y que este atropello quede impune.

Algunos de los delitos que estoy siendo víctima son: Amenazas, asociación delictiva, chantajes, injurias, tentativa de homicidio, daños a la salud, daños psicológicos, discriminación, allanamiento, robo, ect. Estos son algunos de los veintiséis delitos que están usando para encubrir este avasallamiento en la ciudad de Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Osea que he sido y estoy siendo usado como conejo de indias, por que soy estudiado por universidades del pais por la novedad de este implante de la tecnología avanzada, que mucha ignora y desconoce la magnitud de este atropello al genero humano en este país.
Señor como usted puede ver se trata de vejamen, lesa humanidad, estas clases de injusticias son sancionadas por la Organizaciòn de Naciones Unidas ( O.N.U ) , los Derechos Humanos en el mundo entero, el ser humano tiene el derecho a la vida, la libertad, el derecho de buscar su felicidad, existe el codigo nuremberg.

Esto no quiere decir que este en contra de la ciencia si no que al ser humano se debe respetar en su integridad fìsica, mental parece que se estan olvidando de Dios y de sus principios. Esta denuncia que hago publica es pensando tambien en todas las victimas que han sido usadas y despues acalladas inhumanamente y estos atropellos han quedado impunes.

Señor espero usted comprenda mi situaciòn; Le pido su colaboraciòn para llegar a la justicia con un previo juicio internacional, pidiendo resarcimiento de daños con una indemnizaciòn justa atravèz de las vìas legales, para mas informaciòn mi numero de telefono es el 776-74690 mi casilla de correos electronico es Se despide sinceramente agradecido Fernando Arakaki Miranda...NOTA TAMBIEN VIOLAN MIS CASILLAS DE CORREOS ES OTRA FORMA DE HACERME DAÑO ES POR ESO NECESITO VIAJAR A SU PAIS PARA ESTUDIAR ESTE IMPLANTE JAPONES Y PARA ESO NECESITO VISA Y AYUDA ECONOMICA PARA EL PASAJE DE AVION.. para buscar paginas en google--- MIND CONTROL FORUM --- INTRACEREBRAL IMPLANTS ELECTRONIC----- ACTIVISTS CEREBRO IMPLANTS WORD-----


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