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The Silent Massacre, Part 2
Law Enforcement Complicity in Electronic Torture & Mind Control in America

[Editor's Note: While I hold a different view from the author concerning the reality of the Illuminati and repitlian alien overlords, his perceptions of the players invoved in psychotronic torture, harassment and street theater largely concur with my own, based on numerous conversations with many people who have been victimized by this monstrous affront to privacy and human dignity in which government and law enforcement are suppose to act as protectors of its citizens from such abuse, and not the perpetrators who inflict it. ..Ken Adachi] .

By Nicholas Kirkland <>
March 14, 2009

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[ESMC = Electronic Stalking and Mind Control]

Law Enforcement Complicity in Electronic Torture & Mind Control in America: The Silent Massacre, Part 2 (Mar. 14, 2009)


The attackers, or handlers, use deception to reinforce mind control. Many of the physical symptoms that handlers cause in targets are merely deceptions. When a victim is struck with ESMC, he first believes that the objective is to torture him physically. Although the handlers gleefully apply the torture techniques, their real objective is mind control. Through voice-to-skull contact, the handlers can manipulate the target without the target being aware of it.

Local handlers will probably not be highly trained in deception, which means that the handlers are probably not local. If that is the case, the handlers will very likely be employees of national intelligence, the military, or companies, universities, and private labs that provide technology to our government or foreign governments – fulltime and occupational handlers. However, wealthy individuals, religious groups, and other organizations could possibly have gotten access to that secret technology by now. If that is true, the local handlers could possibly be adequately trained.

Quite a few correspondents who have been targeted and who communicated telepathically with the handler perverts stated that the handlers sometimes attempted to convince them to cooperate with them. In several cases, the handlers have tried to convert the targets into good “Christians,” which, considering the cruelty and unlawfulness of those “Christians,” is a real joke. In my case, the handlers often show me holographic pictures of a man in robes who is generally believed by Christians to be Jesus and tell me that I am going to hell. Again, that is total deception.

A whistleblower who worked with the U. S. National Security Agency (NSA) under a defense contract wrote in an internet article:

“. . . the subject is unknowingly given hypnosis while the subject is completely awake and is tortured and punished with this hypnosis into a predetermined behavior by the National Security Agency. . . . . the behavior is usually extremely religious, is called ‘reborn’ by the church, with the subject's life-long goal of ‘a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.’” The NSA uses this technology [electronic torture and mind control] to resocialize (brainwash) the US civilian . . . population.”

That aim may be the link between the government and Fundamentalist preachers. It is worthwhile noting that many Christian churches today receive government grants, an act once believed to violate the principle of separation of church and state, which began in the 1970’s. When I ask TIs to describe their symptoms, when those symptoms began, and their general physical environment, they very often mention that a Fundamentalist minister lives next door, across the street, or very nearby. A law enforcement officer will also often live very close.   

I can tell the reader that the handlers themselves are most definitely NOT real Christians and could not possibly be truly religious in any fashion. Yet, they deceptively try to give that appearance. Handlers will also try to convince the targets that they are of particular ethnic groups, e.g., Latinos, East Indians, Afro-Americans. They reinforce that deception through “wrong number” telephone calls posing as persons of those ethnic groups. I continually get “wrong number” calls from black- and Latino-sounding people from various area codes in the United States.

The handlers also deceive through playing “good cop-bad cop.” Often my handlers deride my work efforts and methods as I carry out home improvement projects. They taunt and belittle me as I work. Then, after a few minutes of blustering and disparaging the activity, one of the perverts will make a very complimentary remark about some aspect of the work. I am supposed to warm up to that individual. To an educated target, their psychology is juvenile. I call it “pre-nursery school psychology.”


Impostors flood the internet with misinformation on ESMC to throw victims and researchers off track. Every intelligence agency has an operational section whose aim is to spread false propaganda. The propaganda machine spreads misinformation over the internet through several types of “plants” in the media:

(1) Webmaster “plants” working for the perpetrators use the internet to spread erroneous and misleading information. Those liars pretend that they were abducted by aliens, tormented by people who look like lizards, and subjected to rituals performed by Reptilians. They link ESMC with UFOs. One of the favorite lies is that a group of families called the Illuminati seeks to control the world. More recently, the misinformation agents have convinced many targets that they come from a particular genetic strain or blood line and were thus targeted before or from birth. Many of the TIs who actually believe those things are very well meaning and have been convinced of those inaccurate concepts through voice-to-brain emissions. That is exactly why we call that deception “mind control.”

(2) Internet blogger “plants” strew erroneous material in their online blogs.

(3) TI “plants” in various internet forums write pedantic emails, oftentimes belittling authentic TIs and refer other viewers to lies disseminated in bogus web sites and other locations. Some of those plants relate convincing stories; however, eventually they trip over their many lies and astute TIs can pick them out of the crowd.

(4) Author “plants” also produce misinformation published in on-line articles, in magazines, and even in books about electronic assault and mind control.

Now, not all of the information spread on the internet, in articles and books, and by internet correspondents is false by any means. Even many of the people who spread misinformation and disinformation are very sincere. I do not pretend to be expert in determining which information is false and which is true; however, I have learned that much of it is utter rubbish. Electronic assault and mind control itself is incredible enough without being compounded by deliberate lies disseminated by the ESMC perpetrators.

Let me be perfectly clear. The perpetrators of mind control are NOT aliens from outer space. NOT members of the so-called Illuminati. NOT men who can change to reptiles and lizards and other paranormal shapes. NOT ritualistic sex lords seeking sex slaves. NOT men seeking to wipe out particular blood lines and genetic groups. NOT members of the Masonic Order. And probably NOT seekers of a New World Order. Targets who believe those deceptions have been successfully manipulated by the perpetrators. Know that electronic and mind control assault is performed by evil-minded, cruel, degenerate, two-legged, walking, sub-human sacks of street garbage working either with the government, with the knowledge of the government, or under the protection of the government. In some cases, the government may even be a foreign country conducting assaults by remote on American citizens and residents. 

The power brokers behind electronic torture and mind control fear the targets’ networking over the internet. Many bloggers and persons with web sites who encourage an interchange of ideas about ESMC and who are true TIs have been subjected to internet intimidation by having their blogs and web sites deleted or otherwise compromised. Some have had to change the names of their sites several times because of that interference. Keep in mind, however, that some of those same people may actually be accomplices pretending to be harassed. More deception.

Capabilities of Perpetrators of ESMC

The only fact that we know for certain about mind control is the symptoms, or how ESMC manifests itself to the victim. Targeted individuals are well aware of the capabilities of the assailants, but for those readers who may be reading about electronic stalking and mind control for the first time, here are some of them.

(1) Monitor movements. They not only know one’s vehicular movements but they can also view him and follow his movements on his property and even inside his house. Once they “hook” the target with their equipment, they have ready access to the him at all times. Their torture follows the target wherever he goes, even to other states and abroad.

Cell phones may play a role in monitoring a target’s movements. Many TIs trace the origin of their electronic torture and mind control to the early 2000’s, when cell phone usage was becoming increasingly more popular. Cell phones have to be used in the case of gang stalking, which goes right along with ESMC. In fact, the stalkers could not coordinate their harassment against targets without the use of cell phones or some type of walkie-talkie. Cellular phones may even somehow be used with the device that renders the electronics effects on victims. It is known that cell phones carried on one’s person near credit cards can cause those cards to malfunction and wear out quickly. Credit cards are one of the hundreds of items that operate through the RFID (radio frequency identification).

(2) Hear and record one’s conversations along with those with whom one talks. This can be done even in a moving vehicle or while on foot in a rural area. The harassers occasionally record and play back to the victim excerpts of some of those conversations in his brain. The handlers can also record a person’s voice and then simulate that voice.

(3) See through the victim’s eyes. One’s eyes are controlled by his brain; thus, by controlling the victim’s brain, the handlers can also see whatever the victim sees. Not only that but they can also see what he thinks.

(4) View the victim’s body whether it is clothed or not and zoom in on any part or organ of the body, even in the darkness. EKG, CT scans, and MRIs can be performed by remote. The handlers probably use the GPS with directed sound to see and torture the target’s body by remote. NASA has long used similar telescopic instruments for carrying out delicate space operations.

(5) Inject holographic pictures or images into a victim’s thoughts. In my case, the handlers have shown: my son drowning; pictures of what is believed to be images of Jesus; and pictures of family members and friends, sometimes in suggestive poses, and countless numbers of unknown individuals in induced dreams and thoughts. When I pray for my grandchildren, a girl and a boy, the perverted handlers will sometimes show my granddaughter’s school uniform dress flying upward, showing her little panties and legs. Sometimes the pervs show me old photos in black and white, further evidence that the handlers can communicate through my eyes.

6) Apply a variety of torture techniques to the body. Many of those effects may perhaps be accomplished through the use of silent directed sound and various PC software used over the voice-to-brain communication. Others may be psychological or aided by psychological suggestions through the psychopaths’ subliminal talking and whispering into the target’s brain. Those effects include

A) Sensation of pin pricks in the eyes, shoulders, face, feet, elbows, and other areas. The pin prick can be instantaneous or can be prolonged. In my case, the handlers have long caused an enduring pin prick on the rear of my neck. At first I thought that the sensation was an irritation on the neck caused by shirt labels; however, when it kept hurting in the absence of labels, I knew that it was only one of the perverts’ bag of tricks. In addition, the sensation was not in the same location as the shirt labels. They can also cause the entire lower legs to feel like they are being struck by pins. In recent months, they have pin pricked the depths of my auditory canal in my right ear, causing me to shiver violently

B) Restless legs. A sensation begins in the small of the back and extends into the extremities, causing the “restless legs” syndrome. I can feel that sensation coming on as the handlers apply their vibrations to my body. Sometimes when that happens, the legs will jerk involuntarily.

 C) Electrical jolts. These affect the entire body and feel much like the shock that one gets from touching a low voltage electrical fence.

D) Tremors, or vibrations. These can affect the whole body or be focused on specific parts of the body. They can range from very mild to violent. (I believe that the jolts and vibrations may partially be pre-hypnotic suggestions causing the target to think that he feels jolts and vibrations whenever the handlers whisper the code word. In other words, those physical effects may instead be psychological effects resulting in physical reactions. I have asked other people to touch my legs and body when they were vibrating, and they felt nothing.) The vibrations can envelop a large area, e.g., a lawn, including the house, or they can narrow down to a very small area, e.g., a target’s stomach or his nose.   

E) Zapping in/on the head. These sound much like sparks from a welder’s torch or like children’s sparklers used as fireworks on holidays.

F) Clicking in the ear. (In my case, it is always in the left ear, never in the right one.)

G) Severe cramping, mainly in the calves of the legs.

H) Numbness in the limbs from the base of the spinal column to the toes.

I) Coughing (I can feel an unnatural scratching in the inside of my throat), and sneezing (likewise, I can feel an artificial tickling in the inside of my nostrils).

J) Induced erections, by vibrating very lightly the inside of the urethra and the groin.  Those erections usually occur while the handlers whisper the names of friends and relatives, very obviously attempting to cause the target to associate the sexual sensation with those people.

K) Stomach aches and pains, indigestion, nausea, and dizziness.

L) Sodomizing, using some unknown force to probe the anal cavity (perhaps directed sound waves, which cause a strong vibration and can focus on a particular very  small area).

M) Lethargy and listlessness. I suspect that many people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are actually victims of ESMC.

N) Tinnitus. I had never suffered from tinnitus before the electronic stalking began. It hit me the day the stalking became overt, and I have had that condition ever since then. The tone of the ear ringing changes often in a very notable manner.

O) Iinability to urinate or frequent urination. I had two prostate procedures in 2001,    although the prostate was not enlarged, because I had the urge to urinate but could not do so. Now I know that it was the work of the perverts who use the ESMC techniques, for since the handlers became overt in 2005, they have continued making the bladder often seem full. Now I can hear them whispering, “Don’t piss.”

P) Cconstipation. Likewise, I often used to have a problem defecating. Since I have developed an ability to “hear” the handlers’ whispers, I hear them saying, “Don’t shit.” The brain learns over a period of time to react to their commands. However, knowing now what causes the constipation, I am no longer affected by it.

Q) Frequent defecation. The handlers constantly probe my anal cavity and whisper for me to “go shit.” According to other victims, this is a very common symptom. Making victims defecate often is psychological as well as physical, as it humiliates victims and keeps them from leaving home. That particular effect, however, has not adversely affected me. I still control my bowel movements.  

R) Sleep deprivation. All of this leads to sleep deprivation, which then becomes a symptom itself. This is designed to weaken the victim’s body as well as his mind and cause him to have motor, household, and other accidents. In addition, it makes the victim more vulnerable to mind control. Conversely, the handlers’ device can also make targets incredibly sleepy and actually cause his eyes to close involuntarily. There appears to be a particular form of vibration that will “wire” the target to keep him awake at night.

S) Sensation of crawling insects on the face and neck.

T) Intense itching. This can be any place on the body. They often will make it seem like a mosquito bite or a fire ant bite. The itching is normally on the hands or the feet.

U) Twitching of the fingers. The perverts not only want to annoy you but also       convince you that you are developing Parkinson’s disease.

V) Partial loss of sight. The handlers do something to the eyes that make them feel as if a grain of sand is underneath the eyelid. They also cause pin pricks in the eyes. I have lost much sight in my left eye as a result. I do not wear glasses to read or to drive. Until a few months ago, I could read the TV captions clearly. Now I have to be very close to the TV set to see the captions and I often have double vision and blurred vision, especially in the left eye. In addition, the lips and mouths of speakers on TV are not in sync with their words. I also recently discovered while watching Wheel of Fortune on TV that the movements are likewise not in sync. When the participants in that program spun the wheel, the result on my TV (or in my vision) was about two clicks of the wheel off what they should have been.

W) Throbbing in the head. This has something to do with “mining” the brain or it is part  of the psychological conditioning to make the target believe that he must reveal his thoughts.   

X) Aches and pains in various parts of the body. I am very physically active; thus, the handlers attempt to cripple my knees and my right arm and hand (I am right handed) to keep me from being able to work. They can also cause arthritic-type pain in the hands, pains in the lower back, and extreme pain in the legs by striking the sciatic nerve.      

Y) Salivation. The pervs’ device can cause me to salivate at night while I sleep as well as during the day when I am active. For no reason, spittle will sometimes seep from the corner of my mouth.      
Z) Tingling vibration focused on the outside of the right side of the nostril (it can, of course, focus on any location). As a result of the vibrations (or perhaps lasering)    on that area, a small brown bump has appeared at that location. That bump remains very sensitive and often runs and forms a scab.

AA) Involuntary physical movements. For example, when I type my emails and  computer documents, the pervs’ software, which constantly pummels my brain, causes me to reverse certain consonants and vowels, slowing down considerably my typing speed. Other targets have suffered serious falls, when the devices caused their knees to buckle. The handlers’ device can also cause the arms and legs to flail and jerk involuntarily. I have awoken while sleeping when one of my arms flailed into the head board.

BB) Heart flutters and irregular palpitations. In particular, the perverts cause the heart to beat at a far greater than normal rate, or at least they lend the perception that it is beating rapidly through psychological or perhaps post-hypnotic suggestions. The handlers want the target to believe that his heart is overworking and that he may suffer a heart attack, stroke, or chronic heart problems.

CC) Pressure on the bladder, causing the victim to want to urinate very often. Because   of that sensation, I underwent two painful and costly prostate procedures with a urologist before I knew the real cause of the problem. The pervs still apply pressure on the bladder; however, now that I know that it is their evil work, it does not bother me.

DD) Sores in various areas. The perverts continually vibrate (or laser) the outside of my      right nostril, which remains continually sensitive. That area scabs over, loses its scab, and then scabs over again. A spot has also developed on my chin, where I often feel the tingling of their vibrations (or lasering).

EE) High and sudden temperature rises in the body. Those may be psychologically induced.

The symptoms listed above are some of those that have occurred in my case. Other targeted individuals may have experienced other symptoms, perhaps in addition to those I have listed. Just as the groups of handlers differ, so do the symptoms that those handlers cause.

Curiously, in the 1990’s I discovered one day that the muscles in the calves of my legs pulsed unnaturally. There is absolutely no somatic explanation for that strange occurrence. There seems to be no particular pattern to the pulsing. Moreover, weather and other conditions do not seem to affect the pulsations. Some days there is much less noticeable pulsation than other days. I believe that the strange pulsing, which continues to this day, has something to do with the electromagnetic pulsing or frequencies of whatever device is used by the handlers to connect with my mind.

In the same period, I noticed that the tops of both ears had begun to exude a colorless fluid that became crusty. Likewise, there is no physical explanation for that condition, which still continues whether I use sun screen or not. Other victims have mentioned the fluid coming from the tops of the ears. Also, the top of my nose forms a crust. I remove it with a soapy bath cloth one day and the next day it reappears. Sun screen does not prevent its doing that. I do not have particularly sensitive skin.

More recently, I have noticed a white spot about a quarter of an inch in diameter on my chin. Like my nose and ears, that spot becomes covered with a film, except that instead of feeling crusty, it feels soft. The hairs of my beard are thicker and much more numerous in that small area. As the sociopath handlers focus on particular small areas, they may be trying to cause skin cancer or melanoma. 

All of the physical effects described above are intended to cause in the target a feeling of helplessness. The target has absolutely no defense against the torture, and his frustration, anger, and anxiety mounts. Nobody believes him. Law enforcement will not investigate his claims. When that scenario develops, the handlers have achieved what they wanted and anticipated.

The electronic jolts and vibrations also affect domestic animals. My handlers can beam their frequencies (or whatever) in broad waves that cover very wide areas, including my yard and the adjoining pasture. My dog, which is an outside pet, is much affected by the electronic assault methods, despite her being in excellent health and getting regular checkups by the veterinarian. She often trembles violently and appears frightened. At times, she pants heavily, gulping for air, and almost collapses. She very often shakes her head as if she is trying to get something out of or off her head. I’ve taken her to the vet twice for that symptom, and he diagnosed her both times with an ear infection and prescribed her medicine. Despite that, after two and a half years, she still shakes her head. My cat, on the other hand, does not seem to be affected by the electronic effects. Gender could not be a factor, as they are both spayed females.

(7) Cause the target financial problems. Keep in mind that most targets live on fixed incomes and most of them have to live frugally. Yet, the handlers employ a bag of tricks designed to drain the target financially by

A) Making the target spend thousands of dollars on remedies and gadgets that supposedly neutralize or ameliorate the effects of ESMC and causing him to hire detectives to investigate the ESMC.

B) Causing the target to make mathematical errors on his taxes and other documents that result in substantial losses.

C) Affecting the target’s judgment that ends in his making faulty and costly decisions.

D) Destroying expensive household and other items, making targets have to replace them. In my case, they have ruined two printers, two blenders, and other household items. Their device, however, can only affect machines that have small motors or batteries. My coffee makers, which have no motor, are not affected.

E) Distracting the target so that he forgets to pay bills on time, leading to his paying penalties.

F) Creating problems with the electrical system and mechanical devices, especially computers and printers, that make targets have to hire technicians to repair. I have had to hire PC technicians several times at from $75 to $140 a visit.

G) Urging the targets through their voice-to-brain whispers to buy expensive, though needless items.

H) Fomenting personal and other problems that require that targets hire lawyers. A TI correspondent wrote about her taking videos of neighbors overtly harassing her and then being arrested for that action. She had to hire a lawyer to get out of jail and is now awaiting trial. Of course, nothing happened to the harassers. Moreover, now that law abiding citizen has an arrest record that will follow her to the grave.

I) Sending targets to hospital emergency rooms due to physical problems they cause with their devices. One TI correspondent rushed to the ER on at least three occasions when the handlers caused her throat to constrict, keeping her from breathing.

J) Ruining the targets’ credit. The manipulators and their accomplices will steal credit card and other statements from the targets’ mail boxes or “lose” them in the postal system, causing targets to pay late fees; by whispering into the targets’ brains, make them forget to pay bills; and interfere with the targets online payments to cause them bill payment problems.   

K) Robbing targets of their time by harassing them continually with electronic assault and mind control, thus keeping them from tending to their business affairs. Very often targets lose their jobs because of the ESMC distractions in their lives. I have spent countless hours taking notes, recording them in my journal, corresponding with other TIs, researching on the internet, and trying objects and ways to neutralize the ESMC effects, time that I could have spent on home improvement projects and other useful activities. I am a very able genealogical researcher, and I used to spend hours a day at that pastime. Now I very seldom do family research because of the many distractions that affect my concentration.

Causing targets financial ruin is one of the aims of the handlers. Many of the targets with whom I have corresponded have depleted their savings and have gone into bankruptcy because of the perverts. Others have become virtually street people. The handlers set out to break targets financially, and they often do.

(8) Knock out and interfere with the function of battery-operated or electrical household items. In my case, the handlers have changed radio stations, caused halogen flashlights to blink and go out, caused the tiny lights in a fingerprint reader used for PC security to quiver, disabled my new printer so many times that it is no longer usable, caused interference in TV programs, made mechanical grasscutters stop functioning, ruined batteries in multiple flashlights, burned out electrical wall outlets, caused microwaves not to function, caused two almost new blenders to quit functioning, burned out watch batteries while the watch was on my wrist, and changed the functions of certain keys on the keyboard of the computer – all by remote. Their device can even cause the ink in pens to congeal or dry up so that the pens will not write. All of this suggests that the pervs use directed silent sound beamed in by a radio frequency and guided by the GPS.

(9) Manipulate the target’s computer and telephones. By hacking the computer and tapping the phones, the handlers are able to interfere with the target’s communication system and thus harm his relationships with family members and friends. One of the chief aims of the handlers is to totally isolate the target from society.

(10) Discredit the target by making him appear insane or demented. They will also spread rumors about the target designed to isolate him. Those rumors will usually suggest that the target is a drug pusher or user, a child molester (one of their favorites), a wife-beater, a common whore, a rip-off artist, a closet drunkard, a white collar thief, and others. In addition to socially isolating the target, the handlers also seek to cause the target anxiety and other psychological problems that drive him to a psychiatrist, who then diagnoses him as schizophrenic. The handlers know that once the target sees a psychiatrist and it becomes a matter of record, the target’s sanity becomes an issue. Afterward, whatever the target says will be treated as suspect. This is important to the handlers, as they know that the target will be discredited if he seeks out law enforcement. The handlers will also send duplicate emails, change words in your emails, and resend emails days after the original to your correspondents to make you appear crazy.

(11)  Register the target’s emotions. Their software allows them to use the target’s pulse rate and probably other methods to record emotions such as anxiety, panic, fear, frustration, anger, sadness, loneliness, and others. The emotions actually appear in the form of words that surface in your thoughts, e.g., frustration, loneliness. In addition, the perverts continually whisper those words into your brain to actually cause those emotions. Handlers prepare loop play tapes of whispers whose design is to play on the target’s emotions. (More about whispers later.)

(12) Transmit voices into the brain that only the victim can hear. When I first heard the voices, I was driving in Texas not far from the Mexican border. The radio was turned off, as it normally is when I drive. The voices seemed to come from near the driver’s door side panel. My first thought was that a device, or a bug, had been planted in the vehicle and was somehow being used to project the voices. A sweep of the vehicle by a private detective the following day did not reveal a bug. Still, it took me a couple of more days to realize that the voices were coming through my brain. 

The perpetrators of mind control are very methodical and deliberate. Trainers of the handlers must have studied a very detailed training manual. At first, the handlers normally only call the victims ugly names, then they gradually begin to talk directly to the victim. Over time the victim learns that he can also talk to them. Finally, the two parties establish a dialogue albeit in an acrimonious fashion. Once I found out that I could also “speak” to the sickos telepathically, I used that ability to ridicule, taunt, and demean them.

Every target who is electronically harassed by remote wherever he goes is also subjected to mind control, often without his knowledge. Whether the target realizes it or not, his brain is being continually hammered twenty-four hours a day by at least two levels of voices. Those voices may be projected “aloud” (telepathically) or in whispers. One is an underlying loop play tape of recorded voices telling him that he is crazy, making deviant sexual suggestions, and deprecating the victim in many other ways. Another layer of voices are the actual handlers hammering away at the “crazy” theme, telling him lies about family and friends, and attempting to keep him from engaging in any meaningful activities. WITHOUT THE VOICES, MIND CONTROL CANNOT BE ACCOMPLISHED.

The handlers normally disguise their voices. Simulations can easily be made by computer programs readily available almost anywhere. Moreover, various handlers will alternate using the same voices; thus, causing the target to think that the same three or four voices that he hears are monitoring him twenty-four hours a day. In fact, oftentimes there is only one handler using three or four different simulated voices.

Nicholas Kirkland

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